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Hand Block Printing of Kutch

Dr. Puneet Aggarwal, an observant photographer, chanced upon this story of ‘Block Printing’ on his maiden visit to Kutch, in Gujarat. Kutch, apart from its dry landscapes and arid fauna, is also rich in traditional crafts. Particulary in textile based handicrafts, Kutch has exquisite variety on offer, and it has till date maintained a lot of those crafts. One such from of Hand printing, that dates back to 12th century is ‘Block Printing’

Apart from the age old process, of printing a fabric using Hand blocks, what fascinated the eye of photographer was the conditions in which these artisans live and work. The album is a sensitive portrayal of a traditional craft, which is seeing a resurgence of demand. The album aims to sensitize the viewer with the plight of the cratsmen, whose work we all adore.

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Photo Studio Curator : Ketan Modi


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