• Rohtak DOMES

    ROHTAK DOMES is an initiative by Faculty of Architecture in collaboration with Faculty of Technology and support of the CEPT University Campus Office and Architects. This initiative will put forth a unique construction method for building roofs, that involves low…

  • D a r k n e s s (Night Street photography)

    Night photography can be much more rewarding than photography during the day. Because everything looks different at night, you don’t need to go somewhere exotic to get great pictures. The main challenge when photographing at night is getting a proper…

  • The Bard in Acrylic

    The Bard in Acrylic is the first solo exhibition of paintings by Shweta Rao Garg. It is her humble love offering to literature and art. The paintings in this series are not mere illustrations of the Bard’s universe, but are…

  • The Art of Loom

    Announcing the opening of a new textile gallery on Saturday December 1, 2018 with an exhibition of sarees and shawls curated by Prof. Aditi Ranjan.  

  • Learn the Nuances of Pottery

    Experience the Art of Pottery! Attend a free introductory session from industry experts, experience our space and interact with our mentors. An Introduction to a functional program that introduces you with knowledge in different clay bodies, firing process and glazing…

  • The Culture Walk – Mandir Se Masjid Tak

    The Culture Walk – Mandir Se Masjid Tak A Heritage Walk Presented By Curated By: ExperienceAhmedabad(Zalak Patel) Route of Walk: Swaminarayan Mandir, Lambeshwar Ni Pol, Calico Dome, Kala Ramji Mandir, Jagvallabh Derasar, Doshivada Ni Pol, Asthapadji Derasar, Harkuvar Shethni Haveli,…

  • Photography and Heritage Walks

    Sarkhej Roza is a mosque and tomb complex located in the village of Makarba, 7 km south-west of Ahmedabad in Gujarat state, India. Although there are many rozas across Gujarat, the Sarkhej Roza is the most revered. Sarkhej was once…

  • Paint your Emotions

    If you’re feeling like you have a lot to say these days, but you’re not exactly sure how to say it, consider painting it out instead. Consider how you could express your feelings, thoughts, and emotions through your own visual…

  • Pisurwo (Jitendra Surelkar)

    The most influential modernist of India with 25 years of Glorious Artistry Pisurwo (Jitendra Surelkar)   Witness the masterpiece as 100 ft Long Painting.    

  • Group Show of Painting

    It’s a group Show of 7 People. 1 – Kanu Rathod, 2 – Mahendra Thakor, 3 – Pratik Vyas, 4 – Rupal Bhatt, 5 – Sadhna Ojha, 6 – Sejal Shah, 7 – Vanmali Thakor.   The Show is inaugurated…

  • Paper Art and Craft – Solo Exhibition

    Paper Art & craft – Solo Exhibition by Mukesh Pandya.   Inauguration by – Shri. Dilip Soni (Architect) Chief Guest – Shri. Ashok Kalor (Chairman, Jevar Group).

  • નિત્ય ગાંધી – કલા પ્રદર્શન

    અમદાવાદ મ્યુનિસિપલ કોર્પોરેશન દ્વારા વિશ્વ વારસા અઠવાડિયા નિમિતે મહાત્મા ગાંધીજી ને સ્પર્શ પામેલી ૧૫૫ વર્ષ જૂની ટેરાકોટા ની લાદી પર પ્રખ્યાત કલાકારો નું ચિત્ર પ્રદર્શન.   પ્રદશન ક્યુરેટર : ઘનશ્યામ ગઢવી (સંપદા, રાજકોટ)   ઉદઘાટન: શ્રી બિજલબેન પટેલ (મેયર શ્રી,…

  • Water Varta

    Water Varta is a multimedia exhibition that makes the amazing collection of water-related utensils alive through pictures, stories and water facts as well as an animation video on virtual water and interactive games for young visitors. Old vessels, some dating…

  • The Indian Portrait – IX

    The Indian Portrait – IX A Parsi delight – Paintings, Photography, Prints & Collectibles.

  • Aspire – an autumn color show

    Art Tune Presents, Aspire – an autumn color show.   There are 9 participants – 1) Bappa Haldar, 2) Jayanta Khan, 3) Prasanjit Sengupta, 4) Sekhar Roy, 5) Swpan Roy, 6) Samir Sarkar, 7) Subrata Das, 8) Sukanta Das, 9) Uttam…

  • Women Seen and Remembered

    Neekoe Foundation, Ahmedabad, and The Seagull Foundation for the Arts, Calcutta cordially invite you to the opening of Women Seen and Remembered Drawings of Women by K. G. Subramanyan and World in Many Guises The Art of K. G. Subramanyan…


    ECHOES OF INNOCENCE by Nayana Soparkar curated by Giriraj Kadia at 079 Stories, Ahmedabad.   100 Clay Sculptures depicting the joy and Innocence of Childhood.

  • Art e Fair Edition iv

    Art e’ Fair (AEF) is a delightful platform, wherein it brings together artists, galleries and connoisseurs to celebrate arts and aesthetics. All of these happen in a radiant environment of art appreciation. Only event of its kind in the state…

  • India Design Confluence

    Celebrate three days of thinking, exploring and collaborating design. 18 Speakers | 3 Days | 5+ disciplines of Design #IndiaDesignConfluence #IDC Registrations opening soon.   Source: Facebook

  • Sculptures by Indian Legacy

    Sculptures by Indian Legacy – Celebration of Traditional & Contemporary art. Featuring Artwork by – Narendra Yadav (Sculpture & Muralist) This event is organized by ICAC – International Creative Art Center.

  • The Contemporary Art Collection

    Samara Art Gallery is proud to present “The Contemporary Art Collection” with a festive selection of exquisite jewellery, art and fashion. This exhibition brings together a diverse range of paintings and sculptures from talented young artists from Ahmedabad and Baroda showcasing their…

  • Estetik Arts:- Solo Art Exhibition

    Award Winner Architect Madhu Kailashi and Artist Anklesh Nisad are delighted to invite you for the first Solo Art Exhibition at the Ravi Shankar Raval Kala Bhavan Gallery. They present there his best and valuable Arts forms as “Bela”, “Shakuntla”, “Sanjh” and many more masterpiece.

  • Spread The Colour

    Art Show “Spread The Colour” by Umang Kikani.   This event is associated with Easel Interior design.

  • Solo Exhibition – Alay Mistry

    The preview of Solo Exhibition – ALAY MISTRY.   The Exhibition will be held in Bhubaneshwar From 24th – 28th Jan,2019 at Orrisa Morden Art Gallery.   This exhibition is sponsored by Gujarat State Lalitkala Academy.

  • Exhibition of llustrated pages from The Constitution of India

    Satya Art Gallery welcomes you to an exhibition of the Art Works in the Constitution of India. Copyright remains with the Government of India. Did you know? – The Indian Constitution is the longest in the world with 448 articles…

  • Ahmedabad Walls

    Kasturbhai Lalbhai museum is pleased to present ‘Ahmedabad Walls’ an Exhibition of Contemporary Aerial Photographs of Ahmedabad & The Patrick Geddes Reading Room by photographer and architect Robert Stephens. Ahmedabad Walls opens this Sunday.    

  • Greeting Card Making

    As Diwali is quickly approaching you begin to think about Diwali Cards or perhaps easy festive gifts, learn with us easy and fun ways for making Diwali Greeting Cards. Date – 20th Oct. 2018, Saturday. Time: 11:00 am to 2:00…

  • Objectification

    Objectification an art exhibition by artist Jitu Oghani at Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan, Ahmedabad. This exhibition is supported by Gujarat State Lalitkala Academy.

  • Ahmedabad Art Festival

    We are here with A UNIQUE ART AND CRAFT COMPETITION & EXHIBITION. *AHMEDABAD ART FESTIVAL* Following are the activities Drawing Painting Sketching Best out of waste Rangoli Sheets will be provided by us. Every participant will get participation certificate. And…

  • Visual Endeavour – Communication Design Competition

    Theme: Celebrating Ahmedabad The poster must embody the colors, culture and heritage of Ahmedabad as well as reflecting on the contemporary aspects of the city.   Deliverables Size of poster should be A2 (16.5 x 23.4 in) in portrait orientation. The…

  • Tactile Thought – An Industrial Design Competition

    Theme: Celebrating Future The industrial concept needs to be youth oriented that shall cater to the age group of 15 to 25 years.   Deliverables : Size of poster should be A2 (16.5 x 23.4 in) in portrait orientation. The format…

  • Threading Light – A Fashion Photography Competition

    Theme: Celebrating Timelessness The photograph must depict the timelessness of Fashion and reviving Ahmedabad as the ‘Manchester of India’ through their photography, use of materials and/or motif choice.   Deliverables Size of poster should be A3 (11.7 x 16.5 in) in…

  • Saptak’s 23rd Sangeet Sankalp Saptah-2018

    Satptak School of Music is commencing it’s 23rd Sangeet Sankalp Saptah-2018. Event schedules: Date : 19-October-2018 Ms. Anuja Borude Pakhawaj Duet Shri Dipak Tiwari Shri Shishir Bhatt Harmonium Shri Harshit Mehta Vocal Shri Utpal Mankad Tabla Shri Tejas Soni Harmonium…

  • Book Launch: Sahaj – Vernacular Furniture of Gujarat

    Sahaj: Vernacular Furniture of Gujarat, which is among the first few publications of CEPT University Press, will be inaugurated by Shri Vijaybhai Rupani, Chief Minister of Gujarat on 10th October 2018 at 7:00 pm at Gujarat University Grounds, near helmet…

  • Art Exhibition by Shashank Kumar Sinha

    SPKS presents first solo exhibition of paintings by Shashank Kumar Sinha everyday from 13th to 15th October, 2018 at Gallery B1 of Ravishankar Ravalkala Bhavan from 12:00pm to 07:00 pm. About Organizer: Shashank Kumar Sinha is an Artist/Painter. He draws…

  • Ahmedabad Art Society

    Ahmedabad art Society is organising its 16th Annual Exhibition and they are welcoming all for that exhibition. The exhibition will open at – 08-10-2018 at 12.00 PM. This Exhibition will be held by Gujarat State Lalitkala Academy.

  • SMARTAVYA : Rini Dhumal

    SMARTAVYA A solo exhibition of Rini Dhumal’s work of arts as paintings, sculptures, ceramics, prints and books. The show is curated by Kirti Parihar and display at Kanoria Centre for Arts.

  • My Journey With Soul Of India

    My Journey With Soul Of India, A solo show of paintings by artist Arya Krishna at Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan.

  • First Take 2018 Exhibition and Award ceremony 27th October

      Abir Annual Exhibition- First Take 2018 Third Edition After a competition amongst 1922 artworks from 200 cities across the nation, final 111 have been selected for the exhibition. Out of these, the best few will be awarded by our…

  • Samanvay

    Samanvay, a group painting exhibition at Hutheesing Art Centre.

  • India International Photo Video Trade Fair

    This Is India International photo video trade fair 2018 .meet the stall holders of more than 270 companies…and get a better deal with world’s reputed companies.

  • KHOJ my inner quest

    KHOJ my inner quest, recent artworks by Roma Patel previewed at Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan. And the show held in October at Brooklyn, New York.

  • Urban Uproar

    Urban Uproar recent artworks by Rakesh Patel previewed at Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan. And the show held in October at Brooklyn, New York.

  • The Art of Storytelling – Art Show

    Launch of the Art Gallery with the first big Art Show 079|Stories and Tao Art Gallery from Mumbai present The Art of Storytelling In its 18-year history, Tao has curated uniquely conceptualized shows highlighting diverse art forms like painting, photography,…

  • Amdavadi Talk (Photo Exhibition)

    Greeting from meet me at KHADIA We are glad to tell you that meet me at KHADIA group operated by Ashish Mehta is an active group since 2014. The group has been consistently working for our culture and heritage. Under…

  • International Graphic Print Exchange Program 2018

    International Graphic Print Exchange Program 2018 A concept redefining art and cultural exchange empowering Indian artists globally. the show is conceptualised, visualised and curated by Ravindra Mardia.

  • Rang Di Yaariyaan

    Rang Di Yaariyaan an exhibition of artworks by the resident artists of Dehgaam Residency at Amdavad ni Gufa.

  • Raw Collaborative 2

    Raw Collaborative 2 Save the Date. Update soon with more info.

  • Many Moons

    Many Moons an exhibition and the book launch event at Shanti Sadan.

  • Crayons are coming to Ahmedabad!

