Reviews Swiss Industrialist Andreas Hitzig's Meticulous Eye for Landscapes and Cityscapes

Hitzig’s first solo photography exhibition packs in vivid representations of the serene European Alps right adjacent to the jam-packed streets of India and the amazing wildlife of Asia, all under a single roof at Satya Art Gallery. European photographers have always been meticulous when it comes to compositions, be it the Brit David Ward and his stirring landscape photographs, or the SwedeHans Strand and his abstract captures of elements in nature. The geometrical scale and conceptualisation in their works are predetermined, with a keen eye for details. And Swiss photographer Andreas Hitzig’s Window Seat exhibition at Satya Art Gallery is also testament, in its own way, to this uniquely European eye for details. Inaugurated in the evening hours on February 16, 2018, the exhibition showcases 60 photographs, ranging from shots of the serene Swiss Alps to 27 photos of the bustling life in India. While monochromatic pictures in many photography exhibitions may create a most dramatic effect, after looking at Hitzig’scolourful works, I gained the distinct feeling that emotions resides in colourful shots like these. When you see his photograph of the Taj Mahal blanketed by azure skies, or of Hanuman langurs staring straight into the lens, you get this distinct impression… Life at the Circus: The Extraordinary Depiction Through Vivek Desai's Vivid Lens

Desai’s photographs perceptively captures the Indian circus and gives the observer an unrestricted view of the life & people there, at his solo exhibition ‘Circus & Me’ at Satya Art Gallery, Ahmedabad.   Since decades, the inquisitive Vivek Desai has been photographing the travelling entertainment scene of India. He’s been following the world of the circus, of street… Kadak Badshahi 2.0 captures the magic of the character of our city

In the realm of art, picking up threads from your earlier performance, it is possible to outperform yourself and marvel at the exceptionally significant fresh outcome. Darpana Academy’s Kadak Badshahi seven years ago was certainly an outstanding multidimensional multimedia production holding spectacle and communication in balance, perhaps the former slightly getting the better of the…

  • Sunil Shanbag’s Play is a Timely Celebration of Dissent

    Last night, the city of Ahmedabad saw ‘Words Have Been Uttered’, a breath-taking celebration of the human ability to ask questions and raise voices to the truth. Galileo is ecstatic in the wake of his discovery of the planetary system. Sagredo, a reluctant admirer, warns him that proving the existence of this system will essentially show the world that the Earth isn’t the centre of the Universe, and that God isn’t at its centre either. This scene from Bertolt Brecht’s Life of Galileo initiates Sunil Shanbag’s play, setting its tone as a tribute of sorts to those who, like Galileo, want to understand and fail to bend. Sunil Shanbag is a veteran when it comes to the theatre of dissent, having directed critically acclaimed plays like Ramu Ramnathan’s Cotton 56,…


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Yatra Archives His Pictures Tell Your Story : a Heart to Heart talk with photographer Vivek Desai

If photographers today wish to cover an age-old festival popular in a remote village, all they need to do is google for details. Date, place, time, schedule, it’s all listed on the well-designed website. Camera bag and lens in order,… 37th Saptak Annual Music Festival peaks during the weekend!

Day 7 ends with audience saying ‘Wah Ustad’ The seventh day of the music festival featured three concerts namely a violin recital by Vidushi Kala Ramanathan, Gundecha brothers presented drupad music and a Santoor recital by Shri. Rahul Sharma accompanied by… Sleep Comes Like A Drug : Fab Fables #5

It was July. This time, the monsoon was heavy and the moisture-laden air had dampened everything. But for the streak of yellow light originating from the street lamp, the room was dark.   He got up again with his toe… પ્રાર્થના / prayer (અસત્યો માંહેથી પ્રભુ! પરમ સત્યે તું લઈ જા)

Prayer by Nahnalal અસત્યો માંહેથી પ્રભુ! પરમ સત્યે તું લ‍ઈ જા, ઊંડા અંધારેથી, પ્રભુ! પરમ તેજે તું લઈ જા; મહામૃત્યુમાંથી, અમૃત સમીપે નાથ લ‍ઈ જા. તું-હીણો હું છું તો, તુજ દરસનાં દાન દ‍ઈ જા. પિતા! પેલો આઘે, જગત વીંટાતો સાગર…