Reviews Post-Age : 187 Artists Send a Postcard from the Past

Like a postcard from the past, ‘Post-Age’ stirs up old memories and urges the viewer to engage with the art on display. For this charity exhibition, 187 artists from across India and Ahmedabad have made paintings on postcards. The show’s sales will go towards revitalisation of the fabled Artists’ Centre in Mumbai, which is often remembered as the ‘nursery’ of the Progressive Artists’ Group. Touching a postcard on my fingertips, I was transported into the realm of imagination and nostalgia on entering the exhibition Post-Age. I recalled my mother telling me how exhilarated she felt on receiving postcards from my father, in their early days of marriage. The postcard played an essential role in revolutionising global communication back in those days. But in the digital age, the postcard serves primarily as a remnant, connecting people to emotional memories of the past. But at the Post-Age group exhibition, postcards have been used as canvases for creating visual art, for reminiscing on how human connection may have been lost in the midst of our digital communication processes. This brilliant idea to use postcards in the show came to Nilesh Kinkale, the secretary of Artists’ Centre and Joint Secretary at Bombay Art Society, a year ago. The… The Arctic Monkeys’ ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’ Is a Mixture of All Their Previous Albums

Did the Arctic Monkeys nail it with their 6th album, or not? You may be disappointed, but you will still love the Arctic Monkeys. Here’s a review of the English rock band Arctic Monkeys’ latest album, with its best and worst songs highlighted. From experimenting with teenage post-punk to Johnny Cash vibes, the English rock… A Display of Compelling Works by Graduates of MSU at Gallery Ark in Vadodara

12 recent alumni of MS University broach themes of decay and destruction, beauty and life, at the group exhibition ‘Embark’. Know what’s so unique about these works that are on display at the Gallery Ark, Vadodara, till May 10. The process of learning at an art school is somewhat akin to the concept of handwriting…

  • See Six Decades of Padma Shri Manu Parekh’s Art, in This Mammoth Retrospective in Ahmedabad

    One of this decade’s most awe-inspiring exhibitions comes alive at the majestic KL museum of Ahmedabad, after travelling to Mumbai and Delhi. Experience Parekh’s rendition of ‘Last Supper’, his surreal depictions of Varanasi, his stirring critique of the Bhagalpur Blindings and more, at the KL Museum now! ‘Manu Parekh – 60 Years of Selected Works’ is an extensive and stirring retrospective. Last Supper painting by Manu Parekh at the Retrospective On a particular sun-drenched day of April this year, Padma Shri Manu Parekh was busy hosting his retrospective at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Mumbai, when he had a longing to bring his collection to Ahmedabad, the city where he was born. As luck would have it, art connoisseur Jayshree Lalbhai happened to meet him. When Parekh explained…

  • Dramatic art at its peak in Atmakatha at the Theatre Olympics

    The final day’s performance of Mahesh Elkunchwar’s Atmakatha, directed by Vinay Sharma, proved an unplanned celebratory finale of the 15-day Theatre Olympics (Ahmedabad). Dramatic art ascended its peak in Kolkata-based Padatik’s production. The overflowing theatre-lovers at the Tagore Hall appreciated even the inbuilt rich silences, a couple of times one or two minutes long, trying to…


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