Zomato Hacked - Data of 17 million users unleashed in the Dark Web for Sale

Zomato Hacked - Data of 17 million users unleashed in the Dark Web for Sale
Image source: thehackernews

Hardly a week has passed as the digital world is still recovering from the Ransomware WannaCry virus attack, and the Internet fraternity was hit with another shock on May 18, 2017, with Zomato’s data hacking news. The hacker who has been identified by Hackeread.com as nclay was planning to trade the complete record at $1001.42 within the dark web.

Zomato which is an online restaurant search service founded by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah operates in more than 23 countries. The company in a press note claims that the hacker wasn’t able to steal the credit card or payment details from the website, however, the personal information and hashed passwords of over 17 million app users have been stolen. The company states a human error behind this breach and has promised to take vigorous action against this infiltration and have started taking necessary measures to seal all the protection gaps.


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