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Kalaprayati: Artists & Art Patrons Unite Against Coronavirus - Creative Yatra

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Kalaprayati: Artists & Art Patrons Unite Against Coronavirus


Kalaprayati brings artists and patrons together and through the medium  of art it creates a platform that facilitates contribution towards the PM-CARES fund

You can collect a beautiful piece of art, contribute towards the ongoing fight against corona and encourage arts – all of these while being at home during lockdown. Yes this seemingly simple idea is made possible by the joint efforts of InventArt in collaboration with Ahmedabad Art Society and the Society for Environment Protection. The initiative has received support from architect Hiren Patel, Manal Relia of Archer Art Gallery, Gayatri Mehta (former Jt. Sec. of Bombay Art Society) and Karma Foundation. ‘Kalaprayati – Unite Against Corornavirus’ is an initiative that brings together artists as well as art patrons on a common platform that facilitates transaction between the two, resulting in funds, half of which is earmarked for PM-CARES fund.

Kalaprayati seeks to use art as a medium and create valuable contributions, both in encouraging arts as well as contributing towards the fight against the pandemic. They have formed a pretty simple system to put this in place. Visual artists from across the country are invited to contribute their art works, these are cataloged and published on their FB page ; patrons can view this art and collect the piece of their choice by committing a contribution of Rs. 10,000/- . Half of the collected amount will be donated to PM-CARES fund. The entire contributed amount will be elligible for Tax deduction.

(left) KP033: Dushyant Patel,(right) KP016: Gopal Parmar.  Source:

Here is how it works,

For Artists:

  • All the artworks are supposed to be submitted at . In the subject line of your email, please write your full name (as written on national ID), followed by “Kala 2020 Sub”.

(For Example: Satyam Patel, Kala 2020 Sub).

  • Mention the artist name, title, medium, size, and initial value of each artwork in the body of the mail along with your complete address, contact number and the ID number of any national ID proof.

Example: Satyam Patel, Lilypond, oil on canvas, 10×10 inches, Rs.9,500.

  • All mediums and variety surfaces are eligible for submission.
  • The images of your artwork should be of a high resolution (at least 1280×720 pixels) in either JPG or PNG format.
  • Art works with indecent content, obscenity, representation of animal brutality, and religiou, ethnic, or any other form of bigotry will not be accepted.
(left) KP030: Amarnath Sharma, (right) KP027: Manish Solanki.  Source:

All the art works are constantly updated on the FB page along with all the necessary details. Art patrons can view and make their selection online. Some of the noteworthy artists who have donated their works are Vrindavan Solanki, Bansi Khatri, Trupti Patel, Navin Dhagat, Raka Panda, Kumar Chauhan and many more. If you like a work, here’s what you should do :

For Patrons looking to contribute:

  • In the subject line of your mail to, kindly write your full name, followed by ‘Kala 2020 Select’ (Example: Satyam Patel, Kala 2020 Select).
  • You must mention the serial number, artist and title of the artwork which you want to collect in the body of the mail(Example: KP0042, Anu Vyas, Voices) along with your full name, complete address, contact number, and the ID number of one national ID proof.
  • The total amount due should be paid into the following account:

Name: Society for Environment Protection

Bank: State Bank of India

Account Number: 5638 8004 688

IFSC Code: SBIN0060388

Upon receiving the donation and receipt, the artwork will be mentioned as ‘Collected’ and the necessary documents shall be sent to you on mail.

It is very noble of this few individuals who put in all the efforts to make this possible, they are Niharika Shah, Nitesh Shah, Samir Shah, Chiranjeev Patel, Dev Patil, Harshil Patel, Khushbu Thakkar, Sangam Vankhade, Yash Mewada and Rutu Shroff.
So what are you waiting for, just log in to facebook and make your selection.


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