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Dharamshala International Film Festival 2016, DIFF 2016

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Dharamshala International Film Festival: 6 Brilliant Indie Films You Need To Watch

Dharamshala International Film Festival 6 excellent Indie Movies You Have To Watch In our country India, the Indie-film scenario is a mushrooming occurrence in its own right, and yearly festivals have kept on hosting some excellent movies allowing them alternate platforms to showcase what they’re made of. Every year, fresh and inventive Indie movies are making a space for themselves away from the pomp of the mainstream. They have not only brought us some brilliant cinema but have also allowed us the space to think and ponder.

Here we talk about six Indie Films to fill your stay in weekends with


A Syrian Love Story

There are a spate of films that exist around the topic of the Arab Spring, the freedom demonstrations and revolutionary activities that extends up to various Middle East nations in 2010-11. But British filmmaker Sean McAllister’s take is very different. The humongous political aspect prepares a background to the on going legend of Amer and Raghda, who are companions and couple, find a way within the complicated situation surrounding them.


Auteur Ravi Rajeev’s movie is a gangster saga packed with action in generous servings. It narrates the tale of two friends – a youthful savarna man naming Krishnan, and a man from the Dalit community called Ganga – in times when dissection of castes are as aggressive as they are existing. The higher caste goons use Dalit hooligans to seize land, and as tension builds, they got an impact above human relationships, but even on their own residing territory itself.

A Korean In Paris

JeonSoo-il’s film narrated with a dreamy image of the Parisian territory and seen from the perspective of a languid youthful Korean man assures to give a fascinating cinematic experience. Sang Ho, cannot speak even a sentence in French, travels into the European city in search of his wife, who strangely went missing in their honeymoon around two years before. Go for this movie if you truly are a fan of the weirdly aesthetic.

The Island Funeral

Thailand’s first female director, and also a veteran one Pimpaka Towira knits a multifaceted and encrusted storyline within this movie that stalks the youthful Thai woman, Laila. Laila left Bangkok to move towardsthe Southern region of Pattani to stay over at her aunt. Along with her brother and his pal, she realizes that in all these years Pattani has been devastated by religious clashes. This journey forms the formidable plot the film boasts of.

Lathe Joshi

In India, skilled labour and highly mechanized work have always sounded and in most cases meant an Oxymoron. But for Lathe Joshi, the central character of Mangesh Joshi’s film globalization has a shattering consequence on his financial freedom and sense of personality. Lathe is so engrossed in the number game that he is losing himself to it. This film is so stark that it is bound to push you to think about the tense and changing landscape of India, and how it affects the common man.


Rokhsareh Ghaemmaghami the Iranian director sends us back to the ground-breaking era of rap music. It showcases a teenage girl naming Sonita, an Afghani migrant residing in Iran. The girl is filled with fire, and dreams of seeing herself as a musician on day, but Sonita’s family has got some other plans for her – to sell her as a bride. Discover one of the many sides of an ingrained patriarchy, Ghaem Maghami’s Sonita promises to be a poignant documentary of a youthful woman’s mission for self-hood.

Cover Graphic: Aniruddha Das

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