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A new Monthly Magazine is born!

A new Monthly Magazine is born!

Reader’s Trail is the new monthly that hit the stands and the digital space earlier this month. The first issue of the publication for July 2020 is out with some refreshing content!

Published by Leading Trails Pvt Ltd, a publishing house based in Ghaziabad and edited by young and bright writer and Chief Editor Mansi Narula Kashyap, based in Hyderabad, we had the occasion to check out the digital version of the debut number of the magazine which will obviously appear in both formats, printed as well as the digital.

One look at the index and you get the first feel that the magazine looks trendy and crisp for its choice of content that mostly fits in the domains of technology, corporate world, work-culture, education, lifestyle issues of health, spirituality, culinary skills, travel, literature & poetry and thereby aims at the young readers.

digital version of the debut number of the magazine

A closer look further reveals the write-ups touch on the very topical subjects staring us in the face: which are about how the pandemic has taken its toll on the economy, working patterns, employment, alteration of regular public life and peoples’ conduct. Two lead articles by R K Mohpatra, a GM of IRCON and a certain Krishna Kant Upadhyay with reputable credentials in the digital world, on how to put the economy back on track and how best to work from home efficiently, productively and yet without being detracted or detracting your family, make a fair sense of the subject they handle! A lot is already appearing in the media about concerns for economy and GDP and yet the write up by Mohpatra gives a concise view for young readers.

Quite in the spirit of the time, the magazine has carried a write up about entrepreneurs like Ankur Gupta of KOSMC who did their bit to continue operations and employment in spite of the adversity.

At a time when people are still home bound for long spells, there is advice by a fitness expert Vrishti Bagrodia which is again a matter of topical interest, while another write up takes a look on how as individual householders steeped so deep in the worldly pursuits we can still practice detachment – something that we call “the state of sthitpragya and aprigraha” in Hindu and Hindic spiritual philosophy!

The travel section just brings an enchanting photo – and not a write up proper – of Engelberg in Switzerland, perhaps in keeping with the present embargo on tourism and yet it adds to your wish-list for future if you haven’t already traveled that part.

While the Editor has herself added interesting recommendations for reading in the literature section, what a book review proper recommends is a kind of ‘sequel’ to Alice in Wonderland! This is the book Ever Alice by H J Ramsay and another titled Lies, Spies and Red Tape by Amit Bagaria. And there is poetry thrown in too by young authors like Anushree Painuly!

Editor Mansi Narula Kashyap has been around in the publishing space helping upcoming writers edit and publish their books and has the novella Erika to her own credit!

To get a feel of all the crisp content of the magazine spritely designed, printed and managed by Harsh Rawat as it Managing Editor go check out the Reader’s Trail on a news-stand near you or subscribe to the digital edition at for a price of Rs.35/- ! We truly wish critical acclaim and commercial success to this new venture which will probably not have fierce competition in its monthly segment and for its compact, concise and very readable size of just about 30-40 pages. As we file this, the news has filtered in that the Special Independence day Number for August is just out, too!

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