The Art from Camp: Dehgam Residency Students' Exhibition at Amdavad Ni Gufa


Sixteen students who recently attended the Dehgam Artist Residency Program showcased their paintings and sculptures exhibition at Amdavad Ni Gufa between May 30, 2017, to June 4, 2017. The art show comprised 41 artworks, including 25 detailed acrylic paintings and 16 wooden sculptures, which were made theme neutral.

The exhibition displays work of the students who participated in March 2017 batch, which was conducted from March 19, 2017, to March 29, 2017, at Dehgam, Gujarat. The artist selection was age neutral and consisted both prodigies as well as experienced ones. Senior artists  like Mahendra Kadia and Vrindavan Solanki mentored the Residency. The Artist Residency is organised by Ravindra Mardia from International Creative Art Centre; a Mumbai-based art curatorship organisation meant to uplift artists and aesthetics across the globe.


The paintings were detailed and the subjects portrayed were able to produce a visible idea within its formation. From monochrome to colourful vivacity – the variety in aesthetics gave an essence of freshness in each look. Since the artists were coming from different art institutions, backgrounds and cities everyone carried a different element based on their experiences. Under a single roof, one could absorb the skirling chaos of Varanasi Ganga Ghat and the tranquillity of Himalayas. The sculptures were designed using wood as their base medium, and since the material was from an alive format, the artists have intended to carve living subjects through it.


The exhibition helps in gaining multiple perspectives from a single artwork and is definitely considered under the CY recommendation list.

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