Curated by Georgina Maddox, “Know… not this” at 079 Stories contemplates life and its paradoxes

Curated by Georgina Maddox, ‘Know…Not this’ is the new show at 079 is a thought-provoking display by two versatile and diverse artists. Whereas Khanjan Dalal explores the folly behind heroism and the fragility of our communication, Radhika Hamlai takes us on a journey of exploring inter-personal relationships and human complexities.

“Know… not this”exhibition at Amdavad ni Gufa

One expression that this exhibition will leave you with is ‘enchantment’. Nestled amidst the amazing backdrop of 079 Stories’ gallery, the artworks of Radhika Hamlai and Khanjan Dalal come to life.

Inaugurated on October 12th, “Know… Not This” is an exhibition of artistic expression which introspects what being human means. The artworks are carefully curated by Georgina Maddox, an art writer and curator.

The curator, Georgina Maddox alongside the curator’s note
The curator, Georgina Maddox alongside the curator’s note

Radhika Hamlai is an Oman-based artist who incorporates various styles in her works which explore the complexity of human psyche. Introspecting on questions like “Who are we?” and “Where do we belong?”, the artist has put up 21 works, which as pointed out in the curator’s note, ‘delve into interpersonal relationships that were born from her social interactions with people and their intimacies’

Her unique style, inspired by symbolism, is accentuated with the skillful use of acrylic, charcoal, pastels and oil on handmade Japanese paper. The paintings seem as jumbled and complicated, a depiction of the chaos and compartmentalisation that characterises human mind. At the same time, the composition is such, that lends a visible balance to each work.

Radhika Hamlai
Radhika Hamlai standing alongside her painting. Painting made with Acrylic, Charcoal, Pastel & Ink on paper

On the other end are ceramic works of Khanjan Dalal, a collection of magnificent sculptures that depict the folly behind heroism, blind machismo and the miseries brought by the strife for glory. He chooses to communicate these ideas through a centuries-old Japanese fable called Chushingura.

You might remember 47 Ronin, the famous Keanu Reeves movie. Well, Chushingura was the story that influenced the movie too. This fable is the story of the 47 Ronin (samurais), led by Oishi Kuranoske, who beheaded Lord Kira Kōzuke-no-Suke to avenge the death of their master, Lord Asano Takumino-Kami Naganori. After accomplishing their task, the 47 samurais proudly took their own lives by seppuku (an honourable and ritual suicide).

Treasury of Loyal Thoughts. 47 sculptures made from Anagama fired ceramic and wood
Treasury of Loyal Thoughts. 47 sculptures made from Anagama fired ceramic and wood

Samurais are forged with a will of honour and dedication to protect it at any cost, even if it requires taking their own lives. Khanjan Dalal has created 47 sculptures to represent the samurais. These are made of ceramic and wood, forged by Anagama fire and individually sculpted, which gives the material an amazing shine and organic feel. Each piece is instinctively made, and does not represent any set form, on the whole it makes a comment on the futility of revenge. The collection is beautifully displayed on in a darm ambience room. The artist has also used sound in background to enhance the viewers sensory experience.

Khanjan Dalal
Khanjan Dalal

Khanjan also talks about the fragility of our conversations. In his 13-piece display called Home Bound, he has put up wall-mounted sculptures made from electric fired ceramic that are shaped as speech bubbles. Alongside the display, the curator’s note said:

“The work references our hyper-connected world, and the cacophony of the fibre-optical universe, which often leads to a glut of information. Even when every conversation remains forever recorded in cyberspace, the proliferation of these conversations often renders them blank or void.”

Home Bound. 13 wall mounted sculptures made from electric fired ceramic
Home Bound. 13 wall-mounted sculptures made from electric fired ceramic

It is a wonderful show, that nicely combines two diverse strains of artistic thought process. 079 Stories is consistently putting up art shows to add new tastes to the art palette of the heritage city. The exhibition is on display till November 2, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. So, make sure you visit 079 Stories and witness the beautiful expressions of the two artists.

Photographs : Rajkumar Rao

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