• Boomerang | An Eco Fest 2017 | Urban Farming Workshop

    Register now for this exciting workshop which is a part of Boomerang, The Ecological Festival on how to ‘Grow Your Own Food’ by an Organic Farmer and Professor of Food Politics, Ms. Purvi Vyas!

  • Travel Blogging Workshop

    Travel Blogging Workshop by Nirali Shah and Rishabh Shah at La Vida – The Travel Cafe, Ahmedabad. Learn how to write travel blogs and its free of cost.

  • Prakriti : Landscape Painting Workshop

    Prakriti, Landscape Painting Workshop Conducted by Gayatri Mehta. Nature, being the ultimate inspiration for an artist, Landscape Painting is a blissful opportunity for every artist to capture this inspiration on their canvas. Join the workshop and learn the basics of…

  • Scrambling Workshop

    An overnight trek. The agenda of the scrambling workshop is to introduce un-roped movements on steep ground and how to involve and pass on these skills to peers when you practice next time in feral mountain peaks with safety and…