The 12th All Gujarat Photography Competition by Manavpratishthan - Results are out

Manavpratishthan's Announce UTSAV Winners

One of the most anticipated result is out now and the 8 winners out of the total 155 photographers across Gujarat have been shortlisted.  Manav Pratishthan’s jury members Shri Mukesh Acharya and Shri Dharmesh Panchal totally analyzed more than 439 photographs, which were all based on a single theme Utsav (celebration).

Nevil Zaveri, Dr. Puneet Agarwal, Jackie Prajapati, Dipen Bhatt, Homiyar Tavadia, Mayank Prajapati, Mukesh Misra and Dinesh Tilokani are the well-deserved winners for this season. Team Creative Yatra would like to heartily congratulate all the winners and would like to thank all the participants who participated, because it takes a vision to go and capture a sight in the lens. We may soon experience an exclusive exhibition dedicated to the best photographs of the exhibition.

Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming exhibition of the selected entries.

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