Ethnic Rack – The Next Big Thing for Indian Wear on E-Commerce

With its assortment of Indian apparels, this shopping portal is becoming a go-to spot for online shoppers. houses a host of fashionable choices with quality, custom-made options. 

Plunging into the world of online shopping is the only way to be ‘street smart’ in fashion today. Women’s apparels have always sold as hotcakes in e-commerce stores. According to popular media company Bloomberg, even surging prices in the US clothes market don’t seem to have affected overall sales figures for the year. Be it mass-produced clothing ranges or meticulously crafted designer products, an increased ability to deliver countless designs worldwide – across a veritable range of fabric choices and size charts – has opened up newer possibilities for the global fashion industry. And an emerging player in the e-commerce industry is, which is spreading original Indian ethnic wear across the globe.

Founded by US-based textile entrepreneur Urvi Patel, Ethnic Rack is among the few globally recognised brands that fulfills the burgeoning need for eastern apparels, through its tailor-made as well as mass-produced designs. Urvi hails from a family who has been in business of textiles in India and is currently based in New York. Her team of artisans and designers are all based in the textile and diamond nucleus of India, Surat, which is where she hails from. These artisans are proficient in this work since decades, and now contribute to Ethnic Rack’s meticulously crafted designer wears, custom-fitted to measurements submitted by customers.


Ethnic Rack is satiating the need of the Indian diaspora for Indian Traditional Fashion Wear which are extremely important aspects of any Indian ritual and celebration. Ethnic Rack specialises is range of ethnic fashion ranging from Sarees, Lehenga choli’s to Anarkalis which are highly sought after by Indians across the globe. In a certain way,  it is through garments that the diversity and aesthetic tradition of India is being sustained across the globe and it is players like Ethnic Rack who are contributing to keep this cultural need afloat.

Patel always wanted to contribute to the traditional fabric sector. And when she started getting demands from clients for plus-size apparels, as well as kids’ ethnic apparels, she realised that there is a huge requirement for custom-made dresses. Most designs sold by various ethnic wear e-portals incorporate popular patterns replicated from Bollywood. Patel says,”Wearing a replicated product isn’t a significant issue, but the quality of the fabric and ornate decorative elements used on the clothing can often be drastically substandard., on the other hand, delegates quality products at reasonable prices. The quality of our materials doesn’t differ even for our mass-produced clothes.” This understanding underlines the philosophy behind the Made to Measure section on the portal.


Ethnic Rack’s customisation is not just restricted to clothes.The platform’s customised jewellery section gives buyers an opportunity to tailor designs to their own choices. Patel initially undertook jewellery design as a hobby. She has now been dealing in precious and semi-precious jewellery since a while, having organised numerous exhibitions in the US over the past two years. Ethnic Rack already serves its own array of jewellery choices, but one can order one’s own unique-looking ornaments too by emailing details to

Ethnic Rack Offer

During our conversation, Patel threw light on her upcoming plans for the website, saying, “Right now, we are dealing only with women’s apparels, but we have been getting a lot of inquiries for couple’s ethnic clothes, especially for wedding dresses where the bride and groom can both wear clothes of the same taste. This feature will be our next big leap!”

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