    Crayons have some problems, they need help from Ahmedabad kids. Stay tuned to know when and where! Source: Facebook

  • Art e Fair Edition-iv

    Art e’ Fair (AEF) is a delightful platform, wherein it brings together artists, galleries and connoisseurs to celebrate arts and aesthetics. All of these happen in a radiant environment of art appreciation. The only event of its kind in the…

  • Painting Exhibition on Ganesha

    Gujarat Visual Women’s Artist Association brought a Painting Exhibition on Ganesha at Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan, Ahmedabad.

  • Artist Talk: Sarah Naqvi

    Join us for a talk and discussion with artist Sarah Naqvi, an exciting artist who works with hand stitching, embroidery and textiles. Sarah is a graduate of National Institute of Design and has used her work to address body shaming and…

  • ArtSpeaks | Painting Exhibition-Sale of Julien Claustre

    Alliance Francaise along with Vaarso Charitable Trust presents another edition of Art Speaks, by exhibiting and introducing works of a well-known French artist, Julien Claustre, in Ahmedabad. The exhibition will be inaugurated at 7pm, 4th Sept with the Guest of…

  • Gender Equality

    Gender Equality An Art Exhibition by Anil Gajjar at Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan.

  • Srajan by Nirupama Tank

    Preview to the solo show ‘Srajan’ by Nirupama Tank at Ravishankar Raval Art Gallery.

  • Art in Conversation with Mr. Anil Relia

    We’re stoked to invite you all for our 5th Art in Conversation where the founder of Archer Art Gallery, Mr. Anil Relia will be in conversation with Ms. Anurita Rathore. Come to be a part of this conversation and have…

  • The Art Olio!

    The Art Olio is a component of The Artist Brewery specifically curated to explore and experiment with different Art forms. For the first chapter, we bring together three different art forms; Spoken Word, Music and Live Painting.

  • A Tryst with Poetry in light | An exhibition of photographs

    You are cordially invited to ‘Launch of a Coffee Table Book & An Exhibition of Photographs’ by P N MEHRA(Hon. EFIAP, ARPS, Hon FIIPC) Launch and Inauguration by Shree Amit Ambalal and Shree O P Sharma at 11.00 AM on…

  • Pathbreakers: The 20th Century Muslim Women of India

    We are incredibly excited to announce our next exhibition at the Conflictorium! ‘Pathbreakers: The Twentieth Century Muslim Women of India’, showcases the groundbreaking achievements of 21 Muslim Women in building a post-independence India. The opening will be followed by a…

  • Kundalini Jagran

    Kundalini Jagran The Preview of Solo Exhibition of Paintings by Trupti Raval.

  • 14th All Gujarat Photography Exhibition

    14th All Gujarat Photography Exhibition on the theme of “Street Life” (Black and White / Monochrome) at Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan. The competition organises by Manav Pratishthan every year to promote and motivate the Photographers of Gujarat. The exhibition displays the…

  • Amdvadi Pol Tour (World Photography Day)

    Amdavadis, we’re here with another Amdavadi Pol Tour! This World Photography Day, join us as we explore the lanes of old Amdavad to capture our rich heritage. We will be led by an expert photographer who will hold a talk…

  • Nikon School Photowalk – Ahmedabad

    Photography Genres Covered: Basics of Photography & Landscape Photography Get acquainted to the practical aspects of outdoor photography; learn the art behind capturing beautiful shots at the stretch of Kalupur Swami Narayan Temple. Topics covered- • Fine-tuning exposure control •…

  • Namami Devi Narmade

    A preview show “Namami Devi Narmade” by Photographer Narayan Patel at Ravishankar Raval Gallery in Ahmedabad. Later on, this exhibition travels to Indore, MP from 24th to 28th August 2018 at Pritamlal Dua Art Gallary. The exhibition is supported by Gujarat State…

  • Photography : A Search For The Self

    F.Stop Presents Photography: A Search For The Self. Photo Talk by Amit Mehra, Ashish Shah, Swapan Parekh. Meet artists and show work post-event.

  • Fòcas: Document

    Fòcas: Document Design Gallery | NID Gandhinagar Indian and Scottish artists make new lens-based work that explores their world as global citizens. Document offers unique perspectives on what it means to live in a connected world today, tied not just…

  • Exhibition – Vision Extended Photography Academy

    We cordially invite you to exhibition of Student Work by Vision Extended Photography Academy. We are delighted to exhibit works by: PK Pratham Jivesh Marfatia Rashmi Joshi Shalvi Broker Priya Panchal Ranjani Sastry Neha Bhatt Source: Facebook

  • Rhythms of The Stolen Songs

    Rhythms of The Stolen Songs exhibits artworks of Raju Patel at Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan.

  • In Between the Conflict

    In Between the Conflict exhibits artworks of Raju Baraiya at Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan.

  • AMD – PHoToRaMa

    PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION COMPLETE THE TREASURE MAP Photorama – photography competition is integrated platform aim to unveil the hidden treasure of Ahmedabad heritage. Skilled people, who can translate sophistication of distinguished architecture, extol character, and gripping socio-economic fabric into a two-dimensional…

  • MOM : Musing of Monochrome

    MOM: Musing of Monochrome A group show by Bansi, Shaifali, Jayesh at Amdavad ni Gufa, Ahmedabad.

  • Kaashmir – Exhibition of Photographs

    Project: ‘Kaashmir’ exhibits breathtaking photographs of the heaven on earth – Kashmir, which were taken under challenging conditions by Valji Solanki and prove his dedication towards photography. Photographer: Shri Valji Solanki Valji Solanki joined Photography Studio in the year 1984.…

  • Kanan’s Second Solo Exhibition of Paintings

    Kanan’s second solo exhibition of paintings. The exhibition will be inaugurated at the auspicious hands of chief guest Shri Ajaybhai Patel & Shri Surendrabhai Patel and Guest of Honour Shri Arjan Rasadiya. The show opens on Tuesday 3rd July 2018 at…

  • 2nd Art Show by Kalanjali Art Classes

    “2nd Art Show” by Kalanjali Art Classes display artworks of their 15 students, the art show is at Hutheesing Visual Art Centre, Ahmedabad.  

  • Artspeaks | Across India in 36 days

    Alliance Française’s initiative, ArtSpeaks presents an exhibition and talk, exploring 36 crafts of India through works of Ahmedabad based designer Anuja Khokhani. Her works give us an opportunity to reflect on various arts and crafts of India, some of which…

  • Cartoon Selfie Magazine Launch & Cartoon Exhibition

    Cartoon Selfie Magazine Launch & Cartoon Exhibition by Ashok Adepal. ‘કાર્ટૂન સેલ્ફી’ પ્રદર્શનથી તો ખેર ઘણા લોકો વાકેફ હશે… પણ, ‘કાર્ટૂન સેલ્ફી’ મેગેઝીન શું હશે ? કેવું હશે ? જોવું, જાણવું હોય તો ૨૭મી જુને અચુક પધારો

  • 14th All Gujarat Photography Competition

    Manav Pratishthan announces 14th All Gujarat Photography Competition. The theme of the competition is “Street Life” (Black & Withe / Monochrome). Jury: Vinay Panjwani

  • A Window To The Soul

    A Window To The Soul a solo painting exhibition by Kalyani Mehta at Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan, Ahmedabad.

  • An exhibition by Polygon Furniture and The Cobalt Company

    An amalgam of luxury furniture, bags and accessories from Jodhpur. Polygon Furniture and The Cobalt Company are two homegrown brands from the heritage city of Jodhpur coming together for an exhibition titled Polygonal Cobalt, that combines luxury furniture and cyanotype…

  • Understanding the Tirthankaras- Jain Art in the LD Museum

    One of the oldest religions in the world, Jainism is world renowned for its concept of non-violence but it is not confined to it. Jains produced some of the most extraordinary masterpieces, be it the breathtaking temples or manuscripts. Ahmedabad…

  • Imagining a Forest

    We are incredibly excited to announce our next exhibition at the Conflictorium! Join us for a preview of Imagining a Forest curated by V. Divakar and Avni Sethi. This exhibition is an attempt to explore the category of the forest…

  • Guided Photography Tour – Heritage City, Ahmedabad

    India is a land of rich cultural heritage and our country depicts traditional and cultural significance from the ancient days. This country was ruled by Hindus, Muslims and Christians; during their rule, incredible structures were built depicting the artwork and…

  • D a r k n e s s (Night Street Photography)

    Night photography can be much more rewarding than photography during the day. Because everything looks different at night, you don’t need to go somewhere exotic to get great pictures. The main challenge when photographing at night is getting a proper…

  • Tigers of Tadoba – Wildlife Photography Tour

    Capture iconic images of the land of the Tigers and experience those heart-stopping moments of sharing a gaze with the legendary mammal – the Tiger at Wild Ark’s Big Cat Diaries. An exclusive wildlife photography tour designed to make the…

  • Bird Safari Nal Sarovar

    Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary:- Nal Sarovar is a bird sanctuary which is spread over an area of 120.82-sq km, which is quiet with shallow water (4-5 feet), which has 36 small islands. Nalsarovar is located at a distance of 60…

  • Kalptaru

    Kamdhenu Foundation and Arva Fine Art Classes invite to “Kalptaru” a painting exhibition at Sanskar Kendra.

  • Impressive Impressions

    Impressive Impressions an exhibition of Drawings and Paintings by Bharat Dodiya and Gopal Parmar at Amdavada ni Gufa. The art show is curated by Giriraj Kadia.

  • mother & child

    Mother & Child A group art exhibition by the duos of Mothers and their Child. The show is curated by Giriraj Kadia and display at Amdavad ni Gufa.  

  • evolving enigma

    Evolving Enigma showcasing artworks of an emerging artist Muskaan Shah at Amdavad ni Gufa, Ahmedabad.

  • D a r k n e s s (Night Street photography)

    Night photography can be much more rewarding than photography during the day. Because everything looks different at night, you don’t need to go somewhere exotic to get great pictures. The main challenge when photographing at night is getting a proper…

  • Riyaaz

    Riyaaz – a solo art show by Vijay Shrimali at Amdavad ni Gufa, Ahmedabad.

  • Rangoustav

    Gujarat Visual Women’s Artist Association presents RANGOUSTAV a painting exhibition at Amdavad ni Gufa, Ahmedabad

  • The Culture Club : Episode One

    The Culture Club – Where Creators Meet Connoisseurs Episode One: A Visual Arts Special An open invitation to Painters & Sculptors to display their artworks. Share (upto) TWO images of your artworks here Whatsapp: 7016718614 or E-mail: For further…

  • Hey Ram !

    Hey Ram! “Is Face Truly The Expression Of The Mind?” a Solo Art Exhibition by Ranjan Narkar at Amdavad ni Gufa, Ahmedabad.

  • Ahmedabad Design Fest 2018

    Ahmedabad Design Fest (ADF), is a Design and art biennial by GLS Institute of Design, that will be held from 28th to 30th September 2018, featuring panel discussions, talks by speakers, installations, exhibitions, workshops, pop-up stalls, live performances and much more.…

  • Painting Competition – CEPT University

    Every city is a complex and unique settlement with constant encounters between a large number of engaged citizens and the built environment. In our everyday life, cities speak a lot, some of us understand their language and some do not.…

  • Kadam

    Kadam a painting exhibition at L&P Hutheesing Visual Art Center, Ahmedabad

  • The Art Window

    The Art Window an exhibition of paintings by a group of aspiring artists at Amdavad ni Gufa, Ahmedabad.

