Reviews The Rakt Kalyan theme has relevance today

Abhivyakti in its second edition this year, alongside giving space, both in the literal and figurative sense, to upcoming local talent, invited Rakt Kalyan, Girish Karnad’s famous Kannada play Tale Danda (1989), also translated by him into English as Death by Beheading. Rakt Kalyan, in Ram Gopal Bajaj’s translation, is directed by Sunil Shanbag with students of Drama School Mumbai as actors. It was very appreciatively greeted by nearly a full house, which included a few theatre persons and spectators not necessarily spotted at local theatre events, at the renovated Dinesh Hall on 5th May. The viewers had an opportunity here to understand theatre as something more than popular entertainment. This play gets viewers to see an important caste-related social issue in historical and cultural perspectives. Basavanna, the central character in the play is an important historical person (1105-1168) in the Bhakti movement of our cultural history with an honourable place in the galaxy of saint poets like Kabir, Nanak and Namdev, all belonging to the ‘lowest’ class in the social hierarchy, who with a low profile challenged orthodoxy and attempted radical reforms. Basavana, a towering figure among poets, philosophers and mystics of his time, is a minister in the… Confluence : a meeting of Indian classical dance & music

A trained vocal artist, CY contributor Meera Desai shares her experience as she goes on a musical journey with ‘Confluence’.  The brainchild of tabla player Sapan Anjaria, ‘Confluence’ put together a meeting of kathak, Hindustani classical and Carnatic classical music. Accompanying him were Aniket Khandekar (vocals), Anuj Anjaria (santoor), Rakesh Wani (dholak), Dinesh Kumar (mridangam)… A show ends and a show begins: The Lucky 13 and Vaishali Panchal

While this continuity for the shows is a given in Ahmedabad, what is remarkable to record alongside is that the haunting memories and love for the alma mater and batch-mates can be the driver for not only reunions full of fun-frolic and masti, but it can also be the cause of constructive tributes and projects…

  • These delicate miniature birds made in paper are calling out to save wildlife

    The artist duo Nayan Shrimali and Vaishali Chudasama made 365 miniature birds over more than a year. They present 120 of them from the Mini Nature Project at Amdavad ni Gufa, till May 26.   A GiNiPi Art presentation the Mini Nature Project started at the Amdavad ni Gufa on Wednesday, May 22. It is not only an art show with a difference but a tribute and clarion call to save the birds and the animal kingdom on Earth, some of which have gone and some of which are now on the verge of extinction! The opening of the show, which was based on miniature bird paintings – nay, cute little paper cut-outs in colour – painstakingly created by papercut artists Nayan Shrimali and Vaishali Chudasama, coincided with International Biodiversity Day on…


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