Abhivyakti Group art Show at Gufa : An impromptu Collective

Landscapes, abstracts, figurative, and geometrical paintings made by seven artists are brought under the dome of Herwitz Gallery at the Amdavad Ni Gufa. These vibrant and vivid artworks at Abhivyakti group art show are decent take-home material.

Abhivyakti Group Art Show, 1

When was the last time, you went to an art exhibition and thought of buying a creative piece instead of just thinking about the perspective of its maker? The Abhivyakti Group Art Show, that opened at the Herwitz Art Gallery at Amdavad Ni Gufa, offers 55 options worth taking home to adorn the walls.

The artworks are created in different mediums, but most artists have stuck to the current trend of using acrylics. Abhivyakti group art show opened in the evening hours of May 29, 2018, in the presence of the contemporary artist and architect Trupti Dave. The exhibition is curated by Vinay Pandya who brought together seven artists to create this show. The occurrence of the show is quite accidental. Pandya, who is also an associate at Gufa shared, “The gallery is already taking exhibition bookings for the year 2020, but when one of the openings got cancelled last minute, I decided to call up seven of my favourite artists and curate this wonderful show.” The exhibition may have taken place by chance, but its execution has been precisely done by choice.

Abhivyakti, Art Exhibition, 2

It all begins with the figurative forms of artist Divya Patel and extends to Vidhi Parekh’s creative landscapes and other geometrical forms full of vibrant colours. An entrepreneur by day and artist by night, Parekh is a painter who has developed her painting skills through time and patience. Artist Pooja Vaishnav who made paintings using clay and oil delivers a spiritual inclination through her aesthetics. Her portrayal of Buddha, Chinese calligraphy, energy chakras, consisted a serene notion, which will aptly stencil the walls of a drawing or waiting room, where people usually sit anxiously while waiting for someone’s arrival.

Located straight on the last wall of the gallery, amongst all the abstract human faces made by Nehal Gol, her dark shaded Ganesha, which is accompanying with a Shiva Linga looks charismatic. Krupa Dave had a lot to serve through her realistic artworks. Her sceneries on canvas and realist woman figure wooed a lot of realist lovers. Guest of the evening Trupti Dave during the lamp lighting ceremony preached, “to create depth in his/her work; it is indispensable for an artist to read.” This thought found a manifestation in artist Vanmali Thakor’s abstracts, who is an avid reader herself. Mita Panchal wanted to portray women in her artworks, and her multilayered figurative on canvas successfully showcased the tender aspect of feminine energy through acrylics.

Abhivyakti, Art Show, 3

Interesting to view are the perceptions of these artists, who have brought out varied emotions through their art. The price of the artworks begin from around INR 10,000/- and varies depending upon the artist and artworks. The show is open for viewing until June 3, 2018, every day from 04:00 pm to 08:00 pm.

Art triangle, Abhivyakti, 4

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