  • Bird Box

    A reimagined bioscope, Bird Box is a sound and video installation, by our Artist-in-Residence – Baaraan Ijlal, of a series of conversations of young girls from the cities of Bhopal, Lucknow, Karvi and Delhi. The identity of the participants has…

  • MANU PAREKH – 60 Years of Selected Works

    Kasturbhai Lalbhai Museum, Ahmedabad is pleased to have the retrospective of artist Manu Parekh 60 Years of Selected Works. Eminent architect, Pritzker prize winner, Padmashri, Shri Balkrishna V. Doshi will inaugurate the exhibition and eminent artist Shri Amit Ambalal will…

  • D a r k n e s s (Night Street Photography)

    Night photography can be much more rewarding than photography during the day. Because everything looks different at night, you don’t need to go somewhere exotic to get great pictures. The main challenge when photographing at night is getting a proper…

  • Colors of Krishna

    Colors of Krishna Colors of Pichwai | Pichwai Exhibition Celebrating the age-old tradition of Pichwai painting, the exhibition showcases a collection of beautifully detailed Pichwais that depict tales from the life of Lord Krishna, often portrayed as a seven-year-old child,…

  • A Cacophony – Art Exhibition & Sale by Hansika Sharma

    The dictionary meaning of cacophony is “a harsh discordant mixture of sounds.” A Cacophony, by Hansika Sharma, is an art exhibit inspired by one of the blogs she wrote in 2017 by the same tittle, on how she has continuous…

  • Ahmedabad – Dribbble Meetup

    Aubergine Solutions is arranging to host the First Dribbble meetup at Ahmedabad. We are inviting designers, illustrators, and other creatives from all over the city to share ideas, mingle and learn from their peers, meeting old friends as well as…

  • Sailing Through | Art Speaks

    Alliance Francaise d’Ahmedabad presents ArtSpeaks, a platform beyond borders of artists and thinkers who through their work, be it in a form of an installation, exhibition, talks, and other experiments, could provoke thoughts and stimulate discussions. The objective of the…

  • Saturation – Exhibition of Landscape Paintings

    S A T U R A T I O N You are cordially invited to the Exhibition of Landscape Paintings by Rudra Majithia & Hardik Pancholi at Open Art Gallery- Amdavad ni Gufa. Inauguration on Friday 20th April, 5:30 pm…

  • Face to Face

    Face to Face – a group show exhibiting artworks by various artists at Hutheesing Art Centre, Ahmedabad.

  • Change Room and Birdbox: Artist in Residence Baaraan Ijlal

    Join in viewing the installations ‘Bird Box’ and ‘Change Room by our Artist in Residence Baaraan Ijlal this weekend! Change Room Change Room is a sound installation about a set of conversations about fear and apprehensions The viewers walk into a room…

  • Therapeutic Window-Landscapes

    Landscapes made during travel to National parks USA, France, Scotland and India. You would love to see so many hidden spots and off beaten paths travelled. Lots of unseen locations. Photographs are for purchase too.

  • Heritage City Ahmedabad ‘Tour On E-Rickshaw’

    We will show you Ahmedabad with the ride in an E-Rickshaw. This is unique rickshaw tour, in which you can enjoy the eating of food at famous food shops of Ahmedabad, along with Ahmedabad’s heritage. This tour will cover main…

  • SONY DCP Weekend Photowalk

    DCP Weekend Photowalks is an innovative concept, the flagship product of DCP Expeditions. It started in 2013 with an objective to help Mumbaikars know the wild side of Mumbai better, we identified 52 locations, which still have greenery in and…

  • Exhibition of Paintings and Crafts by Students of Reshma

    Exhibition of Paintings & Crafts by the Students of Reshma. Inauguration by an Eminent Artist Vrindavan Solanki, Art Enthusiast Kamakshi jhala and Art Critic Suresh Sheth on Saturday 7th April, 2018 at 5.30p.m. The Exhibition Coordinated by TVAK Studios. So come…

  • Summer Strokes – Third Edition

    An artisan presents “Summer Strokes” Third Edition at Hutheesing Visual Art Center, Ahmedabad. The art exhibition is curated by Susanta Das.

  • SPOTLIGHT : Art Exhibition

    Rainbow Art presents 22nd contemporary art group exhibition at Amdavad ni Gufa, Ahmedabad.

  • Enchanted by you – Photography Exhibition by Ancela Jamindar

    A series of 40 photographs that encapsulates the life beauty, nature, and people of Northeast. These pictures will debunk the myths, reserves and hangups associated, with this region of India. Come and explore the gorgeous trails with me.  – Ancela Jamindar

  • Madhavpur Mela

    The grand 4-day celebrations of the famous Madhavpur Mela being organised by Gujarat Govt and Ministry Of Culture, Government of India realising the Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat vision of PM Shri Narendra Modi.

  • Post – Age

    Post – Age, A Group Show of Art on Post Cards at Satya Art Gallery, Ahmedabad.

  • Waves & Wings : Coastal beauty of Kutch

    Waves & Wings is a collection of photographs captured across the coastal areas of Kutch displaying the inhabitants and beautiful seascapes. Nirav Pomal and Raj Aghera chose to collaborate and share their different photographic perspectives. Source: Facebook

  • Vranda Arts presents “PRAYAS 2018”

    Do you want to know what kids think and how beautifully they express their thoughts and feelings through drawing? Do come and witness it at the exhibition. Vranda Arts presents “PRAYAS 2018”

  • CeraScape-ll

    CeraScape-ll, A solo show of artworks in Ceramic by Niharika Dave at Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan, Ahmedabad.

  • The Speaking Tree Book Club

    The Speaking Tree Book Club, A reading event of the stories unsaid by the frozen emotions on the canvas.

  • Space 3

    Space 3 an art exhibition by Anant Mehta, Arvind Patel and Sharda Patel at Amdavad ni Gufa, Ahmedabad.

  • Heritage in Ahmedabad (Photo Walk-V)

    There are a few reasons why I think photo walks are a great idea. Personally, my sense of creativity is boosted by movement and exposure to changing scenery. When I’m by myself I see my surroundings from a different perspective.…

  • An exhibition of Photographs by Mitul Kajaria

    ‘AHMEDABAD: THE CAPITAL OF GOOZERAT‘ to AHMEDABAD: INDIA’S FIRST WORLD HERITAGE CITY Recording the transition: Late 19th century – Early 21st century An Exhibition of Photographs by MITUL KAJARIA PREVIEW: 18 March 2018 | 6 pm On view till 8…

  • Summer ART FEST – Events in Ahmedabad

    Jalsa art wants to thank you all for your great response in 2017. A Big thanks to our craft experts, without you guys these workshops couldn’t be possible. So now in 2018, we are back with all the summer workshops…

  • Paint it like FRIDA – Events in Ahmedabad

    There are not that many personalities in the history of modern art capable of evoking such fascination as Frida Kahlo. Paint it Like FRIDA, is a workshop to pay homage to the greatest female artist of twentieth century, explore her…

  • Raag Basant

    “Raag Basant” an art exhibition of visual arts for the spring festival and displays artwork of various artists of the different regions of India at Satya Art Gallery, Ahmedabad.

  • Drug Abuse and Fitness Awareness Programme

    GIT is celebrating ‘Drug Abuse and Fitness Awareness Programme’ on 06/03/2018, to create awareness about drug abuse and narcotics among students and motivate them to adapt fitness as a lifestyle. Shri Hari Om Gandhi (Zonal Director, NCB) will be the…

  • Kadam: The First Step

    Kadam: The First Step Group exhibition of the paintings by the students of 5th year Painting Dept. of Sheth CN College of Fine Arts, Ahmedabad The display of exhibition is at Hutheesing Art Centre.

  • Art4Charity – Events in Ahmedabad

    Art4Charity is an initiative to support Project Asmita which aims at addressing the issues of women’s health and hygiene, domestic abuse and gender inequality through awareness, dialogue and self help groups. Its aim is to support #womenempowerment in rural Gujarat. Art4Charity exhibits…

  • Group Show 2018

    Group Show 2018 – an art exhibition at Amdavad ni Gufa.

  • Art 18 – Events in Ahmedabad

    Art 18 :: Events in Ahmedabad Annual Exhibition: Opens Thursday 22nd Feb. 6pm till Sunday 25th Feb (11am to 7pm) Art Workshops: Thursday 22nd to 25th Feb (3pm to 5pm) Terracotta Work by Mayadhar Sahu Woodcut by Niti Patel Zardosi Embroidery…

  • Basanta Utsav (Photography in pol area) – Events in Ahmedabad

    There are a few reasons why I think our festival traditional photography are a great idea. This photography event related with colours wall textures pol atmosfear and pol culture. Photography is more related with colours. Personally, my sense of creativity…

  • રંગાંજલિ – Events in Ahmedabad

    રંગાંજલિ – Art Events in Ahmedabad રંગાંજલિ an exhibition of paintings showcasing artworks of a group of artists at Gallery of Ravishankar Rawal Kalabhavan. The attraction of the event is a live watercolour painting demo by artist Shri Bipin Patel on 17th…

  • Rainbow Exhibition – Events in Ahmedabad

    Rainbow Exhibition – Art Events in Ahmedabad Join to witness the creativity of these underprivileged children with their imaginations on the loose.

  • A Night with Stars: Photography Edition

    Astrophile. Someone who loves stars and astronomy. Passionate about stargazing and photography equitably? This is just the thing for you. Learn the art of capturing the most exquisite moments, the cosmic display of Milky Way , Star-Trailing and Light Painting.…

  • Chandrakant Prajapati’s Painting & Sculpture Exhibition

    I cordially Invite you to grace my Solo Exhibition of Painting & Sculpture at Amdavad ni Gufa, Amdavad! These creations have emerged from my soul and heart. I hope it will fulfil the thirst of your Inner artist. Source: Facebook

  • Raag Basant

    Raag Basant an exhibition of visual arts for the spring festival at Satya Art Gallery, Ahmedabad.

  • Window Seat by Andreas Hiztig, Exhibition of Photographs

    Andreas Hiztig is a technocrat, entrepreneur and enthusiast photographer. Satya Art Gallery is delighted to present snippet of his work in India and his home country Switzerland. He has been a frequent traveler to India since 2004. About his photographs…

  • Colors of Kutch by Vraj Mistry

    A solo show of photography Colors of Kutch by Vraj Mistry at Shri Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan, Ahmedabad.

  • 360 degree – Art Exhibition

    Witness our Shwas Students Unleash their creativity! A step ahead towards achieving our vision We are please to invite you to attend an art exhibition by our kids On 9th,10th,11th February, 2018 At Ravi Shankar Art Gallery, beside Gymkhana club,…

  • Work – Photography Exhibition

    The exhibition put together by CEPT Students, under the guidance of renowned photographer Navroze Contractor, focuses on the subject of ‘work’. It showcases glimpses into the lives of people who’s livelihood comes from using their hands as a medium of…

  • Ram Kumar – Art Exhibition

    An exhibition of artworks by renowned artist Ram Kumar. More than 25 artworks representing the artist’s 7-decade career will be on display. The show is curated by Giriraj Kadia and will be displayed at Hutheesing Centre

  • Ruhaniyat

    Ruhaniyat an art exhibition by Margi Thakkar at Amdavad ni Gufa.

  • Pol – life in Ahmedabad (Photo Walk)

    There are a few reasons why I think photo walks are a great idea. Personally, my sense of creativity is boosted by movement and exposure to changing scenery. When I’m by myself I see my surroundings from a different perspective.…

  • Microsubversions Playbook

    Conflictorium presents ‘Microsubversions Playbook’, an exhibition that explores the small and political in the everyday with 10+ artists 28th January onwards. Source: Facebook

  • ART Fiesta 2018 – Exhibition of our Imagination

    “Exhibition Of Our Imagination” – All of you are heartily invited to see the Creativity of Our Students.Kindly encourage all participants with your Presence. Waiting for you. Source: Facebook

  • Painting & Sculptures

    An exhibition of painting and sculptures by contemporary artist at Amdavad ni Gufa.

  • Creation of Angels

    Creation of Angels A group exhibition of artworks by the budding artists trained by Mrs. Hemali Amin of Hemali’s Art Classes. The exhibition is showcased at Ravi Shankar Raval Kala Bhavan, Ahmedabad.


    ANTHOLOGY ON THE ANNEXE 2018 A group show of Drawing, Paintings and Graphics. More information is given to the creative.

  • Abhivyakti : City Arts Project

    Abhivyakti : City Arts Project Abhivyakti is an arts initiative for the masses of Ahmedabad. A platform for young and emerging talent from across town, Abhivyakti is bringing together a variety of performing and visual arts to create a unique experience…

  • Spread your sparkle

    When you sparkle you inspire everyone around you, so do more of what makes you stand a little stronger and shine a little brighter. Add sparkle to your day and let your imagination shine on canvas Combining art work of…

  • Dehgam Residency: Free Art Residency Program

    The Artists Home – Dehgam Residency Free Art Residency Program A golden opportunity for all talented budding artists. Interested artists required to mail entries for selection along with your biodata and few images of recent artworks on // Last…

  • Artists from Israel

    Audio-Video presentation by a group of renowned artists from Israel at c All are cordially invited to be part of this presentation and subsequent interactions with these artists.

