Here fell a sparrow to a reckless bullet!

Little lives matter! Ahmedabad is probably the only city where a plaque has been dedicated to an innocent sparrow that fell to a bullet in a ‘reckless firing’ in 1974.

“During the 1974 Roti Ramkhan (Navnirman Movement) in Gujarat, on 02-03-1974, 5:25 pm an innocent sparrow was killed here in a reckless police firing,” reads the message, on a plaque, which recently went viral on various social media portals after Sumit Khanna, according to a TOI report, posted it on Twitter on December 23.

With more than 250 Chabutra (birdfeeders), Ahmedabad – India’s first World Heritage City – has always been a city of bird lovers, with special adoration for its rapidly dwindling house sparrows. But this recent post captures Amdavadis’ sheer love and concern for the feathered species.

The plaque in Dhal Ni Pol, Astodiya (in the Walled City), has inscription in Gujarati and English on the stone surface. Just below the plaque, a relief sculpture of a sparrow has been delicately stenciled with sculpted leaves, flowers and twigs.

The post has left many emotional, and they have been reposting it in the memory of the tiny poor bird. Little lives matter and the stirring post is still very much available for people to share it amongst friends and family.

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