Reviews Muzaffar Ali : Man of Many Parts Shows Another Side at 079 Stories

Muzaffar Ali wears a number of hats even as we instantly peg his identity more with films and music festivals. His magnum opus Umrao Jan alone is enough to validate the reputation that comes with his work as a filmmaker though he also made some other feature films later, while also diversifying into documentaries and shorts to promote artisans and crafts of his native Kotwara over the years. The films actually came as an extension, one may say, to his career that started in the advertising world at Calcutta, although interestingly, it took poet Subhash Mukhopadhyay to draw his attention to the potential of the film medium for influence while telling a story with effect and tutelage with Ray to actually go further. Music Festivals like Jahan-e-Khusru in Delhi and Wajid Ali Shah Festival in Lucknow instituted by Ali, the music-lover, have shown not only his broader prowess to conceptualize and organize but also served the twin objectives of promoting Sufism for ‘openness in world relations’ and tourism for the host states of India. He is also known as a couturier, a pursuit that he practiced with collaborative lead taken by his architect wife Meera. It was on the path… Installations Galore as Abhivyakti Juggernaut Moves On

The Abhivyakti Visual Arts segment was seen to be having its fair share of keen visitors and interested onlookers as the Fest entered its second Day at the Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat (KCG) campus. We went around too through the varied and quality repertoire on show and spotted four more installations The Fleeting Winds by… Installations Galore at Abhivyakti Edition 3

Abhivyakti Edition 3 has commenced on Friday evening with a play, a musical and a large number of visual art installations but without any hullabaloo. A modest and elegant start sans any fanfare of VIPs where people walked in coolly, in good numbers and the curators of all the segments were introduced and it shot…

  • Krishna The Infinite by Aura: A Show that is sure to Create Spiritual Bliss!

    Krishna the Eternal has undoubtedly found more expression in arts, music and literature than His other two incarnations in Lord Vishnu and Lord Rama in the Vaishnav pantheon of Hinduism. While Bhakti kavya in Hindi and vernacular literature is a genre by itself and early poets like Jaidev and medieval poets like Surdas are known for the branch called Krishna kavya – devotional poetry about Krishna – dance forms from Manipuri to Kathakali and others also dwell on Krishna Leelas and anecdotes from His chequered life in their wide repertoire of rasas. Krishna’s shringarik, philosophical, spiritual and political influences (lalit gopal, yogi-dharmahtma and veer-rajnayik) are great and unparalleled in as much as Srimad Bhagwat Geeta a treatise attributed to Him has a world view that is truly transcendental of the…

  • Yet Another Art Space Comes Up, this time under PPP

    The Saturday evening brought forth a very happy development not only for the art fraternity and art connoisseurs of the city, but also for the citizenry in general, more especially of the Satellite Area by adding another option for recreation! It was through an opportunity for honing their aesthetics and art sensibilities every day of…


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