Reviews Mother-Child Teams from Ahmedabad Paint Together on Canvases to Celebrate Their Relationship

Look at how art can connect generations in families, as 22 duos(or teams!) of Amdavadi mothers with their children paint together on canvas. Witness their tenderness and affection in the form of colours. Mother & Child Group photographs of Participants, Organizers and Guest of the Evening on the Inauguration Day. In JK Rowling’s popular tale, when Harry Potter’s mother cast herself between her son and the dark lord, his curse rebounded. The mother’s love kept her child safe through this ‘old magic’. Emotions of such love, protection, tenderness and motherhood flowed in the air of Amdavad ni Gufa at the Mother & Child group exhibition, for which 22 mother-child teams of Ahmedabad came together to collaboratively paint on triptychs. With charity as its purpose, every rupee incurred from the sale of the paintings in the show will be donated to Agantuk Foundation, Kolkata, which will benefit child development and senior citizens’ welfare services. The endearing art concept behind this exhibition was realised with the support of Art Tune and Agantuk Foundation. Curator Giriraj Kadia came up with an idea to give three triangular canvases to each participating duo (in some cases team of 3) of mother and child and to ask… Ahmedabad’s Art Lovers Gathered by the Hundreds at This Event to Interact over Art

The Culture Club attracted a footfall of nearly a thousand people at Hutheesing Visual Art Centre last Sunday. Veteran artist Vrindavan Solanki gave a live art demo of his famous rural figures, while artists and art-lovers interacted freely with connoisseurs over an exhibition of 100+ works. In the 1990s, legendary artists like Piraji Sagara and MF Hussain would often be seen gracing various corners… Dance Drama Mohan-thi Mohan Sudhi attempts an intellectual appeal

In his right hand, Krishna held the Sundarshan Chakra. As much a symbol of continuity and auspiciousness, it was a weapon with lethal powers. Krishna did use it against Shishupal. Gandhi moved with his right hand the chakra of his Charkha (Spinning Wheel). With the cotton thread it spun, it had the power to provide…

  • These Two Artists Show Why Print-Making Is as Meticulous an Art Form as Any Other

    Flawless drawings, woodcuts, and etching works by emerging artists Gopal Parmar and Bharat Dodiya at the ‘Impressive Impressions’ two-man show break the myth of prints being a marginalised form of art. This unique celebration of World Environment Day will continue at Amdavad Ni Gufa until June 10. Spectators glancing at artworks by Gopal Parmar The art of ‘prints’ is highly misunderstood. Many laymen believe that absolute aesthetic value should only be given to paintings, drawings, sculptures and art forms that have been directly created by an artist.‘Impressions’ (prints) are often misunderstood as being reproductions of original art. But the latest art show at Herwitz Art Gallery at Amdavad ni Gufa, called Impressive Impressions, wants to bust this myth. The processes involved in carving shapes onto wooden blocks and sheets or scratching metal sheets…


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Yatra Archives 159 year old library in Ahmedabad

Lal Darwaja, the biggest hub for hawkers and patrons, where people flock as if everything is been sold free of cost. It can also be named as the commercial capital of Ahmedabad because it was historically one of the first… Fernandes Bridge : a unique book market of Ahmedabad !

Fernandes Bridge, the street is connecting readers with writers, students with publishers and curios beings with answers since decades. The Chopda Bazaar of Fernandes Bridge is one of the oldest Book Market in Ahmedabad Gujarat that serves thousands of people flocking… One of the oldest library of Ahmedabad – A discovery

The oldest library of Ahmedabad, Hazrat Pir Mohammad Shah Library, is blessed with quietness of the mosque that surrounds it. Ahmedabad has internationally carved its identity on the globe through the numerous mosques dotted across the city. The air confined… Glimpses of magic theatre is capable of in Raashi Man

The nip in the air for a change was low and expectations were relatively high on the ground open to the sky at the young theatre writer-director Chintan Pandya’s residence for ‘a unique experience’ in the ‘environmental theatre’ format he…