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Amdavad National Book Fair, Ahmedabad

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Ahmedabad National Book Fair 2016


An ancient proverb suggests, that to discover the world around, the two best ways are to be a traveller or be a librarian! A book has the potential to ignite the reader’s deepest thoughts, dreams and passions. The technology must have grown with Kindle paper white and e-books, but it certainly cannot replace the paperbacks. There wouldn’t be any wise man in the world who has not picked up a book for some learnings. Books are important, and the book lovers of Ahmedabad have again got their life-sized flea market of books at Sardar Bridge organised by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, titled as ‘Amdavad National Book Fair- 2016’. The event was initiated on May 3, 2016 and will be concluding on May 8, 2016. Timings for the event are 12:00PM to 9:00 PM for weekdays and 10:00 PM to 9:00PM on weekends.

Amdavad National Book Fair, Amdavad Book Fair, Ahmedabad

This year the book extravaganza has literally gathered more than 300 publishers all together under a single fair. From Paulo Coelho to Premchand Munshi you can find any and every literary that any reader can imagine. Seven different air-conditioned domes with all the important facilities like water, toilets, security and parking have been taken care. Millions of books from varied genres and languages have been kept for selling. Even the refurbished pre-owned books are open for sale at an affordable price range, giving every buyer a broader horizon for grabbing more books under a restricted budget.

Amdavad National Book Fair, Amdavad Book Fair, Ahmedabad Amdavad National Book Fair, Amdavad Book Fair, Ahmedabad

We can call this as a festival of books, with audience engagement activities like poets meet, inspirational talk shows, giving young authors a platform to present themselves as a concrete writers and various other performances. Various renowned artists have came and shared their experiences and recited, what kind of struggles they had faced while becoming a writer. The proper seating arrangements have also given the buyers to get engaged with the book as a reader first.

Amdavad National Book Fair, Amdavad Book Fair, Ahmedabad Amdavad National Book Fair, Amdavad Book Fair, Ahmedabad

Even if you are not a voracious reader and intend to watch a movie instead of reading its book. Team Creative Yatra would strongly suggest you to visit this fair and give this season of books a try, as you should never judge a book, by its cover or by its movie. We are confident that you will definitely get something to tinkle your taste bud of books.

Amdavad National Book Fair, Amdavad Book Fair, Ahmedabad Amdavad National Book Fair, Amdavad Book Fair, Ahmedabad

Schedule of events at Amdavad National Book Fair-2016

5th May: Ambedkar Vichaar Parisvand: 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM

6th May: Kavi Sammelan: 7:30 PM Onwards

7th May: Legacy and teachings of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam: 12:00 Noon

7th May: Filmo Naa Pannalal: 02:00 PM

7th May: Loksahitya No Rang Bhikhudan Gadhvi Na Sang: 07:00 PM

Amdavad National Book Fair, Amdavad Book Fair, Ahmedabad

Photography: Ravi Panchal

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