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See Six Decades of Padma Shri Manu Parekh’s Art, in This Mammoth Retrospective in Ahmedabad

One of this decade’s most awe-inspiring exhibitions comes alive at the majestic KL museum of Ahmedabad, after travelling to Mumbai and Delhi. Experience Parekh’s rendition of ‘Last Supper’, his surreal depictions of Varanasi, his stirring critique of the Bhagalpur Blindings and more, at the KL Museum now! ‘Manu Parekh – 60 Years of Selected Works’ is an extensive and stirring retrospective. Last Supper painting by Manu Parekh at the Retrospective On a particular sun-drenched day of April this year, Padma Shri Manu Parekh was busy hosting his retrospective at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Mumbai, when he had a longing to bring his collection to Ahmedabad, the city where he was born. As luck would have it, art…...

Find out the Creative Events Happening in Ahmedabad Through Art Weekly #160

Make your regular days more creative by adding art to them over the coming days! Vrindavan Solanki will be giving a live art demonstration and popular comedian Sonali Thakker is coming to town. Celebrate International Museum Day with folktale recitations of Rajasthan. There’s also theatre, art, science and more.   Held hostage at home by the scorching summer heat? Here are some creative events that will motivate you to step out! This Sunday, art lovers can watch veteran artist Vrindavan Solanki practising his art live for viewers, in celebration of the spirit of ‘open art’. Drop by for this event called The Culture Club, at Hutheesing Visual Art Centre. The Culture Club will be a celebration of art with live music, food and more, with several emerging artists also showing their works in a curated exhibition. Celebrate International Museum Day on May 18 by listening to folktales of Rajasthan through stories of Dev Narayan, at Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum. Or come by to discuss your khayaal (ideas) about the changing concept of museums today as places for innovation, at the Centre for Heritage Management. Literature lovers, meanwhile, can listen to the mesmerising Gujarati poems of the late Niranjan Bhagat at ATMA Hall. People…...


https://creativeyatra.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/The-Culture-Club-Visual-Arts-Ahmedabad.jpeg The Culture Club : Episode One

The Culture Club – Where Creators Meet Connoisseurs Episode One: A Visual Arts Special An open invitation to Painters & Sculptors to display their artworks. Share (upto) TWO images of your artworks here Whatsapp: 7016718614 or E-mail: content@creativeyatra.com For further information keep following CreativeYatra.

2018-05-20 17:30:00 2018-05-20 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata Home Home

L&P Hutheesing Visual Art Centre, KL Campus, CEPT University, University Road, Navarnagpura, Ahmedabad

Creativeyatra.com info@creativeyatra.com
https://creativeyatra.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/21751735_1643630595687221_3634969609322302183_n.jpg Mitray Spiritual Club

Mitray Spiritual Club  Mitray Spiritual is a way of transformation and rejuvenation. It will hold 12 Music, Dance and Meditation Concerts for 12 months with different International Bands and artists. Round the year it will spread positivity and zeal. Promise to Enlighten as never before. Source: Facebook  

2017-07-30 05:30:00 2018-06-10 05:30:00 Asia/Kolkata Mitray Spiritual Club Mitray Spiritual Club

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Creativeyatra.com info@creativeyatra.com
https://creativeyatra.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/MANU-PAREKH-60-Years-of-Selected-Works.jpg MANU PAREKH – 60 Years of Selected Works

Kasturbhai Lalbhai Museum, Ahmedabad is pleased to have the retrospective of artist Manu Parekh 60 Years of Selected Works. Eminent architect, Pritzker prize winner, Padmashri, Shri Balkrishna V. Doshi will inaugurate the exhibition and eminent artist Shri Amit Ambalal will release the book – ‘Manu Parekh – 60 Years of Selected Works’. The show is…

2018-05-05 10:00:00 2018-06-03 17:00:00 Asia/Kolkata MANU PAREKH – 60 Years of Selected Works MANU PAREKH – 60 Years of Selected Works

Kasturbhai Lalbhai Museum, Lalbaug, Shahibaug, 380009 Ahmedabad, India

Creativeyatra.com info@creativeyatra.com

Photo Studio

  • Summer lyrics...

