Exploring the Portrayal of an Everyday Woman in ‘Soni’ (2019)

Earlier this year, Soni was released as a Netflix original depicting the lives of two policewomen against the social crises that women face every day. While many films in the recent past have deflected from portraying realism, Soni shows us things exactly as they are, creating a quiet corner for itself in Hindi cinema industry. Here’s…

Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello—Artists or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters?

Did you ever wonder where the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ characters got their names from? Well, your search is complete. Here is a brief introduction of the artists from whom the creators of TMNT took inspiration. Teenage mutant ninja turtles, Teenage mutant ninja turtles, Teenage mutant ninja turtles, Heroes in a half-shell, TURTLE POWER!!! Cowabunga,…’s-‘Aandhi’-Cover.jpg Rediscovering Gulzar’s ‘Aandhi’ through Saba Mahmood Bashir’s Book

Gulzar Saab is a name familiar in cinema for bringing revived lyricism through his poetry in filmmaking. Earlier this year, as a project to return to the oeuvre of Gulzar the filmmaker, HarperCollins released three books that looked back at three of his films from the late 70s and 80s. These were Aandhi, Angoor and Ijaazat.… The Fantastic World of Fantasy

Whenever anyone says ‘book,’ different thoughts spring to the minds of different people. If you say ‘book’ to an Agatha Christie fan, he’d think mystery, suspense, thriller, and so on. If you say ‘book’ to a romance fan, he’d think… Banksy: Unravelling the story of the mystery man

The man, the legend, the iconic artist. Banksy is a name that would raise every art enthusiast’s ears. So, let’s take a look at who he is and how he earned his fame. “Man is least himself when he talks… Smita Agarwal sings her poem to the rhythm of ‘Bhatiyali’

Smita Agarwal is a professor, poet and a trained singer from Allahabad, who not only writes poetry but also sings her poems to the tunes of folk music. At the 100 thousand poets for change in Mumbai, she sang her…

Events Pt. Atul Desai Classical Music Compitition

Pt. Atul Desai Foundation, Ahmedabad: North Indian Classical and light classical Music Competition Objective: To encourage youth participation in the field of Indian Classical Music. First prize: Rs: 10,000, 2nd prize: Rs. 7,000, 3rd prize: Rs. 4,000, for all categories Category 1: Vocal – Khayal Gayan, Dhrupad Gayan or Thumari Gayan Category 2: Classical Instrumental…

2020-02-01 10:00:00 2020-02-02 10:00:00 Asia/Kolkata Pt. Atul Desai Classical Music Compitition Pt. Atul Desai Classical Music Compitition

Saptak Archives Brij House, IInd Floor Opp. Old High Court Stadium Road, Ahmedabad, India 380014 Painting Exhibition – IRIDESCENT

Painting Exhibition – IRIDESCENT by Mayur Mitry  

2020-01-24 12:00:00 2020-01-26 12:00:00 Asia/Kolkata Painting Exhibition – IRIDESCENT Painting Exhibition – IRIDESCENT

Gujarat Rajya Lalitkala Academy,
Ground Floor Galary, Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan, Law Garden, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad. Earthquake Photography Exhibition

Earthquake Photography Exhibition by Rajesh Baraiya

2020-01-25 11:00:00 2020-01-26 11:00:00 Asia/Kolkata Earthquake Photography Exhibition Earthquake Photography Exhibition

Sanskar Kendra Art Gallery,
Near NID Riverfront, Paldi. Ahmedabad. HeARTshow 2020

Coffee with Creativity brings a very unique group show called “heART show 2020”, bringing together more than 50 artists from different creative fields… Be it an artist, an interior designer, a poet, a food stylist, a writer, a photographer, a sculptor and the list goes on… Starting from a 7 year kid to a senior…

2020-02-07 16:00:00 2020-02-09 16:00:00 Asia/Kolkata HeARTshow 2020 HeARTshow 2020

Hutheesing Art Gallery & Kanoria Center For Arts,
Opp. Gujarat University, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad.

Yatra Archives Why Netflix clicks with audiences and filmmakers alike

Streaming platforms like Netflix have enabled new cinema to emerge in exciting ways and these often turn out to be great alternatives to mainstream cinema. What makes this phenomenon possible? We explore. I’m 10 minutes into watching Nanette on Netflix… Heritage homes in Ahmedabad host Airbnb guests

Check out some highly rated heritage Airbnb properties in Ahmedabad that are more than a century old but don’t cost a fortune!  Enjoy the basic amenities of a hotel while you revel in the local cuisine, colour and hospitality. The… Shubigi Rao selected to curate the fifth edition of Kochi-Muziris Biennale in 2020

Let’s know Shubigi Rao, who has recently been selected as the curator for the 2020 Kochi Muziris Biennale, for her “exceptional acumen and inventive sensibilities” The format of the art biennale to showcase contemporary visual art, across the world is modeled on… The call of the mountains: orthopaedic Dr Yatin Desai’s advice on trekking

In this piece 64 year old Dr Yatin Desai, shares with CY his inspiring story of how to scale towering mountains with utmost ease and how this life adventure activity can shape human character and health. Chances are high that…