  • Mahendra Kadia – A Retrospective – Line to Strokes

    Mahendra Kadia – A Retrospective – Line to Strokes The art exhibition will be displayed at three places – Amdavad ni Gufa, L&P Hutheesing Visual Art Centre and Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad.

  • Zariya – Bosom Mitra

    Zariya A melodious melange of Art & Music on Saturday Night at Kroak Studiyo. An initiative by Bosom Mitra & Naushad Lightwala.  

  • Love Letters from Sidhpur

    A display of Sidhpur’s street life photo documentation with live literature by Sshweta Rajeswari.

  • Art on iPad – I Chitra

    Let’s end this year with a colourful note. It’s time to appreciate and serve the art society with a concept of paperless art. I Chitra is a painting exhibition that showcases the artworks made by Jatin Bhatt on iPad. Experience a very…

  • Photography Exhibition/ Competition /1st Anniversary Celebration

    SHUTTER PHILIYA is going to completed one year on 25th December 2017. So we are going to arrange grand celebration on this occasion. The celebration includes competition in which 40 participate will take parts GALLERY HOURS 22 DEC FRI 4…

  • DCP Weekend Photo Walk – 24th December 2017, Ahmedabad

    DCP Weekend Photowalks is an innovative concept, the flagship product of DCP Expeditions. It started in 2013 with an objective to help Mumbaikars know the wild side of Mumbai better, we identified 52 locations, which still have greenery in and…

  • FLOW

    FLOW – a solo exhibition of paintings by artist Rupal Buch at Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan, Ahmedabad.

  • Kingly’ (Champaner-Baroda Heritage & Photo Tour)

    Vadodara (Gujarati pronunciation: formerly known as Baroda) is the third-largest city in the Western Indian State of Gujarat, after Ahmedabad and Surat. It is the administrative headquarters of Vadodara District and is located on the banks of the Vishwamitri river,…

  • IDEAL presents Kaleidoscope 2017

    IDEAL presents a unique Art, Crafts, Music & Food Festival this December, as we complete 15 years in Ahmedabad. This year also marks 25 years of our studio – Reflections Design Studio by Asha Mandapa. We’re making this a December…

  • Endless Pleasure

    I, Jesal Dalal invite you all to my 3rd Solo Water Color Painting Exhibition, “Endless Pleasure”. As the title suggests it has been an endless pleasure doing these paintings. In this exhibition I have tried to put the varied colors…

  • Talk by Navroze Contractor on Dashrath Patel’s Life Journey

    In continuation of the ‘Beautiful, No!’ events in memory of Dashrath Patel and his ongoing exhibition of photographs of dance and dancers at Satya Art Gallery, we are pleased to invite you to a talk by eminent cinematographer/photographer Navroze Contractor…

  • Unfolding Through Colors

    Unfolding Through Colors a painting exhibition by Trupti Dave at Amdavad ni Gufa.

  • My Image by Milan Barad

    My Image a Photography Exhibition by Milan Barad at Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan, Ahmedabad.

  • Art Talk by Ms Paushali Das

    Art Display & Talk An artist Ms Paushali Das from Shantiniketan, west-bengal will demonstrate her unique works which she has learned from Musashine Art Universit Japan, along with a slide show and talk.

  • Face to Face

    Face to Face an art event at Amdavad ni Gufa. Participating artists: Atin Basak, Mansoor Mansoori, Nabibakhsh Mansoori, Raj More, Sanket Viramgami, Subhakar Tadi, Yuvraj Patil.

  • Art Sensex 2017

    Sarjan Art Gallery presents Art Sensex 2017 a 12 hours exhibition at L&P Hutheesing Visual Art Centre, Ahmedabad. This is the second edition of the popular and well-received format at Baroda. For detailed information see the creative.

  • द्वैत {Dvait}

    द्वैत {Dvait} an exhibition of artworks presented by Neena Naishadh and Urmila Kanoria, The group show exhibiting at Kanoria Centre For Arts.

  • Glimpse of The Wild

    Glimpse of the wild is a photo journey of Mansi Smart, who chose to explore the captivities of nature. The exhibition revolves around the wildlife from the various habitats of country. Mansi Smart is a nature lover and passionate environmentalist.…

  • Aura Art Exhibition

    Radart presents Aura Art Exhibition of paintings, sculptures, digital art, photography at Kanoria Centre for Arts. The exhibition showcases 75 selected artworks of various artists.

  • Remembering Dashrath

    Remembering Dashrath (1927 – 2010) An exhibition of selections of photographs by Dashrath Patel on Dance and Dancers at Satya Art Gallery, Ahmedabad.

  • बत्ती

    बत्ती – Motions to Emotions… Batti a photography journey by Mayank Ghedia. Photography Preview Show at Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan.

  • Photography Exhibition – Ecological Heritage of Gujarat

    Gujarat Ecology Commission (GEC) is celebrating “Ecological Heritage of Gujarat” through the medium of photography. In line with the same a photography competition was organized by GEC, through which 574 entries were received from 200 participants from across the State.…

  • Live DEMO

    Live DEMO Art connect group demonstrate live sketching and interactive session of eminent artist Nagjibhai Prajapati.

  • Derry Moore: In the Shadow of the Raj

    Tasveer and Dauble are delighted to present the work of celebrated English photographer, Derry Moore, with a new exhibition: In the Shadow of the Raj at the National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar from 14th to 20th November. Opening reception: 13th November, 5…

  • Therapeutic Window – A Travel Photography Exhibition

    A travel photography exhibition by eminent neurosurgeon Dr Mahendra Singh Chouhan… soothe your soul with calming glimpse of beautiful people, culture and landscapes from all around the world Source: Facebook

  • 6th N.C. MEHTA Memorial Lecture on Indian Miniature Paintings

    The 6th N.C. MEHTA MEMORIAL LECTURE ON INDIAN MINIATURE PAINTINGS. Krishna/Arjun, God/Man, Eternity/Time, Painting/Song: Reading Some Miniature Paintings about The Gita from Mewar (1680-1698), to be delivered by The Eminent Literary Scholar, Prof. Alok Bhalla. This talk is a critical…

  • Fab Friday: Drawing Conversation

    A workshop meant for anyone interested to know, How to think through a sketchbook. What does it mean to draw? What is the meaning of a line to you? Come and explore experimental possibilities in the medium of DRAWING! Workshop…

  • Silent Makers

    Silent Makers – Group Show edition 2, An exhibition of paintings and crafts at Hutheesing Visual Art Centre, Ahmedabad.

  • Unfrozen Freedom – Art Show

    Unfrozen Freedom a group show of paintings, the exhibition display at Hervitz Art Gallery, Amdavad ni Gufa. Artists: Vijaya Kumar Somanchi, Vijay M. Dhore, Trupti Patel, Dhruti Ghedia, Amita Parekh.

  • Banyan Art Presents : Purvaa Show

    Banyan Art Presents – Purvaa Show – A Group Exhibition of Contemporary Art. Inauguration on 05:30 PM, 11th Nov. at L&P Hutheesing Visual Art Centre.

  • Cartist Yatra 2017-18

    Cartist Yatra 2017-18 Ahmedabad art exhibition and culture exchange.


    Obscure Thoughts a solo art exhibition by Mirali Patel at Gallery Naman.

  • Trip to Champaner

    Instameet 10 by Pixeloggers is here. It is special for us as it is our 1st Photo trip. This will be 1 day picnic to Champaner – A UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here are some of the details for the…

  • Solitude – Art Exhibition by Bosom Mitra

    An exhibition of a collection of paintings on the subject Solitude by Bosom Mitra. A special talk by Ms Manashree, Depicting the effect of Isolation, triggering Mental illness & Drug-addiction.

  • Udaan – Art Exhibition

    Udaan a group exhibition of recent artwork by the participating artists, the exhibition at Satya Art Gallery, Navajivan Trust, Ahmedabad.

  • Photography Exhibition Close To My Heart

    Photography Exhibition Close To My Heart by Siddharth Rathod at Shree Somalal Shah Art Gallery Ground Floor, Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan, Ahmedabad. THIS EXHIBITION IS SPONSORED BY GUJARAT STATE LALIT KALA ACADEMY AHMEDABAD

  • Dots & Lines

    Dots & Lines an exhibition of art at Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad. Artists: Bhupen Chakravarty, Prabin Kumar Nath, Manika Devi, Aditi Chakravarty.

  • Earthen Siblings

    Earthen Siblings a group exhibition by Gagan Dadhich, Jane Jermyn and Vijay Roy showcasing their artwork of Terracotta, Ceramic and Glass at Hutheesing visual art centre, Ahmedabad.

  • Power of Design Systems – Tejas Bhatt – Events in Ahmedabad

    About the meetup Systematic designs have been prevalent across other design mediums – but only now they have got the required attention in the digital product design world. The proposed talk will discuss the what, why, when & how of…

  • My Journey from Film to Digital

    My journey of Photography of 20 odd years of shooting with the medium of film and fully manual slr’ to the present day digital format. – Binoy Shah Source: Facebook

  • Ctrl+F5 Ahmedabad

    Ctrl+F5, powered by ResellerClub is a summit for elite web designers and developers looking to collaborate, network and share knowledge by rubbing shoulders with the who’s who of the Internet presence industry in India. Source: Facebook

  • Art Immersion – Art as a way of Inquiry and Learning

    “Art Immersion” is an exhibition that emphasizes on the power of learning through Art for young children. The exhibition captures the journey and work of pre-school children and is the outcome of 5 weeks research program conducted by children under…

  • Jhalana Leopard Photography Tour by Jungle Life Safari

    Jungle Life Safari invites all the #JungleSafari and photography lovers who crave for some adventures to Jaipur for the Jhalana Leopard Photography Tour (2N/3D) at Jhalana Leopard Safari from 01st to 03rd November, 2017. Jhalana shelters more than 25 leopards and has…

  • Paint Like Picasso

    Remembering the Great Artist Picasso this November Art Socio Invites you to make a portrait of Picasso. Follow our lead to create your own masterpiece using some of the same techniques as the legend did, and take your painting home…

  • Live Painting Demonstration by Well Known Artist Natu Mistry

    Live painting and Q & A session by eminent artist Natu Mistry followed by a lucky draw at Crossword, Mithakali, Ahmedabad. Natu Mistry is a veteran artist of Ahmedabad. He is known for his paintings on the themes of heritage monuments.

  • Stories and Sketchbooks at Chitrakatha ’17

    Chitrakatha is a biennial international animation film festival hosted at National Institute of Design and attracts talented animators and storytellers from all over the world. Kaagazi will be there with its own collection of sketchbooks and stories at the foyer.…

  • Primordial Currents

    Primordial Currents – an art exhibition at the Gallery, Amdavad ni Gufa. Exhibits recent work by Enna Kathrecha, Krishna Arya, Mansoor Mansoori, Nagajan Karavadara, Priya Dave, Yogi Rajput.

  • Figuring Archives

    “Figuring Archives—artistic projects combining archival research, material evidence, and architectural preservation practice.” The exhibition by Sonal Mithal brings together the following projects that she has been developing over a period of past two years: Tension and Resistance: mixed media representing…

  • Heritage Photo Walk with Guidance

    Register only if you would surely turn up. If you register and didn’t turn up then we would not consider your registration in future. Free of cost; Registration is mandatory ; Registration Link: Click Here We are going to organize…

  • Rang de Basanti

    Who will like the Messy, Dirty, Filthy walls of the city and creates visual pollution, we guess, No one!! Then whats the solution for all? Yes for that solution only we have come of with an Idea of RangDeBasantiif you feel…

  • Art e’ Fair 2017

    Petal Foundation presents The third edition of Gujrat’s biggest Art event and Ahmedabad ‘s only art fair, Ahmedabad Art E’ Fair 2017 Works of more than 50 exhibitors, including art galleries and artists from all across India, will be displayed…

  • Lets Talk About Photography

    We always wish there was someone to tell us of the ground rules of photography! Sundarvan brought to you one chance to interact and learn about wildlife photography. Source: Facebook


    NAZAR BATTU – A Photo Exhibition by Niraj Patel at Ravishankar Raval kala Bhavan, Ahmedabad

  • Darshan: Shrinathji

    Darshan: Shrinathji an exhibition of recent Pichawai Paintings by renowned artist Trilok Prakash Soni at Amdavad ni Gufa, Ahmedabad.

