• Train Like A Warrior – Kalaripayattu

    Train Like A Warrior – Kalaripayattu Martial arts class by Gujarat’s senior-most Master Trainer D. Padmakumar and learn worlds most ancient style of martial art Kalaripayattu.

  • 3 Days Free Yoga Workshop

    3 Days Free Yoga Workshop by Brinda Yoga Classes Traditional Yoga & Iyengar Yoga with Props (i.e. Ropes, Bricks, Chair & Black bender and many more..) Call us now – 9974031331 Registration Must Source: Facebook

  • Smita’s Yogamantra

    Yogamantra To keep your fitness level high enroll yourself for Mid December YOGA workshop!!! Registration is compulsory!!! @9824383038

  • Yoga Teacher & Instructor Training in Ahmedabad

    Vashistha Yoga Teacher & Instruction Training in Ahmedabad 2017. – Learn how to design a Scientific Yoga Teaching sequence – Learn how to do Safe Adjustment to your students – Learn Modification of Asana to make easy to each of…

  • Sound Practitioner Certification with Singing Bowls

    Sound Practitioner Certification is a certified course in Sound Healing using Himalayan Singing Bowl. This is first of the total three courses leading to Sound Master Practitioner (Nada Yoga 2) and eventually Sound Advanced Practitioner (Nada Yoga 3) certification. Contact…