Photo Studio

Winter Whispers by Ghanshyam Savani

Ghanshyam Savani was always inclined towards the creative side of nature. As a child, he was intrigued by nature’s unique forms. By the time he had taken out his camera to shoot the growing natural beauty of winter for his Winter Whispers album, he had already served as a professional photographer, associated with various photography groups and competitions. But Savani started off in the field only as a hobbyist a few years ago; growing into photography gradually, in the company of Ahmedabad’s veteran photographer Ketan Modi. Savani is an academician at Navsari Agricultural University today and is as much in love with nature and the art of capturing it, as he is in love with the teaching profession.

Winter, in the usually hot western region of India, is a pleasant and delightful respite. These frames shot by Savani convey the thriving life and vigour of nature. When one looks at his minimalistic shots, abstract forms and uniquely placed subjects, one thinks of winters preserved in their utmost poetic form. The colours chosen to portray winter are soothing. Savani’s Winter Whisperphotographs are tranquil and ideal for your desktop wallpaper.

Photo Studio Curator: Ketan Modi


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