Official Launch of Museums of Ahmedabad

museums of ahmedabad

MUSEUMS are at the heart of contemporary societies; representatives of history, culture, skill, arts and much more.

‘MUSEUMS of AHMEDABAD’ is an initiative by aVni a social enterprise, started on 18 May 2014 for museums and museum professionals.

Same will have its Official launch on 18 May 2016 by a networking event of all the museums of Ahmedabad.

Their objective is to make MUSEUMS vibrant experiential learning spaces.

More about MOA :

Museums of Ahmedabad is a unique network for museum members and professionals from India to represent museum community. A forum to respond to the challenges museums confronts as well as advocate at policy level. A Public interest program.

MUSEUMS of AHMEDABAD program include the management of a museum, the organisation of its collections, documentation standards, conservation, branding, promotion and a professional frame of reference for an international quality of museum.

The program is to:

  • assemble and compile information of the museums and private collectors.
  • promote the museums / collectors.
  • connect the museums / collectors.
  • facilitate to make museums vibrant learning spaces.
  • provide consultation to museums, collectors, educational institutions and organisations.
  • provide consultation for museum for brand building, promotion, conservation, revenue generation, publication, souvenirs etc.

For Participation and Information readers may contact :


call: +91 9408781522



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