International Museum Day Guide for Ahmedabad

Summer vacations are on, and you want a dose of enrichment for your children and for yourself. This International Museum Day i.e. May 18, Team Creative Yatra suggests treating yourself with a visit to the 10 most interesting museums in Ahmedabad.

Visiting museums is an opportunity to know your own bone, heritage, culture and history. Every time when we enter a museum, we relive the history class of our school in a tangible form, and become our own history teacher.

So people of Ahmedabad fasten your seatbelts and break the heat of summers with a freezing dose of enrichment with these museums.


  1. Mahatma Gandhi Ashram (Sabarmati Ashram)

Abode of the father of the nation, Gandhi Ashram gives you a real ease feeling in this scorching heat. In the lap of River Sabarmati, Gandhi Ashram purely gives you a feel of India’s pre-independence era and the struggles of freedom fighters in 1920s.


  1. Vintage & Classic Car Club of India (VCCCI)

Remember the old bond movies, and their fascinating cars, the curvaceous vintage cars are still a reality in Ahmedabad. Experience a collection of decades under a single roof from contributors across India at the Auto World Vintage Museum.


  1. Calico Museum of Textile

India’s biggest Textile mill, in 1880 Calico Mills was a huge name across the globe for its cloth quality at affordable rates. In 1998 the mill closed and in 1949 it was declared as a museum for both historical and technical study of Indian Handicraft and Industrial Textiles.


  1. Philatelic Museum

A not so renowned museum of Ahmedabad where you will find a world full collection of postal stamps. Even in this world of technology, it is really interesting to show your kids, how complex it was to communicate with people previously.


  1. Sanskar Kendra

Depicting the history, culture and tradition of Ahmedabad, Sanskar Kendra is one of the best museums of Ahmedabad that will give you a real picture of this city and its people.


  1. Shreyas Folk Art Museum

A museum that shows you the real traditional folk art, ancient textile art, wood carving, metal work and other fascinating embroidery work of traditional Gujarat. A large premises with peacocks flocking around, this place is a worth visit with kids.


  1. Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum

A classic collection of Miniature paintings, rare artefacts, ancient or contemporary coins & currency and many magnificent paintings is visible under a single dome. One of the oldest museums in Ahmedabad also consists bronze and wooden sculptures for display.


  1. Vechaar Utensils Museum

Located in one of the most famous restaurants in Ahmedabad, Vishala, the museum consists a collection of ancient house hold utensils, locks, paintings and other things. Moreover based on materials of clay, wood and iron, this museum also has an option of enjoying lemonade on a scorching day.


  1. Natural History Museum

A museum located at the Kankaria Lake, that exhibits more than 31 stuffed animals and 8 birds, was established in 1947. The most fascinating attraction is the stuffed two-headed monkey and the stuffed bear.


  1. Patang Kite Museum

Housed on the ground floor of the Sanskar Kendra Building, the Kite Museum gives you a feel of vibrancy as it explains the whole history of Kites, their making procedure and their significance.


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