  • Group Show – Gandhi Jayanti – Satya Art Gallery

    On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, Satya Art Gallery organising A Group Show of 36 renowned artists. Opens 3rd October (12pm-9pm, Monday Closed) Participating Artists – C. D. Mistry Bharat Dodia Shikha Chavda Gulab Kapadia Nabibaksh Mansoori Milan Desai Anant Mehta…

  • Tigers Of India

    2017 is declared as the Year of Tigers and every year Wildlife week begins from 02nd Oct. Hence, on this special occasion, we are glad to invite you to the inauguration of an Exhibition on THE TIGERS OF INDIA by…


    ‘Envisage’ – an exhibition of art displays artwork of ten young artists. the exhibition presented by Chaap Art Gallery at Kanoria Gallery for Arts, Ahmedabad Artworks by Anvi Shah, Mansoor Ali, Mansoor Mansoori, Nirali Lal, Poorvesh Patel, Rachana Badrakia, Sanket Viramgami, Shreeju…

  • Art Exhibition by Dr. Suresh Sheth

    A retrospective exhibition of drawings, paintings and collages by Dr. Suresh Sheth. this exhibition is dedicated to world renown artist Late shri Bhupen Khakhar.

  • सप्तरंगी

    सप्तरंगी A group exhibition by the hostel resident students of Sheth C.N. College of Fine Arts will be inaugurated by the renowned artist Shri Vijay Achrekar

  • Celebrating 40 years of Fine Arts, Vadodara

    Celebrating 40 years of Fine Arts, Vadodara – Group Exhibition at The Gallery, Amdavad ni Gufa, Ahmedabad. The exhibition brings back together batchmates after almost 40 years from around the country. Each artist will be showcasing their work in their…

  • Purana Pankha

    Purana Pankha – an art exhibition by Rajnikant Sutaria at Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan, Ahmedabad.

  • Voice of Silence

    Voice of Silence an Exhibition of Hindol Brahmbhatt‘s ArtWork at Hutheesing Centre on This Dussera. Also, read review of the show Voice of Silence

  • Animal Farm

    Animal Farm A Drawings Exhibition by Bharat Pattani at Lalit Kala Academy, Ahmedabad

  • Earth And Nature

    Earth And Nature A Graphics and Drawings Exhibition by Srushti Pattani at Lalit Kala Academy, Ahmedabad

  • Journey Within Udvada

    Journey Within Udvada A Photo Exhibition by Homiyar Tavadia at Gujarat State Lalitkala Academy Gallery – B2, Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan, Ahmedabad

  • Painting Exhibition and Lecture by Amitabh Madiya

    Gujarat Vishwakosh Trust organising an Exhibition of Painting by Artist Amitabh Madiya. He is also giving Lecture on ‘Mari Kalayatra’. Painting Exhibition on 28, 29 Sept, 03:00 PM to 05:00 PM Lecture: 27th Sept, Wednesday, Evening 05:30 PM

  • The Wonderland of Nabibakhsh Mansoori

    The Wonderland, Solo Exhibition by Nabibakhsh Mansoori at L&P Hutheesing Visual Art Centre, Ahmedabad Read: Preview of Nabibakhsh Mansoori’s ‘The Wonderland’

  • The Painting Room : De-stress with Art

    We present a brand new workshop of painting using watercolors – a German technique for the first time in Ahmedabad. Create a painting with the guidance of the instructor as she helps you express yourself beyond words. Just like meditation,…

  • Abir presents FIRST TAKE 2017

    Abir First Take 2017, an annual platform celebrating art across genres in a distinctive contest and exhibition, has struck the gong once again. Led by noted natural dye artist and exponent Ruby Jagrut, entries from artists across the country have…

  • Paint Like Husain

    Remembering the Great Artist M F Husain this September Art Socio Invites you to make a painting of M F Husain’s famous horse. Follow our lead to create your own masterpiece using some of the same techniques as M F…

  • Art Mela by Finesse – IIM Ahmedabad

    Finesse, the Fine Arts Club of IIMA invites you to their event “Art-Mela”. A two-day fun filled mega event scheduled to be held on September 9th & 10th, 2017 where one can celebrate colour, creativity and expression through art.

  • An Exhibition by Artist Soumitra Chatterjee

    An Exhibition of Water Colours by Shri. Soumitra Chatterjee at Satya Art Gallery, Navajivan Trust, Ahmedabad. Read Soumitra Chatterjee’s art exhibition here

  • सातत्य

    सातत्य सातत्य is a group show of eight contemporary artists. The exhibition showcasing paintings and experimental photography by new age artists and celebrating the visual symphony of their distinct and captivating art expressions.

  • Connaissance 8.0

    The annual lit fest organised by ILNU, Ahmedabad! With flagship events such as National Parliamentary Debate, Youth Parliament, Spoken Poetry Workshop, and various Quizzes, be sure to bring out the best in you here!! This year, they take forward “Meraki…

  • Raw Collaborative

    The Raw collaborative shall be an experience appealing to all who see beyond just the aesthetics of a designed product and appreciate the conviction, passion and efforts that go behind creating these unique revolutionary designed products for interior spaces. Source:…

  • The Art Buffet at Amdavad ni Gufa

    The Art Buffet is an Exclusive Group Exhibition of artists Anuja Sachdev, Ashok Mody, Meghna Patel and V2 Artists at Amdavad Ni Gufa. Inauguration by Architect Mr. Hasmukh C. Patel & Chief Guest is Artist Mahendra Kadia. Opening Reception on…

  • Meet Me At Sidhpur – Heritage & Photo Tour

    Sidhpur is also known as Sri-sthal or a “pious place”. It is mentioned in the Rig Veda to be existing at that time as the Dashu village. The legend is that the great sage Vyashya had donated his bones to…

  • Cartoon Selfie Exhibition in Ahmedabad

    Cartoon selfie is exhibition of cartoons in which there is only one character (the maker of the cartoon) who without uttering a word expresses his feelings. Perhaps this is first experiment of its type, please visit and appreciate સામાન્ય રીતે…

  • Fòcas India: ‘Document’ Exhibition

    Fòcas India will present the work of 10 exciting and emerging photographers from Scotland and India, who were selected based on their submissions through an Open Call. The photographers work will respond to a global context that is both contemporary…

  • Monsters from Abroad – Live Caricature, Sale and Workshop

    LIVE CARICATURE: Drop by at the cafe anytime during 11 AM – 9 PM and get a personalised caricature made by Ale Bara. EXHIBITION: Monsters from abroad is showing some of the work of Guatemalan artist Bara who is visiting…

  • Myth And Reality

    Myth and Reality – the exhibition of paintings of Muktinath Mondal. The solo show is curated by Kirti Parihar and displayed at Aloft Hotel. The exhibition will be inaugurated by Mr Hiren Patel. Also Read: Muktinath Mondal’s Subtle Representations of Ethnicity in ‘Myth…

  • Roop-Swaroop

    Satya Art Gallery is organising an exhibition of Photographs by Jyoti Bhatt. The opening of the exhibition at 05:30 pm, 19th Aug 17. (Shri Jyotibhai will share his views and experiences related with the photographs shown in the exhibition) Also…


    CONCOCT – the painting and photography exhibition by Tanmay Shah at Amdavad ni Gufa. Also Read: Award Winning Filmmaker Tanmay Shah Displays his Visual Art Skills at Gufa

  • Sketches and Paintings by R A J E N

    Painter-Weaver RAJEN as is known till now exhibits for the first time his sketches and paintings. He believes art is a continuous process with no reaching somewhere. “Pure joy is in the doing and that is what makes it art”.…

  • Design and Pragmatism | Tête-à-tête with Matali Crasset

    Pragmatism is a philosophy that privileges experience and action, it is also a philosophy of invention and creativity. Matali Crasset, an Industrial Designer, graduated from “Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle, Paris in 1991 will be giving a lecture on…

  • India International Photo Video Trade Fair 2017

    EXHIBITION INDIA PHOTO VIDEO TRADE FAIR IN ASSOCIATION WITH CHIIZ The market for photographic and imaging products is destined to become even larger, digital photography and imaging tools have become an integral part of people’s professional and personal lives, helping…

  • Artist Mr. Atul Dodiya at C.N. College of Fine Arts

    C.N. college of fine arts has invited Mr. Atul Dodiya, a very famous Indian contemporary artist to their campus where a short film of 45 min of his works will be displayed. So, C.N. college is organising a gathering for…

  • ART SENSEX 2017

    Art Sensex 2017 is an initiative by Sarjan Art Gallery. They are displaying more than 100 original paintings and sculpture on display and sale.

  • Walking BY

    Walking BY An Exhibition of Photographs by Krishna M. Lalbhai at Amdavad ni Gufa About exhibition: Places are very much like people. They have a character, a charisma that attracts us and offers a sense of belonging. This project has…

  • મારી કલાયાત્રા

    Vishwakosh Lalit Kala Kendra organising a talk મારી કલાયાત્રા (Mari Kalayatra) on Nilimaben Sheikh and an exhibition oh her painting’s prints.

  • Journey With My Shadow

    Journey With My Shadow – A solo exhibition of paintings by Inderjeet Grover at Amdavad ni Gufa. Inauguration by eminent artists Amit Ambalal.

  • મેધારંગ

    મેધારંગ A site-specific installation by Luz Peuscovich at Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad.

  • Umar

    Umar – the essence of Life A solo photography exhibition by Jyotik Bhachech As time passes by, we move ahead into a different age. Each phase of life affects man in its own myriad way. This photo series is an…

  • Amdavad Poetry, Art and Music Festival 2017

    Amdavad Poetry, Art and Music Festival The first ever Amdavad Poetry, Art and Music Festival 2017 is been organised by It’s a first ever festival of the city celebrating Music and art from all India and the world. Meet top poets, artists and…

  • FINEXT Award & National Exhibition of MINI-ARTWORK-2017

    An exhibition of small sizes contemporary artworks Paintings / Sculptures / Graphics / Photographs The maximum size of artwork is 12*15 inches and minimum size is 4*4 inches only. There are three award prizes of, Rs. 25,000 Two cash prizes…

  • JugalBirdy – One Direction to Nature

    An exhibition of drawings, paintings & photographs of birds in their natural habitat. JUGALBirdy’s purpose is to focus on the depleting biodiversity of Ahmedabad & surrounding regions and bring awareness among the fellow citizens to create a green environment. Artists:…

  • Glimpses of Varanasi

    Gujarat state lalitkala academy and Niharika organising a Photography Exhibition “Glimpses of Varanasi” at Ravishankar Raval Art Gallery, Ahmedabad. The exhibition will be inaugurated on 29th June at 06:00 PM by Shri BV Doshi.

  • Anagat

    Exhibition at Amdavad ni Gufa Anagat – Belonging to the future An exhibition to showcase Photography and Painting work by a group of young artists at Amdavad ni Gufa. Artists: Twinkle Prajapati (Artist), Mayana Shah (Artist & Interior Designer), Jiten…

  • Photography Rath Yatra-2017

    There are a few reasons why photo walks are a great idea. One’s creativity is boosted by movement and exposure to changing the scenery. When you by yourself see surroundings from a different perspective. When you’re with a group of people;…


    ART RAIN an annual exhibition by the students of Hutheesing Centre’s VISUAL ART One-year Certificate Course 2016-17.  

  • WABI SABI – Art Socio

    WABI SABI – Art Socio The first ever concept gallery in Ahmedabad. An event and exhibition not to be missed, WABI SABI will introduce the works of the talented artist Aditi Agrawal, who recently exhibited at the House of Lords,…

  • Solitude

    Solitude – Glory of being alone an exhibition of a collection of paintings at Amdavad ni Gufa and a Talk by Ms. Manashree, Depicting the effect of isolation, triggering mental illness & drug-addiction.  

  • एहसास

    एहसास painting and photography exhibition by Priya Anand Pariyani at The Art Gallery, Amdavad ni Gufa. Inauguration by noted artist Shri C.D. Mistry.

  • स्पंदन

    स्पंदन (Spandan) a painting exhibition at Amdavad ni Gufa by artist Vaishali Bhavsar. Inauguration by Natubhai Mistry.

  • 100 Cartoon SELFIE Exhibition at Hutheesing Centre

    100 Cartoon Selfie Exhibition at Hutheesing Centre is An exhibition of self-caricature that reflect striking issues sans dialogues by Ashok Adepal. Also read: Selfie Caricatures Reveals Reality at Hutheesing Visual Art Centre  

  • Jeet Mistry Show at Hutheesing Centre

    Jeet Mistry Show the art exhibition is at Hutheesing Visual Art Centre, Ahmedabad. Live unplugged music on sunday 28th at 7pm by Swar Aangan.

