Exciting line up of diverse art exhibitions at 079 stories

079 stories is living upto the massive expectations it generated; 3 solo shows lined up over next 3 months include UK based artist Nanda Khiara, award-winning artist Vipul Prajapati and sculptor Vyom Mehta.


079 Stories, the newest addition to the arts scene of the city, has given two successful art shows since it opened in October last year. It opened with a promise to give Ahmedabad a refreshing perspective on arts and creativity. Merging an informal performance space with an art gallery, 079 stories is fast becoming a sought after destination for creators of the city to showcase their creations. The gallery by itself has committed to bring out curated art shows at regular intervals, and before the season ends it has lined up three exciting solo art shows. After hosting The Art of Storytelling and The Abstract Aesthetic, the line up of shows promises diversity in themes, aesthetics and language. We spoke with Purva Damani, founder of 079 Stories and she gladly shares, “It was a bold decision to bring consecutive contemporary art exhibitions in Ahmedabad, but the warm response of the audience has always proved its worth.”

Here we give you a sneak peek into what to expect from each of this solo shows that are opening at the gallery in forthcoming months:

In Transition : A solo show by artist Nanda Khiara – February 2019


UK based Indian origin artist Nanda Khiara is showcasing her large sized canvasses that explore the boundlessness of life in the exhibition titled  ‘In Transition‘. Opening on February 16, 2019, Khiara’s mystically layered 21 abstract paintings are segregated in 4 different kaleidoscopic themes namely Doors, I/Eye, Time Travel and Energy. Most of this work finds inspiration from Khiara’s own life and experiences, which is influenced by diverse cultures. Khiara has lived in India, Middle East and Britain and these multitude of experiences come out as her artistic enquiry. Her works are fantastical in nature and are a testament of her artistic restlessness.

Untitled – A solo show by artist Vipul Prajapati – March 2019

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Gujarat State Lalit Kala Academy awardee artist Vipul Prajapati, who fascinated us at The Art of Storytelling show with his larger than life charcoal on paper paintings is coming up with a unique solo show in March 2019. The show will exhibit his current works in which Prajapati has experimented with unconventional materials like cement, red brick and saw dust. Prajapati’s house is going through a renovation and that entire exercise of refurbishment impacted his psyche and triggered the making of this series. The whole situation of probability, inconsistency and hazards, which is usually encountered by someone while designing a house, affected his frame of mind so much, that he ended-up inculcating construction material in his art. The contemporary art show of Prajapati, which mainly features drawings on paper will open on March 23, 2019, at 079 Stories. The show promises to be a sumptuous mix of abstract, surreal and figuration.

Untitled – A solo show by artist Vyom Mehta – April 2019

Image source: India Art Fair

Highly admired at the Jaipur Literature Festival for his 14 feet high ‘Asura’ themed sculptures, Ahmedabad based sculptor, Vyom Mehta is decked up to paint the facade of 079 Stories for his upcoming yet to be titled show, opening on April 5, 2019 (tentatively). We will be eagerly watching if this artistic urge finds fruition. The show will have a mix of drawings and sculptures and will be curated by Delhi based curators Oroon Das and Smruti Gargi Eswar.  We spoke with Mehta to get a gist of what he will be showcasing in this much awaited solo, he shares, “the folk-derived drawings will be selected from a collection of 1000 sketches, which were prepared in last one year.” He further added that most of the sculptures he is working on are mid sized and in terracota, except one large sized in metal.

All in all there is a lot to wait for Ahmedabad. For detailed reviews and stories keep following #CYat079 across all our social media channels.

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