Summer Snaps of Nature's Poetry

A quick glance at senior photographer Ghanshyam Savani’s works leads to immediate intrigue. His frames omit much more than they capture. Peculiarly placed subjects pique the onlooker’s curiosity, such that one feels prodded to search for more.

An academician by profession at the Navsari Agricultural University, Savani has been exploring photography as a visual art since many years and has participated in various solo and group shows. Since long, Savani has been associated with the Ahmedabad-based charitable trust Manav Pratishthan, a platform that encourages photography, and with veteran photographer Ketan Modi. He has also served as juror in some of their photography competitions.

Summers are always synonymous with a feel of leisure. When we hear the word ‘summer’, we imagine flowers in bloom and dappled light filtering through foliage. In his album called ‘Summer Snaps’, Savani captures these intricate observations of nature through his camera. His exceptional art photography skills are evident in the way that he aesthetically contrasts the bright-toned textures of minimalistic subjects with subtly-hued backgrounds. The depth, clarity, sharpness and perspective in his pictures lends this series a poetic atmosphere.


https://creativeyatra.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/2018-Arctic-Monkeys.jpg The Arctic Monkeys’ ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’ Is a Mixture of All Their Previous Albums

Did the Arctic Monkeys nail it with their 6th album, or not? You may be disappointed, but you will still love the Arctic Monkeys. Here’s a review of the English rock band Arctic Monkeys’ latest album, with its best and worst songs highlighted. From experimenting with teenage post-punk to Johnny Cash vibes, the English rock…

https://creativeyatra.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Manu-Parekh-Last-Supper-1.jpg See Six Decades of Padma Shri Manu Parekh’s Art, in This Mammoth Retrospective in Ahmedabad

One of this decade’s most awe-inspiring exhibitions comes alive at the majestic KL museum of Ahmedabad, after travelling to Mumbai and Delhi. Experience Parekh’s rendition of ‘Last Supper’, his surreal depictions of Varanasi, his stirring critique of the Bhagalpur Blindings and more, at the KL Museum now! ‘Manu Parekh – 60 Years of Selected Works’…

https://creativeyatra.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Embark-Art-Gallery-Ark.jpg A Display of Compelling Works by Graduates of MSU at Gallery Ark in Vadodara

12 recent alumni of MS University broach themes of decay and destruction, beauty and life, at the group exhibition ‘Embark’. Know what’s so unique about these works that are on display at the Gallery Ark, Vadodara, till May 10. The process of learning at an art school is somewhat akin to the concept of handwriting…

https://creativeyatra.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Post-Age-Vivek-Desai-Nabibaksh-Mansuri.jpg Post-Age : 187 Artists Send a Postcard from the Past

Like a postcard from the past, ‘Post-Age’ stirs up old memories and urges the viewer to engage with the art on display. For this charity exhibition, 187 artists from across India and Ahmedabad have made paintings on postcards. The show’s sales will go towards revitalisation of the fabled Artists’ Centre in Mumbai, which is often remembered as…


કૂકડો / Kukdo

અમે તો સૂરજના છડીદાર

અમે તો પ્રભાતના પોકાર!                                              …અમે

સૂરજ આવશે સાત ઘોડલે

અરુણ રથ વ્હાનાર !

આગે ચાલે બંદી બાંકો, પ્રકાશ-ગીત ગાનાર !                       …અમે

નીંદરને પારણીએ ઝુલે, ધરા પડી સૂનકાર !

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Palak Gajrawala


Navratri Dance Styles

Uploaded on Feb 16, 2016

Navratri is the longest running dance festival on the planet. With multiple mythological and historical roots, the festivities are a celebration of the feminine, wherein the revelers dance to the tunes of traditional folk music of 'Garba' and 'Raas'.

The Navratri dance has many forms and variations and each form has regional variations. These video aims to showcase different forms/styles of the Garba. Those who know the dance well, would love watching it, and those who know nothing about it, will find this of great help.

So what is 'Do taali', Teen Taali, Dodhiyu, Popatiyu, Raas, Hinch...watch the video and find out the beauty in each of these variation and find your own step to groove this Navratri.

Don't forget to put in your comments on how you find this video!

Presented by : Team CY

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