‘RANG TARANG’ organised by Nagar Asmita Parivar is an evening of cultural celebration through Music, Dance and One act play.

  • A Short Recital of Kathak

    A short recital of Kathak dance by students of Sangati Centre for Performing Arts.  

  • Art in Conversation

    Fine Arts are interconnected, and therein flows a story strong. Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi exponent and founder member of Parampara Academy of Performing Arts, Bijal Haria will be in conversation with Anurita Rathore where they talk about her interest in everything…

  • મેહુલિયો આયો રે

    માત્ર રુવાંડા ઊભા થાય એવા નજીવા વરસાદ થી માંડી અનરાધાર, મુશળધાર વરસાદની વાતે જે શ્રુંગાર રસ સાથે છેડી ને પ્રકૃતિ અને માનવ હૈયે મેહુલિયાના આગમન થી પ્રફુલિત થઇ જતા હોય છે એ વાતને ગીત, ગઝલના સહારે શાસ્ત્રીય નૃત્ય અને લોકનૃત્ય…

  • Nrutyam: An Unspoken Act

    Nrutyam: An Unspoken Act, by Nirmiti Performing Arts, is a celebration of dance by 9 young artists. The dance recital includes 8 choreographies categorized across different genres. From Gods and Goddesses to mother Nation and pure classical dancing, witness what…

  • Mohan Thi Mohan Sudhi

    Mohan Thi Mohan Sudhi, An Odissi Dance Drama at Gujarat Vishwakosh Bavan, Ahmedabad.

  • Bhu | Earth – Through Dance, Theatre & Kalaripayattu

    The journey of the man looking for the connection with himself and nature. A Dance and Theatre show inspired by the oldest martial art in the world, Kalaripayattu from Auroville and La Reunion. Alliance Francaise d’Ahmedabad with Ritam (Auroville), Kalarigram…


    Kadamb’s New Production… Movements & Stills by Kadamb Performing Unit on 25th Jan , 7.30pm at H.K Arts Auditorium, Ahmedabad. Source: Facebook

  • Abhivyakti : City Arts Project

    Abhivyakti : City Arts Project Abhivyakti is an arts initiative for the masses of Ahmedabad. A platform for young and emerging talent from across town, Abhivyakti is bringing together a variety of performing and visual arts to create a unique experience…

  • Odissi Folk Dance Performance

    The Heritage Club of IIMA is pleased to announce its first SPIC MACAY performance of this academic year. Odissi Folk Dance (Gotipua) will be performed by a group of highly talented 10 to 15-year-olds, who perform acrobatic figures inspired by…

  • Mitray Spiritual Club

    Mitray Spiritual Club  Mitray Spiritual is a way of transformation and rejuvenation. It will hold 12 Music, Dance and Meditation Concerts for 12 months with different International Bands and artists. Round the year it will spread positivity and zeal. Promise…

  • Dance Versity by Radhika Marfatia

    The eighth dance show from the performers of well known Krishna Dance Academy, a reputed dance academy since 2009. Students would be performing on different dance forms like Kathak, Modern stage dance, hip-hop, jazz, salsa, ballet, belly dance, contemporary, folk…

  • Roohani Live : by Mirande

    An Initiative by Mirande A production where music is undivided and seen as a whole. They present 12 musical pieces in one evening ranging from genres of Hindustani music such as classical, ghazal, thumri, folk, Sufi and kathak. Each piece is…

  • Ice Craft Classical Dance Festival

    Indian Classical Dance is a tradition that we have all grown up with. Dating back to centuries, compiled by sages and passed down the ages, the Indian Classical Dance has evolved through expressions, gestures, acting, steps and postures. IceCraft is…

  • SPIC MACAY at LJ 2017

    SPICMACAY seeks to promote an awareness of this rich and heterogeneous cultural tapestry amongst youth everywhere through active participation in Indian classical music and arts, and discovery of their deeper and subtler values. This time, we have Madhavi Mudgal, One…

  • नृत्यम (Nrityam) – An Unspoken Act

    Nirmiti’s 3rd self-organised show to celebrate dance. It’s a Classical (Bharatnatyam) dance show by Nirmiti Performing Arts by 11 classical dancers. Nrityam- An Unspoken Act

  • 37th Saptak Annual Music Festival 2017

    The Saptak Annual Festival of Music is an annual thirteen-day Indian classical music festival held in Ahmedabad, India. It is organised every year on the same days. The festival features both emerging talents and established performers. Besides pure classical music,…

  • Mithuna – Union of East and West

    A conjunction of diversities, the jolting confrontation and contagion of differences, and their fertile and creative seeding. Here, The East meets the West. A story of love between the Contemporary French Dancers and Indian Kathakali Dancers

  • Shiv Aradhana

    A program dedicated to The Lord Shiva in the Holy month of “SHRAVANA” where the talented Artists will pay tribute to the Lord Shiva & his 12 JYOTIRLINGA by an Indian Classical Dance, a group of very young talented 8…

  • Classical Voice of India

    Classical Voice of India-Ahmedabad Audition to be held on 28 August 2016 at Samutkarsha Academy, Prahlad Nagar, Ahmedabad.   Forms available at and provision for online submission of forms at the website.

  • Jazz Kathak Fusion: EYM Trio meets Kadam & Raina

    This project will showcase the fusion of the dance moves of Kathak by an Indian classical dance recital accompanying the French Music and a glimpse of the Indian music where the music forms from two different culture will soothe the…

  • Antarnaad, The Voice of The Heart

    Book Launch of ‘Antarnaad’, gujarati translation of Mrinalini Sarabhai’s The Voice of the Heart. The event will have short talks, videos of Amma’s dances and interviews, and performances by Mallika & Revanta Sarabhai & the Darpan Performing Group

  • An enchanting ode

    An acclaimed and hugely applauded show by Maulik and Ishira Parikh will be premiered in Ahmedabad on 26th, Tuesday. Do not miss this opportunity.

  • Aamad – a Kathak Dance Performance

    A kathak dance performance by Rupanshi Kashyap, student of Padmabhushan Kumudini Lakhia.   Accompanied by : Tabla : Joby Joy Sarangi : Vanraj Shastri Vocals & Harmonium : Prahar Vora