Will Gully Boy bring India’s underground hip-hop scene above ground?

Zoya Akhtar’s film Gully Boy is set to bring hip-hop to the forefront of the Indian music scene. What does this mean for the Indian hip-hop community? Considering that director Zoya Akhtar’s Gully Boy stars the most recognisable young actors of Indian cinema today – Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt – there’s no surprise that… 9 exciting courses you can pursue after high school that aren’t Engineering or Medicine

Confused about what to study after high school? Do your interests diverge from the usual track? This article compiles a list of exciting and innovative bachelors degree programmes. Indian parents once took pride when their children became government employees. Soon after, in the era of privatisation, young graduates became more excited about working for corporate companies.… You decide what happens in the story line of ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’, now on Netflix

Netflix changes the experience of film-watching forever with ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’. The ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ film allows you to select what happens next in the storyline. There are reportedly over a trillion permutations the storyline can take, with five… The best local dishes of Makar Sankranti from around India

Dreaming of enjoying delicacies during the kite-flying festival? Did you know that different parts of India have their own unique regional specialities? Find out what the best of these are. January 14th is celebrated across various parts of India as… After a sold-out art show, 10th grader Muskaan Shah is now launching her first novel

Last year, this 15-year-old’s artworks sold out on the first day of her first show. The young talent is now back to launch her first novel ‘Home in the Hill’. The work of fiction, inspired by the books of Roald…

Events Mini Nature Project an Exhibition by Nayan & Vaishali

You are cordially invited to Mini Nature Project and exhibition by Nayan & Vaishali on 22nd May, 2019 l 5:30pm Inauguration by: Mr.Ajay Mehta Presented by: GiNiPi ART Supported by: ART TUNE Source: Facebook.

2019-05-22 16:00:00 2019-05-26 16:00:00 Asia/Kolkata Mini Nature Project an Exhibition by Nayan & Vaishali Mini Nature Project an Exhibition by Nayan & Vaishali

Amdavad ni Gufa, CEPT Campus, Ahmedabad, India 380009 142મી અમદાવાદ રથયાત્રા (Rathyatra) 2019

જય રણછોડ, માખણચોર….! અમદાવાદનાં આ અદભુત ઉત્સવમાં તમારું સ્વાગત છે. અષાઢી બીજનાં પાવન દીવસે પ્રભુ શ્રી જગન્નાથ બલરામ અને શુભદ્રા સાથે નગરની મુલાકાતે નીકળશે. આ મહોત્સવમા શામીલ થાવ.આ ઇવેન્ટને વધુમાં વધુ શેયર કરો અને દરેક ભક્તજનો સુધી પહોચાડો. અમે દરેક ભક્તજનોને આ ઉત્સવમાં જોડાવા માટે આવકારીએ છે. દરેક ભક્તજનોને આ ઇવેન્ટને વધુમાં વધુ શેર કરવા…

2019-06-04 04:00:00 2019-06-05 04:00:00 Asia/Kolkata 142મી અમદાવાદ રથયાત્રા (Rathyatra) 2019 142મી અમદાવાદ રથયાત્રા (Rathyatra) 2019

Jagannath Temple, Jamalpur Gate, Ahmedabad, India 380001

Yatra Archives Literature and Candy Floss : Gujarat Literature Festival as experienced by teen author Vishwesh Desai

My experience at GLF was a marvelous one. The very fact that such a well-organized event, at such a large scale, was being held at one of my favourite places in my hometown – the sophisticated yet welcoming Kanoria Arts… Your Daily Dose of Art: Instagram Accounts you must follow right now

Banksy Banksyis a revolution or should we call him a phenomenon? One of the leading front men of his generation, he has transformed what it means to work in the Public domain.Banksy’sartistic practice is characterized by the perceptive use of… This Travelling Exhibition on the ‘Death of Architecture’ Provokes You to Demand Better Cities and Places

13 architects from around India raise their voices in critique, mourn the dying city and reminisce about forgotten beauty in this first-of-its-kind exhibition.   When I heard that an exhibition called the ‘Death of Architecture’ was coming to Mumbai, I… 7 Indian Musical Instruments that are on the verge of oblivion

“Hurrian Hymn No.6” is the oldest known written music piece, discovered so far. This origin of this piece dates back to 3400 years back in Bronze Age. It was engraved by Syrians on a clay slab. Even the origins of…