Five products that will get your creative juices flowing: Now on sale at Amazon


Amazon is stepping up its game for Diwali. Before November 7 2018, get all your creative friends the gifts they deserve, and a few for yourself too! From the entire gamut of universe of Amazon, we have picked up these 5 unique items, which will definitely add to the armory of a creative individual.


JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic

Who doesn’t like music on the go. Most creative people I know, particularly writers and artists, they carry the music of their choice with them, wherever they are working. JBL is a classic, trusted brand by musicians and listeners alike. Since couple of seasons, JBL GO has been extremely popular for its performance vs price attractiveness. It is easy to handle and gives robust sound to fill a mid-sized room. Bluetooth enabled speaker is now a norm and nearly everyone would want one for themselves. What more?! It comes in seven super cool colours. So if you haven’t done till now, grab this one now.

MRP: Rs. 2699/-, currently available at around 50% of the listed price.

REES52 3D-Printing Pen for 3D Drawing, Doodling, Arts, Crafts

A big limitation experienced by creative visualisers is having a 2d space to sketch out their 3 dimensional ideas. Designers, communicators, products creators, they all imagine in 3 dimension, and often feel the urge to quicky make a small demo of their idea. 3d Printing Pen is a great item that solves this issue. All those creative minds that are not satisfied with pen and paper, use this pen to build your drawings from the ground up!

Amazon has put this item priced at Rs. 1820/- at close to 40% discount right now. The pen is available in 4 colours and is great support on a creators work table.


HomeStrap 10 oz Primed Cotton Pre Stretched Canvas with Wooden Frame 8X10” – Pack of 6

Looking for a great family activity during the festive break? Well, here’s what you can do. Gather your entire family, young and old, inviting them for a Paint Party. Keep some colours handy, and give each participant a small sized canvas board to get going. No need for the participants to be artists or creative people. Art is known for its therapeutic capacities, and an exercise that can let people overcome inhibitions through colours and strokes. Try it this diwali. Save nearly 40% on these canvases and get your friends and family to bond over some art.

MRP : Rs. 1299/-, currently selling at Rs. 749/-


Fuji Instax Mini 8 Value Cam Instant Camera – Combo (Camera + 20 Instant Films) (Raspberry)

Well, we all are armed with the best of cameras, thanks to our smart phones!! However, imagine visiting your near & dear ones, during Diwali, and being able to gift them a print of the photographed moment, there and then? This is made possible by Fuji, the yesteryear photo film manufacturer, who have came up with cool polaroid print solutions. Catch on to this newest rage and get this Polaroid camera for a great price. This comes with a number of films, so you can start shooting great photos right out of the box!

Competitively priced at Rs. 6550/- the product is available in flash deals on Amazon and if one is lucky, can get up 35% discount.


All-new Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa (Black)

Voice command devices are the must-haves for this season. Leading this genre of devices is Amazon, with their Echo series of Alexa enabled (Alexa is Amazon’s voice recognition software) multi uitility speakers. The base product in this series is Echo Dot, neatly priced device, which nearly does everything that you would expect from an online assistant. From managing schedules, to playing music, to ordering online – Echo is fast becoming popular among creative community for its ability to take voice commands. Its portable and can be a great support to a freelancer or a creative director.

Attractively priced at Rs. 4999/-, the Echo Dot is currently selling at Rs. 4499/-.

Buying a Diwali gift is always a challenge, particularly for those looking for thoughtful and stimulating stuff to get for themselves and others. This list will help you make the right choices for the upcoming Diwali.

Disclaimer: The deals and discounts are dynamic and might differ when you look it up online.

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