ONE MONTH ACTING WORKSHOP Conducted by Abhinay Banker ABOUT WORKSHOP Aarambh Arts Academy proudly presents our most popular ‘Acting Workshop for beginners’, One month continues learning. Every aspect and activity of this workshop is curated and designed for individuals who want to…

  • Gandhi Thali With Gandhi Bhajan

    Karma Cafe and Navjivan Trust – introduces Gandhi Thali with Gandhi Bhajan. Nowadays in Karma cafe, Sabarmati’s Prisoners will sing the Bhajan’s with Gandhi Thali.    

  • ACT with ABHINAY – Acting Workshop

    Navajivan Trust and Aarambh Arts Academy presents ACT with ABHINAY Acting workshop for Beginners   Registration classes on 17th January 2019.

  • Khichadi Festival

    With the success of Khichadi Festival last year, we are back with it this winter! Enjoy a variety of ‘Khichadis’ and ‘Kadhis’ every weekend at Karma Cafe.   Source : Facebook

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https://creativeyatra.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/vishwesh-desai-lower-res..jpg Literature and Candy Floss : Gujarat Literature Festival as experienced by teen author Vishwesh Desai

My experience at GLF was a marvelous one. The very fact that such a well-organized event, at such a large scale, was being held at one of my favourite places in my hometown – the sophisticated yet welcoming Kanoria Arts…

https://creativeyatra.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/final-instagram.jpg Your Daily Dose of Art: Instagram Accounts you must follow right now

Banksy Banksyis a revolution or should we call him a phenomenon? One of the leading front men of his generation, he has transformed what it means to work in the Public domain.Banksy’sartistic practice is characterized by the perceptive use of…

https://creativeyatra.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Cover2.jpg This Travelling Exhibition on the ‘Death of Architecture’ Provokes You to Demand Better Cities and Places

13 architects from around India raise their voices in critique, mourn the dying city and reminisce about forgotten beauty in this first-of-its-kind exhibition.   When I heard that an exhibition called the ‘Death of Architecture’ was coming to Mumbai, I…

https://creativeyatra.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/music-instuments-final-01.jpg 7 Indian Musical Instruments that are on the verge of oblivion

“Hurrian Hymn No.6” is the oldest known written music piece, discovered so far. This origin of this piece dates back to 3400 years back in Bronze Age. It was engraved by Syrians on a clay slab. Even the origins of…