AYUSH India Expo is Set to Convey the Profoundness of Ayurveda to Ahmedabad

Ayush India Expo 2017
Image source: Ayush India Expo’s Facebook page

Scriptures suggest that Ayurveda as a medicinal science was transmitted from higher beings like Dhanvantari to well-versed pundits such as Sushruta, Atreya and Charaka eons ago. A lot that modern medical science is discovering is being explained in detail in the ancient Ayurvedic scriptures of Sushruta Samhita and Charaka Saṃhitha drafted by these sages. But with the progressing technological enhancement the pace, skill and scale of Ayurveda industry have amplified massively. The ‘no side effects’ trait has triggered people to switch to this aboriginal alternative therapy, and today we have ayurvedic medicines, cosmetics, agri-products, and various other organically manufactured goods that are thriving the FMCG industry and nailing the multinational companies. Ayush India Expo 2017 is here to showcase the contemporary scale and state of this original Indian herbal therapy to Gujarat, especially Ahmedabad. Organised by the AYUSH Ministry, that is dedicated to promote the usage of Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani and Homeopathic science into common man’s life, with an aim to augment the overall well being of the society.

Scheduled from December 22 to 25, 2017 at Gujarat University Ground, Ahmedabad the expo is a conglomerating point of more than 100 stalls for ayurvedic products manufacturers, distributors, experts and consumers of the State. The holistic motivation of the organisers is to showcase the benefits of leading a healthy herbal lifestyle. Besides the commercial aspects, Ayush India Expo is willing to become a beacon for people who want to know more about Ayurveda. There would be seminars and mindful discussions on prevention and management of diabetes, pain management through Ayurveda and various other topics of herbal sciences. With the help of Ministry of Ayush and Akhil Bharatiya Ayurved Mahasammelan, Ayush India expo has taken an innovative approach to flourish the word of Ayurveda, by conducting workshops for Ayurvedic students. Ayurvedic giants such as Baidyanath, Dabur and Aimil are few significant partners of the events. Ayush India Expo is a step towards the future of a tradition which has intermingled with technology to engrain in our lifestyle. The exhibition will be visited by doctors, practitioners, importers and exporters and a felicitation program to honour the significant contributors and leaders of the industry with accolades. There would be seminars and mindful discussions on various topics of herbal sciences and Ayurveda and stalls with latest ayurvedic products. Ayush India Expo is a step towards the future of a tradition which has intermingled with technology to engrain in our lifestyle.


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