Charlotte Art Weekly Launched : forays into US


Events in Charlotte – 16th June to 22nd June

Charlotte, the largest city in the state of North Carolina, with an overall population of 2,380,314 is getting a tint of Creative Yatra with the all new Charlotte Art Weekly (CAW). Our art weekly series is a curated guide of enriching happenings of the city, which includes selective events that touch the aspects of art, music, culture, literature, creativity and innovation. Every art weekly comprises a special mention of a creator, who has helped to flourish a particular region in the field of creativity. Currently, the series has completed its 113th edition in Ahmedabad, India and soon aspires to reach all the major cities across the globe.

The 1st edition of Charlotte Art Weekly by pays tribute to Charles Henry Alston as its inspiration. A thought provoking painter, sculptor, illustrator, muralist and a mentor, Alston was born in Charlotte in 1907. The bronze bust of Martin Luther King Jr. created by him became the first image of an African-American to be displayed at White House, in 1990. In his 40-year-old career, Alston never chained his creativity with the popular art trends and stood steadfast with variations between abstract and figurative paintings contributing both in the commercial as well as fine arts field. Co-founder of the Spiral Group, the first artist cluster of African American painter; his black and white artworks defined racial unity leading him to become the president appointed member of the National Council of Culture and Arts. His paintings like Portrait of Man, The Girl in a Red Dress, The Blue Shirt, the sculpture of the Head of a Woman, and murals like Magic Medicine and Modern Medicine displayed at the Harlem Hospital, New York are considered masterworks from American Modern art.

And this week’s enrichment brimming extravaganzas at Charlotte are:

Gendered: An Inclusive Art Show


Opening Night is an excellent group art show, wherein around 15 selected artists have created artworks reflecting conflicting issues like the House Bill 2 and racial discrimination.

Date : 16th June to 21st July

Venue : Mint Museum Uptown at Levine Center for the Arts

Free Entry


Tosco Music Beatles Tribute


Tosco Music Beatles Tribute is a musical gathering with 15 performances dedicated entirely to the classic band of the 60s, The Beatles.

Date : 17th June

Venue : Knight Theater at Levine Center for the Arts

With Tickets ($18 – $31)

Doughnuts with Dad


Doughnuts with Dad is an event especially for the dad and kids, who can enjoy a delightful morning breakfast of complimentary doughnuts and unique gifts. P.S. Grandfathers are also considered as dear as dads here.

Date : 17th June

Venue : Billy Graham Library

Free Entry

James McMurtry w/ Jonny Burke


James McMurtry w/ Jonny Burke is a ticketed musical concert of artist James McMurtry who had been mentioned in the story of Time Magazine during one of its 2015 editions.

Date : 18th June

Venue : Visulite Theatre

With Tickets ($18 adv/$22 dos)


Starving Artist Market hosted at Charlotte Art League


Starving Artist Market hosted at Charlotte Art League is an opportunity for shopaholics to consume art in all its forms. From culinary arts, wearable accessories, artworks, cosmetics, to home decor materials, you will be able to shop everything here!

Date : 18th June

Venue : Charlotte Art League

Free Entry

Full Day Camp: Hogwarts! Harry Potter Week!


Full Day Camp: Hogwarts! Harry Potter Week! Potter Heads will be mobilising to consume Harry Potter in the forms of skits, acting, music, performances and much more.

Date : 19th – 23rd June

Venue : Old Rock School

With Tickets ($200 for weekly sessions)

Fermented Foods Workshop


Fermented Foods Workshop Learn to make your own  Kombucha and other fermented food with Hickory Soup Kitchen.

Date : 22th June

Venue : Hickory Soup Kitchen, 110 2nd St. Pl. S.E, Hickory, NC 28601

Free Entry

Morning Meditation


Morning Meditation is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the International Yoga Day with tranquility and peacefulness.

Date : 21st June

Venue : NoDa@28th Creative Arts Studios

Free Entry

Modernism + Film: The Fantastic World of Eugene Tsui


Modernism + Film: The Fantastic World of Eugene Tsui- A documentary screening on the life and struggles of Eugene Tsui, an American architect.

Date : 22nd June

Venue : Bechtler Museum of Modern Art at Levine Center for the Arts

With Tickets (Tickets are $10 for the public, $8 for museum members and $5 for students)

Make most of your week. Follow the Charlotte Art Weekly.


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