Journey to the centre of the earth in this giant globe in Boston called Mapparium

Imagine what it would be like to experience the world from within it. This stained glass globe made in 1935 takes you back in time to a world marred by World Wars, in a journey from within it. Find out about the Mapparium at the Mary Baker Eddy Library, Boston. We all know the world’s flat.… Ratilal Kansodaria : He sculpts reality to turn them into fantasy.

Starting from a village and reaching to prominent art destinations, sculptor Ratilal Kansodaria’s life is an inspiring journey of ambition and hard-work. Free from any inhibition his sculptures walk on the thin line that divides reality and fantasy. While he is showcasing his latest work in bronze at Mumbai’s Jehangir Art Gallery, we dive into… Saptak Archives: Immerse in the eternity of Indian Classical Music

In the city of Ahmedabad lies a time capsule of Indian classical music. Saptak Archives has a collection of recordings of the greatest artists over the generations, gathered from concerts and personal collections. Read about this treasure trove of music… This library in Boston is a hybrid between a cathedral, art museum and civic building

Find out what makes the architecture of the first free library in the United States stand out. Take a visual tour of this eclectic collage of art, architecture, religion and literature at the Boston Public Library. Boston Public Library, McKim Building As you… The basic must-knows of Indian Classical Music Part 1

Are you someone who doesn’t let Indian classical Music reach your heart, harboured misconceptions for ages? Music, in all its glory and forms, is never unappealing or unmoving. The Raag and Raginis are as enthralling as Rock and Roll, provided you take a free plunge and don’t…

Events Sandhya Saurabh

In Sandhya Saurabh: Lots of programs are coming on this event. Kasturba on 22nd Feb Hu Chandrakant Bakshi – Mohan no Masalo on 24th Feb Vachikam on 25th Feb Abhinay Surita on 26th Feb Vachikam on 27th Feb Vat Harday Nichovi ne on 28th Feb Samudra Manthan on 1st March 102 Not Out on 2nd…

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Pandit Dindayal Upadhyay Hall, Near Sindhu Bhavan Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad. Poetry Competition

Last Day of registration – 15th Feb.   For Registration – Kirti Shah – 94279 35615 G. M Pathan – 84870 64532.

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Experience Life By WNI Presents DoTheAbu Ride – 22nd, 23rd & 24th February 2019 After 4 Season of Breathtaking, Overwhelming & Rocking DoTheDiu Call To Register : 9825361982 Inclusions:- Abu Exploration Bike Journey with Support Unplugged Music Performance DJ Night Action Capture Riders Meet & Tale Sharing Awards Off Roading Goody Bag Stay For 2…

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Mount Abu Sahitya Sarita 2019

Sahitya Sarita is an annual literature festival organised by students of L D College of Engineering, Ahmedabad. The third season of Sahitya Sarita i.e. Sahitya Sarita 2019 is full of innovative competitions and interesting sessions. This year all the students of various technical and non-technical colleges will be able to participate in this festival and…

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Sahitya Sarita : A Literature Fest
L D College of Engineering, University Area, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, India 380009.

Yatra Archives Literature and Candy Floss : Gujarat Literature Festival as experienced by teen author Vishwesh Desai

My experience at GLF was a marvelous one. The very fact that such a well-organized event, at such a large scale, was being held at one of my favourite places in my hometown – the sophisticated yet welcoming Kanoria Arts… Your Daily Dose of Art: Instagram Accounts you must follow right now

Banksy Banksyis a revolution or should we call him a phenomenon? One of the leading front men of his generation, he has transformed what it means to work in the Public domain.Banksy’sartistic practice is characterized by the perceptive use of… This Travelling Exhibition on the ‘Death of Architecture’ Provokes You to Demand Better Cities and Places

13 architects from around India raise their voices in critique, mourn the dying city and reminisce about forgotten beauty in this first-of-its-kind exhibition.   When I heard that an exhibition called the ‘Death of Architecture’ was coming to Mumbai, I… 7 Indian Musical Instruments that are on the verge of oblivion

“Hurrian Hymn No.6” is the oldest known written music piece, discovered so far. This origin of this piece dates back to 3400 years back in Bronze Age. It was engraved by Syrians on a clay slab. Even the origins of…