  • Origami Exhibition Cum Sale

    An Exhibition cum Sale displaying the diversity and variety of the art of Origami in today’s world. The best way to get those creative juices flowing in kids is by showing them that they can create anything from paper, real,…

  • Ashthapadi – Painting Exhibition

    Ashthapadi is a painting exhibition at L&P Hutheesing Visual Art Centre. The group show inaugrated by CD Mistry, Surendra Patel, Mayur Vakani, Manhar Kapadia

  • 13th All Gujarat Photography Competition

    Manav Pratishthan announces 13th All Gujarat Photography Competition on the Theme of CREATIVE NATURE. There is no entry fee for participation. ______________________________________________________ Case Awards Rs. 20,000/- First Prize Rs. 7000/- & DRISHTI Trophy, Second Prize Rs. 5000/-, Third Prize Rs.…

  • Summer Strokes – Second Edition

    An artisan presents Summer Strokes, Second Edition of visual arts exhibition at Amdavad Ni Gufa. The exhibition curated by Susanta Das.

  • In Roots – Painting Exhibition

    In Roots An exhibition by 5th year painting students of sheth C.N. College of Fine Arts. The exhibition will be held at Amdavad ni gufa.  

  • S H A D E S – flash & bash

    Art, Design & Architecture are nothing but an increasing level of a mind’s work & when we call it a mind’swork, it embodies all our feels & senses. As architects, we realise the necessity to explore every form of art…

  • An Exhibition of Canvas Paintings by Neel Panchal

    Canvas painting’s exhibition by Neel Panchal at Amdavad ni Gufa. The show will inaugurate by Dr Pritvipal Panday IPS(Ret.), Shri. Anil Relia, Shri. Vinod Raval and Shri. MAnhar Kapadia.

  • The Natu Mistry Show

    The Natu Mistry Show is a painting exhibition event at L & P Hutheesing Visual Art Centre, where exhibit artwork by eminent artist Natu Mistry.   Also Read: Timelessness on display at The Natu Mistry Show

  • Conferring Prohibition

    Conferring Prohibition – An installation & talk on the struggle against casteism, racism & xenophobia and various other endeavors to fight the regressive mindset Launching an installation set up by Jagrut Raval at The Project Café, followed by a talk…

  • ART Appreciation SHOW

    Art Samrat is an innovative, creative and respect giving platform to Glorify and Salute Visual Artists. Celebrate art and Present yourself at Art Show and give appreciation to the artists. Exhibition at L&P Hutheesing Visual Art Center, Ahmedabad.

  • Expressions – Photo Exhibition

    Expressions, Photo Exhibition by Himadri Patel and Ravi Panchal at Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan. The Exhibition will be inaugurated by Shri Ketan Modi on 28th April at 12:00 noon.

  • Perspectives

    Heritage doesn’t confine itself to only one definition. It all depends on perspectives and perceptions and the values we subconsciously associate with things, practices and people through our lives. It is not what others see as heritage but what value…

  • Splendent-II

    Splendent-II  is a painting exhibition and second solo show by Mrinal Dutt at L&P Hutheesing Visual Art Center.

  • ART Exhibition & Sale

    Canvas painting exhibition cum sale Preview of group exhibition recent works by Rohit Parmar (the jaRvis gallery), Dr. Yesha Patel (Artsy), Dr. Shivani Jha (Divine design) at Sanskar Kendra.

  • Speak Sweet – Painting Exhibition

    Speak Sweet a painting exhibition by C D Mistry at Amdavad ni Gufa, Gufa Art Gallery, Inauguration by the eminent artist of Ahmedabad Shri Amit Ambalal.

  • Emotive Idioms

    ZOCA – Zone of Contemporary Art displays recent artworks of various artists in ‘Emotive Idioms’ at Kanoria Centre for Arts Gallery.

  • SATYA The Art Show

    Navajivan Art Studios present SATYA the art show The show will be inaugurated by Eminent Artist Padma Shri Manu Parekh   To read the review of the show visit here

  • Mari Shilp Yatra – Shree Dhruva Mistry

    Shree Dhruva Mistry is an eminent sculpturist studied at the M S University of Baroda and Royal College of Art in London. He served as Head of Sculpture and Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts at M S University. His…

  • Media Studies and Curatorship in Architecture & Visual Culture

    Trans-Media Speculative Studio on a quest driven by a narrative that originates in Ambli, Ahmedabad travels to Venice, Italy, and ends in London, England. The Studio shall operate in collaboration with IDEA Indus University, Intersection and Conflictorium. The project is an…

  • Aspire 2017

    Aspire 2017 ADANI INSTITUTE OF INFRASTRUCTURE is organising inter college Sports & Cultural fest from 7th to 9th April, 2017. Sports Events 1. Cricket 2. Chess 3. Football 4. Volleyball 5. Badminton 6. Table Tennis 7. Tug – Of –…

  • Meet Real Foodist (Heritage Food Walk)

    Meet real foodist by Meet me at Khadia The heritage food photo walk of walled city Ahmedabad is a connoisseurs. Wander in the lanes of old Amdavad, in search of flavours of centuries, that are still alive in the rich Amdavadi…

  • Navigators – Paintings Exhibition

    Painting Exhibition in Ahmedabad Navigators – Paintings by Khushali Shah, Exhibiting recent paintings which will be inaugurated by Padmashree Vishnubhai Pandya (Interior Designer & Artist) and Shree S. K. Shah (Trustee, Sheth C.N. Vidhya Vihar)

  • Lavish Strokes – Art Exhibition

    Art Exhibition in Ahmedabad Ekaant Artists Residency presents Lavish Strokes an exhibition of Contemporary Art works.  

  • The ART SHOW

    Events in Ahmedabad An art exhibition of Karan Panchal’s best workpieces where one will find pencil strokes on paper, colourful brush strokes on canvas as well as the beauty of dirty pour resin art on wood panels. Inauguration on 4th…

  • Horizon’17

    Horizon’17 – Nirma University One of the biggest cultural fest in Gujarat, Horizon’17 at Nirma University. this event observes many activities, Dance, Music, Photography, Dramatics, Quizzing, Sports, Fine Arts, Fun Zone, time Busters, Ramp Burn, Pirates and Best of Horizon,…

  • Upasana Manakani Show – Meditation In Arts

    Events in Ahmedabad Meditation In Arts, Exhibiting artwork of Upasana Manakani at Hutheesing Visual Art Centre. Inauguration on 30th March ’17 at 04:00 PM.

  • The Warli Project – HEART : BEAT

    The Warli Project – HEART : BEAT Heart : Beat is an Art Exhibition where showcases the outcomes of two-week-long residency conducted in palghar district, Maharastra. Exhibition organised and conducted by: DICRC Design Innovation Craft & Resource Centre (DICRC). CEPT…

  • New Leaves : Art Exhibition

    New Leaves is the event initiated by students of Aagness Art Academy. These young artists have worked hard in different mediums of arts. This event is for 3 days. Do visit and give opportunities to young Artists to explore themselves…

  • Annual Exhibition 2017

    Annual Exhibition 2017 SAL School Of Architecture exhibiting the artwork or architectural work of there students in Annual Exhibition 2017.

  • Language of Art

    Language of Art – Art Event in Ahmedabad An Exhibition of Painting and Drawings by Mohammed Asif Usmangani Mandalwala.  

  • Dehgam Residency : The Artist Home

    The Artists Home – Dehgam Residency Emerging Artists Residency – May 2017 Artists in residence program, during 20th May to 29th May 2017 (10 Days) 20/25 Talented emerging artists will be there. Source: The Art from Camp: Dehgam Residency Students’ Exhibition at…

  • Gender in Camera – Celebrating Women in Photography

    In a profession where now women are emerging as photographers, they always inspire with their passion towards work and presenting their vision out to the world. The Project Cafe in association with Chitrakosh would like to have all women photographers…

  • Art Overseas – Art Exhibition

    Painting exhibition by Art Overseas. Any artist can participate in exhibition Registration before 18 March 2017.

  • Art Talks in Art 17

    A dialogue between four contemporary artists This discussion will host visual, artist, film marker, theatre artist, poet to talk aout aesthetic experiences through their practices. Speakers: Sudarshan Shetty, Leena Yadav, Sharmistha Mohanty, Rahul Vohra Saturday, 18th March 2017 11:00 AM…

  • KCA Annual Display

    KCA Annual Display Each year, Kanoria Centre for Arts (KCA) showcases artworks by its studio artists through an annual exhibition. this years artists 13 in total display their graphics, paintings, sculptures and installations created using a varity of mediums such…

  • SPROUT! The Unexpected Design Shop

    SPROUT! The Unexpected Design Shop Sprouts! is a one-of-its-kind POP-UP that brings together young and promising design firms and studios run exclusively by NID alumni. With the support and partnership of ZEN Cafe, Sprout’s first edition debuts to a wide…

  • RAJEN at Art 17

    ART 17 An Exhibition of Tapestries by Painter – Weaver RAJEN to celebrate Art 17 at Kanoria Centre for Arts. Art 17: From Political Satire to the Traditional Pichwai Art 17 : an all-encompasssing show of aesthetics by Kanoria Art’s own…

  • In search of Bapu by Anuj Ambalal

    In search of Bapu Exhibition of Photographs by Anuj Ambalal “The exhibition promote Gandhian ideology to look into the current issues by forming a deeper understanding of the man and his philosophy. And the wish to explore this ideological adoption…

  • QAbad Collab: Conflict in Transgender Bodies and Photography

    A Photo-Exhibition and Live Discussion: Conflict in Transgender Bodies and Photography In Collaboration with Queerabad, Curated by Prerna Geeta Manian The Jogappas are a transgender community in Northern Karnataka and Southern Maharashtra. This collection consists of photographs taken just before…

  • Children Works

    Children Works by The Kanoria Centre for Arts, Exhibiting artwork made by Children. Inauguration on 8th March at Kanoria Gallery for Arts, Ahmedabad

  • Remembering Piraji

    Remembering Piraji An Exhibition spread across KCA campus and Kanoria Gallery for Arts will showcase Piraji’s collages & sculptures. Know more about Piraji here: The Life and Art of Piraji Sagara Art’s own Festival : Kanoria Centre for Arts celebrated Art…

  • Abhivyakti Amdavad ni Gufa Ahmedabad

    Abhivyakti is an Art and Painting Group Show by Rajkumar Sarde, Ramesh Vidhani, Dipal Sisodia and Sandip Bhoi at Amdavad Ni Guffa, Ahmedabad  

  • The Artist Home DEHGAM RESIDENCY

    The Artist Home Dehgam Residency. An invitation to witness 18 visual artists Painters and Sculptors at Dehgam residency program, where people can visit and see artists working 11am to 6pm on anyday between 4th to 11th March 2017

  • XPOSE the “jaRvis” gallery

    XPOSE the “jaRvis” gallery Exhibiting more than 60 Canvas Paintings a recent artwork by Rohit Parmar.

  • The Ahmedabad Serigraphs

    ARCHER art gallery presents The Ahmedabad Serigraphs where they exhibit the artwork of various eminent artists.

