Reviews Maati Baani performance gives listeners a rocking time

Nirali Kartik and her Maati Baani band who gave a performance at Natarani on Sunday, November 4, 2018, is visibly on the crest of success they have achieved in taking Indian music abroad in an original style with an appeal to many. She has a strikingly evocative trained voice with the capacity to flow in a wide range, break into controlled enchanting alaaps and taans from time to time and to delectably remain in sync with a strong rhythm on the drums, accompanied by the Guitar (Kartik) and the Saxophone (Madhav), so slickly that it can get even the uninitiated to be on their feet and do a jig. Maati Baani means the language of the soil with its permeating fragrance. The band presents a mix of Indian classical, semi-classical and folk music with poetry and indigenous life philosophy integral to it. It takes Maati Baani songs across the world seeking to explore outcomes when placed within the lifestyle and culture of a different land with collaborating inputs from the music of the land that Nirali and Kartik selected through the internet. The compositions thus created, in which folk musicians of India as well participate, are performed at public places… Samraga: A Midsummer Night’s Dream in winter

The two-day classical music concert in Ahmedabad brings together the aspiring and the seasoned artists for an open-air winter gala. Ahmedabad is known for its culture of Indian classical music. As winter has set in, “Amdavadis”, too, have geared up for its classical concerts lined up for this season. On December 8, 2018, Samraga, a… Jasrangi Jugalbandi: A wondrous show of musical acumen

  Listen to an innovative experiment in the Hindustani classical vocal performance tradition. A duet between a male and female that weaves through not one but two raags, creating varying levels of auditory pleasure. Jugalbandis, duets, have a long history in the tradition of Hindustani classical music. There are various combinations — vocal and instrumental,…

  • Foreign Body speaks of a rape victim’s inerasable sense of ignominy

    The panel discussion that followed Imogen Butler-Cole’s gripping solo performance Foreign Body at Natarani last Saturday like most such discussions veered round predictable inputs on the subject. That it is the power they enjoy in society in all its spheres that drive men to sexually harass women and rape them and in most cases fear has the victims remain silent about what they are subjected to was the major one. Not that this is not true, but the performance could have prompted a focus on the shattering impact on the very core of the victim’s existence and the performance style of highlighting it. Never ever making an eye contact with the viewers the actor remains centre stage constantly with a chair that signifies something more than its normal function –…


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Yatra Archives નવા વર્ષે – તને / nava varshe tane

નૂતન વર્ષાભિનંદન કે HAPPY NEW YEAR, સાલ મુબારક આમ તો આ બહાને કહેવું છે; તમને મારું વ્હાલ મુબારક   હાથ મિલાવું હૈયે ચાંપુ કે ચૂમી લઉં! વિચાર આવે – મૌકા ભી, દસ્તુર ભી હૈ યે, રસ્મે દુનિયા રિવાજ ભી હૈ હોઠ ભરી એક ચુંબન કરીને, કરી… Your Daily Dose of Art: Instagram Accounts you must follow right now

Banksy Banksyis a revolution or should we call him a phenomenon? One of the leading front men of his generation, he has transformed what it means to work in the Public domain.Banksy’sartistic practice is characterized by the perceptive use of… Education of a rare kind : Team CY at the commencement ceremony of Gurukulam, Ahmedabad

An educational institution that rises above schooling(as we know it today), competition and degrees, Gurukulam follows the ancient Jaina education system of India where knowledge, understanding habits, sensitivity and logic is still considered superior. The Gurukulas are Indian schools that still… 7 Indian Musical Instruments that are on the verge of oblivion

“Hurrian Hymn No.6” is the oldest known written music piece, discovered so far. This origin of this piece dates back to 3400 years back in Bronze Age. It was engraved by Syrians on a clay slab. Even the origins of…