Reviews ‘Metamorphosis’: Bharati Shah brings some ‘Cubist’ fare

L to R: Bharati Shah, Samir Shah and Naresh Gulati Bharati Shah of Ahmedabad is a self-taught artist who has been prolific not only in creating her luminous works but also so in showing them all over the places in home turf and abroad. One who delves more in abstraction as her forte and has interestingly been using cubism as her main technique and style, Bharati started her latest show titled “Metamorphosis” at The Gallery in the Amadvad ni Gufa campus on Tuesday, December 15. With a couple of shows having already happened at this Gallery over the last weeks or so, the place is coming back to its usual rhythm although Archer Art Gallery and 079 Stories have led the comeback with their shows since August and October respectively after relaxations started trickling in to make things emerge like a new normal, or as some prefer to call it a ‘Para normal’!   Bharati has been on the art scene for more than two decades; precisely since 1998 when she put up her first solo show in Mumbai. Her first in Ahmedabad came in 2008 at Gufa and she hasn’t looked back ever after; bringing out her works either… Ajay Choudhary at Hutheesing Centre: Melancholy Moods of the Abstract Art

Artist Ajay Choudhary at the show. Source: Hutheesing Centre While the major Art Galleries of the city have been rebooting themselves to resume activities and mount shows even if without formal inaugurals to avoid congregations, the Hutheesing Centre made a departure on Sunday December 13 when it came forward to host a live painting session… Finding aesthetics and beauty in times of chaos

Can chaos really be beautiful? That’s the question you start with when you receive the invite for this art exhibition titled The Beautiful Chaos that attempts to bring back some ‘normalcy’ in the midst of the pandemic which refuses to go away. Actually far from it, it is staying with a recurrent force or at…

  • Nathdwara Paintings right in your hands

    Toso preet tod, Krishna, kaun sang jodu-n – If I break the thread of love with you, Krishna, who else would I bond with! Meera’s gopi-bhav of complete surrender to Krishna is seen in all his devotees – ordinary ones, singers, poets, dancers and artists – irrespective of gender. He permeates the universe like irresistible fragrance for them. He is that aananda tattva, which if perceived, sought and attained, they find life fulfilled. Among such artists are the creators of Nathdwara Paintings of Shrinathji, who is worshipped in the Pushtimarg of the Vaishnav sect of Hinduism. The paintings, on pichhvais hung on the walls of Shrinathji Temple (also known as Haveli), occasionally bought by connoisseurs, and in the paintings noticed behind the deity as the backdrop, are the outcome of…

  • A new Monthly Magazine is born!

    Reader’s Trail is the new monthly that hit the stands and the digital space earlier this month. The first issue of the publication for July 2020 is out with some refreshing content! Published by Leading Trails Pvt Ltd, a publishing house based in Ghaziabad and edited by young and bright writer and Chief Editor Mansi…


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