  • No.Mad.Land – A Painting Exhibition in Ahmedabad

    No/Mad/Land A Painting Exhibition of a NoMad, who left his home country (Germany) years before in his youth and ever since, has been travelling around the world. Living in west of Gujarat from past few years, Ivan Koschimider, will be…

  • Day in and Day Out

    Catharsis art gallery Presents “Day in and Day Out” an Exhibition of Paintings, Collages and Water Colour artwork by Vinod Shah. Also, “Colour Palette of Sri. Vinod Shah” A talk by Dr. M. Balamani

  • Paraspar #2 : Talk by photographer Vivek Desai

    ‘Paraspar’ is a monthly talk series, in which practitioners from fields of literature, journalism, films, television, theatre, arts, photography, web etc share their experiences and influences. In the second talk of the season eminent photographer Vivek Desai shall talk about…

  • Art 17

    ART 17 Art 17 is a two day art fest, organised by Kanoria Centre for Arts. The Fest is curated to celebrate the connection between different forms of arts. A lot will happen over the weekend, to transform the picturesque…

  • Break-Through

    Break-Through is a Painting Exhibition by Rohit Zaveri at amdavad ni gufa

  • Art Meets Nature

    DragonFly Farm’s “Art meets Nature” an art show by Anuja Cambatta

  • Art Makes Sense

    Art Makes Sense India’s first inclusive, tactile art project to raise awareness and support for children and adults with deafblindness. Curated by Chaitya Dhanvi Shah Preview on 20th feb Artists

  • Unfold Voyage

    Unfold Voyage is a group show of Visual Arts where where painters, sculptor and photographer from different corners of India come together to create a diverse showcase. The exhibition is a reflection of the myriad experiences that each one has gone…

  • Tajmahal Ka Tender – (Hindi Play)

    Tajmahal Ka Tender Take Shahjahan & his dream to build Tajmahal, Mix it up with the Current System, Formalities & Corrupt Officers, Sounds like an interesting recipe, isn’t it ?? Watch how Humor unfolds in an interesting experiment by students…

  • Before Crashing to Earth

    Before Crashing to Earth A collection of recent works by Mansi Trivedi Curated by Rahul bhattacharya.   Preview on 10th to 12th February 2017   Exhibition on 27th February to 5th March

  • Art For A Cause

    Art For A Cause Yuva Unstoppable along with Reflection- The Display Space would like to present an exclusive collection of paintings enthusiastically painted by Talented Municipal school kids. The collection will be on display at Reflection- The Display Space on…

  • Group Show 2017

    Rajkot based five artists are coming together at Group Show-2017 to showcase their exquisite drawings and paintings. Participating Artists are:- Ashok Kabar Francis Dias Navneet Rathod Sajjad Kapasi Suresh Raval  

  • Two Parallels – Artist Couple Show

    Two Parallels Artist Couple Show. Exhibits artwork of Couples, Curated by Giriraj Kadia Two Parallels – Artist Couple Show P.D.Dhumal & Rini Dhumal Dhruva Mistry & Trupti Patel Vasudevan Akkitham & Maneesha Doshi Indrapramit Roy & Subha De M.Sasidharan &…

  • Break-Through

    Break-through The exhibition of paintings by artist Rohit Zaveri.  

  • Visual Treat ‘WATERCOLOR’

    Visual Treat ‘Watercolor’, Exhibits watercolor paintings created by artist Mayur Mistry. Live demo on 5th Feb 4pm Onwards

  • ‘meet amdavadis’ Photo walk

    Two days photo walk program at different place of Ahmedabad. There is five photo walk in walled city Ahmedabad and outside the walled city. “Photography club of Jamnagar” and “meet me at KHADIA” has jointly organised ‘meet amdavadis’ Photo walk.

  • ROOP by Bhanwar Singh Panwar

    ROOP, Exhibition of Bhanwar Singh Panwar’s Paintings   Also read: The Clouds of Bhanwar Singh Panwar: Previewing ‘Roop’ Exhibition with the Veteran Artist

  • Mahatma and Railways

    A first of its kind exhibition showcasing Gandhiji’s rail journeys and how the railways have played an important role in making Gandhi an “Eternal Progressive” being.

  • Creations 2017 – A Group Art Exhibition By 22 Child Artists

    ‘Creations 2017 – A Jugalbandi of Art Works by Children and their Parents’, marks the Silver Jubilee Anniversary of Decent Drawing and Painting Classes. The three-day exhibition will have 150 artworks on display. The group art exhibition (9th in its…

  • My People My Place

    EXHIBITION! What does your city Ahmedabad mean to you? That person, that place, that corner or that memory? Who and what comprises your Amdavadi Story? With the book launch – People Called Ahmedabad, The People Place Project has decided to…

  • છાંટ – સંવેદનાઓનું આલેખન (Chhant)

    છાંટ – સંવેદનાઓનું આલેખન (Chhant) A unique experience where talented artists have contributed their aesthetics based on the ideology of Poets. It is a one of a kind exhibition that narrates the procedure of thoughts converting into words and words…

  • People Called Ahmedabad

    People Called Ahmedabad – The book launch. It has taken more than a year of research, seventeen authors who have sifted through the diverse layers of the city to create this anthology of 55 stories of Ahmedabad and Amdavadis. The…

  • Aa Che Siachen

    Book launch and Audio-Visual presentation  ‘Aa Che Siachen’ by Harshal Pushkarna.

  • Eat Paint Create Ahmedabad Edition 2

    Eat Paint Create is a unique 3-hour Painting Social wherein participants get together to create their own masterpieces on canvas while munching on lip smacking food and socialising with people who share similar interests. Never painted before? No worries, they…

  • Essence of The Watercolour

    Essence of The Watercolour is an Exhibition of watercolour paintings by Artist Bhavesh Zala

  • Gandhi Chitra Darshan

    Gandhi Chitra Darshan is An Exhibition curating artwork and paintings of Mahatma Gandhi made by noted artists of Gujarat.

  • Sapta Setu Prasang 15

    Dr. Deepak Kannal will be delivering a talk on ‘Art of Ellora and its unexplained mystery’


    Anthology on the Annexe 2017 is a group Show. The show exhibits Paintings, Graphics & Sculptures. The presenting artists are : Ajay Dhapa, Deepa Varan, Dushyant Patel, Gulab Kapadiya, Himanshu Jamod, Rajesh Ahlawat, Shikha Chavada

  • Individually Social

    Individually Social, exhibits sculptures made from unused construction stone and pieces. This artwork is created by Artist Kamalkant who spent a year working at a construction site and carved the sculpture from the emotion he found on the site.

  • Imagine France – Exhibition

    See through the eyes of the photographer, Maia Flore, A Fantastical Voyage of the prime cultural sites of France. Touring worldwide, the exhibition is coming from Bangkok to Ahmedabad. In each of 25 patrimonial sites across France, she uncovers a…

  • Winter School Exhibition

    An Exhibition by fellow students of the Winter School Workshop at CEPT University mentored under the respectful photographer sir Ketan Modi.

  • Paper Pixels

    An exhibition that boasts of an amalgamation of the power of the lens and performance poetry, Paper Pixels is the only place anyone would want to be this Christmas Eve. This showcase will see 10 curated pictures on display, with 10…

  • Ecstatic

    A solo painting exhibition by Priya Anand Pariyani (sponsored by Gujarat State Lalitkala Academy).

  • We Walk… – Exhibition Of Paintings and Sculptures

    We Walk… Paintings and Sculptures by Alok prabhakar | Amit Ambalal | Anil Majumdar | Gulab Kapadia | Haku Shah | Hindol Brahmbhatt | Jitu Oghani | Jon Tun Sen | Manish Chavda | Manish Modi | Muktinath Mondal |…

  • The Womb Story

    An installation work by performer Arpita Dhagat.

  • Captivating Contours

    A solo art show of artist Vrindavan Solanki. On the occasion, a portfolio of Limited Edition Serigraphs of the artist will be launched.

  • Silent Ruminations – A Photography Exhibition by Mitul Kajaria

    “Silence is often mistaken to be the absence of something, which leads people to automatically dismiss its existence or need. Writer Chaim Potok thinks otherwise, and has reflected on this aspect in his book The Chosen. “I’ve begun to realise…

  • Art e Fair ’16

    Art é Fair, Ahmedabad edition is a one if its kind concept promoting Art in all its form in this city. With an aim of Spreading awareness about Artists and enhancing city’s culture of art appreciation and collection, this event…

  • Photographs|Navroze Contractor

    Navroze Contractor studied in Ahmedabad at Shreyas High School. He obtained a BA (Fine Arts) degree in painting and photography at the Faculty of Fine Arts, M. S. University of Baroda. His interest in cinema took him to the Film…

  • 3D Photo Exhibition by Piyush Patel

    A 3D Photo Exhibition by photographer Piyush Pate at the Gujarat Literature Festival, held at L&P Hutheesing Visual Art Centre

  • Samay

    An Art Exhibition by Indian Art Affair featuring various artists on a visual experience of individual time zone.

  • Narratives

    A photography exhibition by Dr. Puneet Agarwal & Payal Patel.

  • Photo Tour LRK

    A 3 nights 6 safari tour at Little Rann of Kutch on Wildlife Photo Tour.

  • Remembering Dashrath

    Remembering the artwork of Shree Dashrath Patel with an exhibition of selections from his watercolors and oil paintings from the 1950s.

  • Photography Exhibition- Dang, Explore The Unexplored

    A journey to the interiors of Dang, Gujarat by four Photographers to explore the nature. They would love to share their experience with you. While trekking through the dense forest to explore some wildlife, waterfalls and unforgettable moments. Driving through…

  • Mata Ni Pachedi

    Displaying traditional art of Mata Ni Pachedi made by artist Chandrakanta Chitara.

  • Aura Art Show 2016

    Aura Art eConnect Pvt Ltd is delighted to invite you to a Group Show of Paintings & Scultpures, by 50 artists from across the country.

  • Evocations

    A painting exhibition by Neena Singh inaugurated by Shri Amit Ambalal at Amdavad Ni Gufa

  • A Sublime Dream by Aasha Prajapati

    An exhibition of minimalist paintings by a Surat-based painter, Aasha Prajapati. The show will be inaugrated by leading Art Entrepreneur and Art Collector, Mr. Anil Relia.

  • Photo Walk by The Snap Factory

    The SnapFactory is organizing a Photo Walk in the city of Ahmedabad on November 13th, 2016 (Sunday) for all the photo enthusiasts out there in the city! Even though you are not a professional photographer or don’t have a DSLR,…

  • Walled City Ahmedabad Photo Walk-2016 (within)

    Walled City Ahmedabad Photo Walk-2016 You could Directly fill up REGISTRATION FORM click on this link and fill up your details and send on this email address and you will get your Receipt. Be secure your seat hurry up.

  • Tradi-Box

    An Gallery exhibition of Exclusive Madhubani Paintings by Seema Anil Modani at Satya Art Gallery.


    National Institute of Design will be celebrating the association with one of the unique personalities of design, with a series of activities and events to rediscover and revisit the work, life and ethos of George Nakashima, as well as build…

  • Nikon Photo Walk

    Basics of Photography & Architectural Photography   Get Acquainted to the practical aspects of outdoor photography; learn the art behind capturing beautiful shots of a Palace.   Learn: -Fine Tuning Exposure Control -Creative Use of White-Balance -Controlling depth-of-field -Using the focusing…

  • Shakti 3.0

    Shakti 3.0 is the latest offering by Khatri who has been working on since 1991 on the same subject with different mediums shows his expertise and passion for the suibject and techniques. These artworks are inpsired from various Indian mythologival…

  • First Take 2016

    An Art Exhibition by Abir at Amdavad Ni Gufa

  • Exhibition of Digital Photographs – The Fused Garden

    Rahul Gajjar’s new body of work, “The Fused Garden” is a continuation of a passion project that began in 2004 and is inspired by Kirlian photography. Kirlian photography is a process from the 1930s (also known as electrography) that tries…

  • The Lucky Era

    Pick your favourite picture / clock which will forever show your favourite time. There will also be her staple, trendy and traditional ‘Abstract Ganesha’ for those who like to keep it consistent! An exhibition they have called ‘The Lucky Era’,…

  • Rekha Aakar Rangoni Abhivyakti

    An art exhibition presenting the work of Bhavena Visual Artists Group from Bhavnagar with their work done in Water Colour, Acrylic, Pencil and postal colours.

  • Chehre

    The solo painting exhibition of artist Chaula Doshi inaugurated by noted author Kajal Oza Vaidya.

  • Jail Uday

    An art exhibition and sale of paintings by prisoners of Sabarmati Central Jail, Ahmedabad.

  • The Truth of Opposites

    An exhibition of artwork by Hindol inspired by Gandhiji. Hindol presents his images and gives us an insight into how Gandhiji’s life and philosophy made an impact on his work.

  • Stree Shakti by Pinky Bhatt

    Mrs. Pinky Bhatt a Limca Book record holder presents an exhibition of paintings depicting heritage, various postures and rural women of India.

