ReDi Digital Dialogue 2018 Will Explore the Power of Social Media in Ahmedabad

To mark World Social Media Day on June 30, an array of workshops and discussions have been organised on digital trends, content creation and the impact of social media on politics and mental health. Top social media experts from Twitter, UNICEF and GoDaddy will be attending the event.


Celebrate World Social Media Day this June 30 at the third edition of the conclave ReDi Digital Dialogue 2018. The social media event is organised by team Responsibly Digital (ReDi), a collaboration between communication and PR giants like Communicate Karo, Simulations Public Relations and TejSolPro. An array of seminars, workshops, talks and sessions on the topic of digital trends and the impact of social media on politics and mental health, are set to take place this coming Saturday. The gathering aims to increase digital literacy and spread the word about cyber-safety, especially amongst students and youth.

Structured under the mentorship of social media strategist Kumar Manish, public relation veteran Shailesh Goyal and marketing expert Jaydip Parikh, ReDi Digital Dialogue 2018 will witness a gathering of social media influencers, communication professionals, educators, journalists, bloggers, politicians and digital media enthusiasts from all across India. Like in previous years, this episode of ReDi will also promote brands and individuals from across various digital domains, bringing them together to communicate, collaborate and network with each other throughout the day-long event.


The schedule for the day has been uploaded on the ReDi Socials website and entry tickets can be purchased for Rs 999 here. The tickets give participants access to all workshops, discussions, keynote talks and meals. The subjects of the workshops touch upon how to create audio/video content, how to tweet right, how to create an original online identity and how to manage a GoDaddy website. The seminars will witness delegates from reputed institutions such as MICA, UNICEF India and Twitter India, from media groups like Creative Yatra, The Hindu, eChai and UdaipurBlog, and from other organisations like Lawtoons, Safecity and TweeSurfing.

The keynote talk will be delivered by Mahima Kaul, Head of Public Policy at Twitter India on the topic of Twitter for Transformation and Governance. Also on the line up is a talk on Political Marketing: Engaging voters through digital media: A case study on use of social media by Government of Chhattisgarh. The session will be chaired by Harpreet Dhody, Digital Media and Public Policy Communication Advisor to Government of Chhattisgarh.

Digital Strategy is increasingly gaining significance across brand segments. It is poised to be a big employer across boards. Since the past few years, many marketing and IT graduates have shifted to the domain of digital marketing. We have already witnessed the role digital strategy can play in large-scale events like elections and film campaigns. In light of this, Redi Digital Dialogue is an important event for bringing to the fore trends related to New Media. In its previous editions, the event has seen the presence of various stakeholders from the fraternity, from brands and influencers to enthusiasts.

The full-day event will start at 10:00 AM and continue till 07:00 PM at Hotel Crowne Plaza, Ahmedabad.

Stay tuned to #CYatRedi for regular updates on the happenings. is a workshop partner for the event.

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