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About Us

‘Your Daily Dose of Art, Culture and Inspiration’

In an age and time, where on-demand access to content is influencing our content consumption drastically, here is an attempt to create and curate content that is not limited to entertainment, but fill the audience with joy and enrichment, every day. is a dedicated digital media space for all that is happening in the world of culture and creativity around globe. Fine arts, Performing Arts, Architecture, Photography, Experiential Travel, Literature, Vernacular Languages, Poetry, Humor, Nature & Wild Life, Music, Bygone Traditions – these and more shall be dished out on the site every day. These subjects shall be covered by ways of Features, Interviews, News, Resource articles, Events and Workshop listing etc.

A distinct city based approach is put in place, whereby local content is merged with global resources of the said domains. Currently the city in focus is Ahmedabad.

This is a global approach to be local.

A host of passionate contributors across the globe are creating content and all the care is taken that what we put out, brings enrichment to the reader.

From a wider horizon, Creative Yatra (CY) is founded to initiate, identify and promote arts’ and culture activities; and to be a resource platform dedicated to encourage creativity within communities.

CY aims to connect seeking individuals with artists and art works; with a dream to create a throbbing community of culture connoisseurs.

With this motive the web-portal is working to trigger the creative talent of the communities by serving non-mainstream cultural content in an engaging manner.

__________________________________________________________________________________ is owned and managed by Mindful Ventures.

Mindful Ventures is established with an aim to generate a positive influence on the society, by promoting meaningful interventions in the domain of knowledge and culture and by upholding the three c’s namely creativity, content and community.

The firm has enterprise interests in fields of Content, Design, Media & Events with a sharp focus on culture & creativity.