Photo Studio

The Beaming Khajuraho

The Ministry of Culture in February organised the 43rd Khajuraho International Dance Festival where renowned Kuchipudi, Bharatnatyam and Odissi dancers performed their grooviest skills in front of thousands of audience during the seven days long festivity. The pictures displayed within ‘The Grooving Khajuraho’ showcases Rashmi Joshi and Daksha Mashruwala’s group performing various classical dance poses at varied locations of Khajuraho as a backdrop. Their dance forms are inspired by the figures of Khajuraho that depicts the milieu of royal as well as local families living in those areas during the ancient era.

Mayank Ghedia who is an architect by profession and a photographer by passion visited this festivity because of his continuous urge of experimenting with different genres of photography. Ghedia has been performing photography since past 15 years, and within this album, he has experimented with lights and shadows. The album beautifully juxtaposes intangible heritage of Classical Dance upon tangible heritage of Ancient Temple Architecture to give the viewer a unique perspective about the cultural heritage of ancient India. The album is a tribute to the beauty and aesthetics of the tradition in India.

Photo Studio Curator: Ketan Modi


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