  • The Five

    Exhibition of recent artworks by Alok Bal, Hindol Brahmbhatt, Indrapramit Roy, M.Sasidharan, Vasudevan Akkitham, curated by Griraj Kadia

  • Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk

    Each year, photographers around the world gather on the same day to explore, photograph, share photos with one another, make new friends, and be a part of a great cause. The Worldwide Photo Walk supports The Springs Of Hope Kenya…

  • Walking By

    ‘Walking By’ The world through the streets, through the stories of the people. By Krishna M. Lalbhai Travelling takes us to all kinds of places. Some places may have great historical importance, whereas some might have beautiful examples of modernism,…

  • 5th NC Mehta Memorial Lecture by Prof Anupa Pande

    Representation of Melodic Modes in the Ragachitras of Mewar: A Textual and Aesthetic Study to be delivered by Prof. (Dr). Anupa Pande The concept of the painting of melodic modes (rāgas) constitutes a unique genre of Indian painting. What was…

  • Make Heritage Fun! Ahmedabad

    Come, be a part of #makeheritagefun, a global initiative, aimed at celebrating local culture, simultaneously on 25th of September, across the world. This campaign provides a platform for heritage and culture enthusiasts to share their local heritage with the rest…

  • Heritage Walk 3.0

    After the successful Heritage Walk 1.0 and 2.0 ,they are back with a 3.0 . The Only Heritage Walk which includes Flash Mob and Cultural Performances. To make it more exciting and fun,this time they have Rotaract Ahmedabad North as Co-hosts.…

  • Amruta Patil’s Sa-Rasa/Juicy: The Feminine and the Genderfluid

    In their second live event, come hear Amruta Patil tracing the evolution of the feminine and the genderfluid in her work from 2008’s Kari to 2016’s Sauptik, just for the QueerAbad community! More about the Author Amruta Patil, writer and…

  • Spandan Art – Life & Vision

    A group show of paintings by artists across India. Curator : Anant Vikas Organised by : Spandan International, Goa.

  • Energy of Belief-II

    Energy of Belief-II (Invisible World) is a solo abstract art show by Kurma Nadham.

  • Feminine Identity-II

    A solo art exhibition by Preeti Agrawal on Feminine Identity.

  • Purvaa

    7th Purvesh Patel Memorial Show. Purvaa is a group exhibition of contemporary art.

  • 56th Gujarat State Art Exhibition

    Art and photography exhibition organized by Gujarat State Lalitkala Academy will be inaugurated on September 19, 2016 at 05:00 PM by Hon’ble minister Rajendra Trivedi and Hon’ble V P Patel (IAS) with an award function for the last exhibition winners.

  • Beauty of Water

    An exhibition of watercolor paintings by Rudragaud L Indi,Bengaluru

  • The Architecture of Hasmukh C Patel

    The book launch of The Architecture of Hasmukh C. Patel Selected Projects (1963-2003) is celebrated with an exhibition of Hasmukh Bhai’s drawings, photographs, and models

  • Life And Vision – ART FEST

    An art exhibition, where various city based painters and sculptors would exhibit their work.

  • Romance with Nature

    Romance with Nature is a painting exhibition of words of noted hyderabad based painter Mr. Surya Prakash. The exhibition is organised by Mantra Art Gallery of Ahmedabad.   Know more about the artist here

  • Spandan art – Life & Vision II

    “Spandan art – Life & Vision II” Group Exhibition with Paintings, Photography & Sculptures. A part of “SPANDAN International Art Festival of India” July 2016 to January 2017 in more than 11 States of India.

  • Inauguration of Kala Utsav-7

    Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Gujarat Kala Pratishthan with art and cultural activities. and inauguration for the 7th Kala Utsav event.

  • Life of Colours

    An art exhibition by Sapna Trivedi, BVA faculty of Fine Art, MSU Baroda. Inaugrated by Pavan Bakeri and Apurva Desai on 2nd September at 5:30 PM.

  • Painting Exhibition

    Gujarat Visual Women Artist Association presents Painting Exhibition curated by various women artists of state.

  • Akhadiyan’ Photography Event

    An akhado is the Gujarati word for a place of physical training and martial arts practice. We will capture on camera the traditional techniques, dedication and skill of the Indian akhada practitioners.

  • Grand Opening of Crocodile Exhibit

    African Slender-snouted Crocodiles at Sundarvan Grand Opening of Exhibit 23rd Aug ’16 | 3.30 PM to 6 PM We welcome all of you for a fun time! Catch “Croc Talk” at 4 PM, 5 PM and 6 PM Engage kids…

  • Samvedana – A Charity Art Show

    Samvedana is a one of its kind charity show with three programs from Art Exhibition, to Art Auction & from Luxury Car Joy Rides for specially abled kids to A drawing competition of Over 1000 kids.

  • Kankaria Drawing Competition

        Rotaract Club of Ahmedabad Kankaria presents *”7 Shades for 7 Decades of Independence”* – A Drawing Competition celebrating the Colors of Independent India. Its an Open for All Competition classified into Two Groups : *School Students & Others*

  • 3D Photo Exhibition

    A 3D photography exhibition kept open for all to visit and explore the world of photography.

  • I am Alive!


  • Documentary- From Darkroom to Daylight

    From Darkroom to Daylight is a book and documentary film project that tells the stories of photographers, inventors and others navigating the epic change from film to digital photography. From Darkroom to Daylight explores how the dramatic change from film…

  • Documentary Screening – Everybody Street

    “Everybody Street” illuminates the lives and work of New York’s iconic street photographers and the incomparable city that has inspired them for decades. The documentary pays tribute to the spirit of street photography through a cinematic exploration of New York…

  • Slideshow by Gaelle Pelachaud and Prof. Azyz Sharaf

    In collaboration with the Chaap Foundation, Gaelle Pelachaud (French printmaker) and Prof. Azyz Sharafy (USA) will be presenting a slideshow at the Kanoria Centre for Arts on Saturday 6th August from 5:30pm onwards.

  • Abandoned

    Visual Art Exhibition from various artists across India.

  • Shodh – A Photography Exhibition

    Satya Art Gallery proudly invites everyone to engage and converse with a dynamic group of photographers. Shodh is a series of bi-annual exhibitions hosted by Satya Art Gallery to engage with young practitioners of art from all disciplines. The exhibition…

  • Chitrakatha: Representation of Krishna in Indian Art

    On the occasion to celebrate Janmashtami The L.D. Museum & N.C. Mehta Gallery organizes CHITRAKATHA: Representation of Krishna in Indian Art Every individual have a shared experience of looking, seeing, thinking, feeling and talking about visual arts. ‘Chitrakatha: Representation of…

  • Condolence Meet in memory of SH Raza

    A condolence meet in memory of legendary artist Syed Haider Raza (1922-2016)   An exhibition of his works shall also be put up for art appreciators, it will remain on display till 31st July.

  • Lekha 2016

    A Sales Exhibition of painting by Mital Sojitra.

  • Khissa Khali Bhapka Bhari

    This is a story of Tushar Jani, a middle class man with decent income and wants to live life with simplicity but his family is spendthrift and believes in show off because of which there is always a chaos in…

  • Remembering Mani Da!

    Shri Anil Relia, Shri Vrundavan Solanki and Dr. Suresh Sheth will share their experiences with the legendary artist K.G. Subrahmanyam.   A Short Documentary Film on Mani Da shall be screened as part of the meet.   An exhibition of…

  • Micro Circle Art Exhibition

    Art Exhibition of artist Hiralal Patel’s paintings. Artist has used the unique Mircro Circle technique to create this enchanting paintings. These one of its kind paintings are made by drawing tiny circles of varied shades and intensity, and that is…

  • Kadam-Le Chal Muje Apni Or

    Kadam – Le Chala muje apni or… is a group exhibition of 17 emerging artists, showcasing their experiences on canvass.

  • Abhivyakt

    Creativity is above age, gender, cast or skin colour. The only thing that matters is passion, practice and diligence. Vidhi Ruparelia a 12 year old artist has proven it right in her marvelously described sketches and paintings based on nature.…

  • Alpaviram Photography Exhibition

    Meghdhanush, a photography group, has brought a photography exhibition, where different photographers have experimented with varied genres. The exhibition brings forth various moments from daily life – a moment of ‘Joy’, a moment of ‘Inspiration’, a moment of ‘Awe’ or a…

  • Gypsies at Sasan Gir

    It is a calling from the roars of lions and chirpings of birds, a calling from untamed nature to be more curious and sensitive towards the magnificent wildlife & natural beauty of Gujarat. Let’s reflect and dig deeper our understanding…

  • Expressions / Perception : art event

    Two Different art exhibitions curated by TVAK Art Gallery are put up at Sanskar Kendra, Paldi The Expression is a solo show by Ambica Nair and is put up in Gallery 1   The Perception is a solo show by…

  • Summer Strokes An Exhibition of Visual Arts

    A group exhibition of various artists of prominence. The exhibition displays paintings, sculptures and photographs; a unique show wherein a diverse kind of art can be seen and enjoyed. Some of the popular artists exhibited are SUHAS ROY , JOGEN CHOWDHURY…

  • Savishkara : A Tribute to Jeram Patel

    Savishkara is a group show organised by noted artists of Gujarat, to pay homage to the Master Artist Shri Jeram Patel, who recently passed away for heavenly abode. The show will be inaugurated by Shri Amit Ambalal and Shri Anil…

  • Chitravali – A Fun with Scroll Activity For Children

    This activity is organized as a part of the International Museum Day Celebration, celebrated world-wide every year on/ around 18th of May, as declared by ICOM (International Council of Museums) since 1977. The theme for this year is: “Museums and…

  • Monkeys of the blue god.

    A painting exhibition by veteran artist Amit Ambalal that shall be open for two days only. The exhibition consists of extremely unique and spontaneous works by the veteran. Art enthusiasts should not miss this show!

  • A Visual Introduction to Indo-Islamic Art

    A Photo Exhbition displaying Indo-Islamic Art of various monuments in India. From Beautiful grills to domes and arches to motifs of these known and unknown monuments and architecture will amaze you with their beautiful design, craftsmanship and skills

  • Scrap Design Innovation

    The exhibition showcases the work of Furniture Design Students and all the pieces have been made from waste.  The exhibition focuses on alternative furniture, toys and lighting. It shows the inventive ways that junk can be made into something useful…

  • Artist Talk by Pablo Bartholomew

    Pablo Bartholomew is exhibiting his works at the Gallery at NID. On this occasion a talk has been arranged for students and fans to listen to the artist himself.

  • 60/60

    Pablo Bartholomew has showcased his works at the Design Gallery at NID. Some of his best works are on display.

  • Exhibition of original paintings of S H Raza

    A unique show comes to the city of Ahmedabad, wherein original works of celebrated artist SH Raza shall be put on display. The show is presented by Archer Art Gallery.

  • Shri Nathji Pichhwai

    The exhibition shall display beautiful Shri Nathji Pichhwai art works. Pichhwai is a traditional fine art form from central-west parts of India, that primarily expresses stories of Lord Shrinathji.


    Indian artist Jignesh Panchal and Japanese artist Nobushige Kono come together to create this distinct exhibit.

  • Maari Kala Yatra (My creative journey) by Amrut Patel

    Eminent painter Shri Amrut Patel will deliver a talk on his artistic journey and shall showcase some of his paintings on the occasion. A wonderful opportunity to know and understand the creative process of the artist.

  • Art O Nama

    Art O Nama is the annual art event organised by local daily Ahmedabad Mirror. The attempt is to showcase ahmedabad in all it’s glory and this years theme is ‘Through the looking glass’. Many prominent artists as well as young…

  • Samaakalan 2016

    Samaakalan is the annual exhibition of artists of KCA. Alongside the exhibition Samaakalan is a time when the KCA venue gears up with lot of art activities and opens up to people from around the city. Exhibits, Workshops, Stalls, Music,…

  • Gujarat Photo Festival 2016

    For everyone with a camera, vision, and love for art, opportunity is knocking. Hear hear! Gujarat Photo Festival is just around the corner. Register. Learn. Display your skills. Appreciate. Block your dates 31st March to 3rd April, at Satya Art…

  • A Tribute to M.F. Husain

    A treat for Art aficionados; after almost a decade, Husain’s solo show will open in city on saturday, 5th March. The exhibition will have 19 art works on display, the largest one being 10ft x 15ft. Some of the works…

  • Vyomasura

    An exhibition of sculptures by Vyom made in collaboration with Steel Concept curated by Shyam Patel and Paras Abhinav

  • Amrut Patel’s Painting Exhibition

    The visual arts scene is going through a sea change in the city. Veterans are experimenting and younger ones are eager than ever to express themselves on canvas! Amidst this, Amrut Patel, comes to the city to exhibit his recent…

  • 111 Platographic Expressions

    A display of fine art prints made by Prof. Kashinath Salve. As part of the inauguration ceremony a dance recital on the process of print making shall be performed by Lola Karpenka.