The new iPad Pro is a sheer winner

Almost every one of us is inclined towards using an immense picture and editing screen, made so convenient and dependable by the inititally introduced iPad Pro that boasted of a three inch larger display – So why should we now experience a smaller technology? Well, the answer is the reason why one carries a cell phone rather than a DSLR, or a bunch of gears required tools instead of a full kit. You’d do it because it’s a whole lot more convenient and practical to carry around with you. Whether you’re a hand-drawn illustrator, a graphic or digital/UX designer, 3D artist, creative director or other creative pro. The screen is wonderfully detailed, bright, right and accurate – a visual creative’s dream.

Well, first things first – The size is convenient let’s not lie about its appealing look too. The reason you may be drawn towards the iPad Pro as a professional device is due to its size. The size of this tablet is not overbearing. Apple seems to have balanced the size against the weight making the iPad Pro to be relatively easy to manage. And the price signifies the fact of using it for roughs such as sketches, wireframes and compositions that one can later convert it into concluding work-ups on a personal computer.

Do not be deceived into thinking; Apple’s intention with iPad Pro was to create an device that can overcome the achievements of its forerunners. When you’re drawing a sketch, you may like relish the complete arrangement observable as you may like. The device allows you to work sectionally to constantly give you a glance upon how the product performs at all stages of production.

Using an iPad Pro gives you the same feeling of the old iPod Air. What makes it so much more is the chic Apple Pencil. iPad Pro is a little minimalist in features, but the feeling of using it certainly adds to the device, the Apple Pencil is worth every penny. The glossy facade feels weird at first but as the display doesn’t create friction like with paper but soon you get a hang on it – and soon the user means you start portraying effortlessly. Using Apple’s Pencil, which has the lightness and balance allowing you to draw and paint with tremendous deftness – and there really isn’t a digital drawing tool that can match this finesse. Apple Pencil’s power system is something that gives the silly feel. One can charge it through the iPad Pro’s Lightning port; it would have been simpler with an option to charge both the Pro and the Pencil together. However you are given a small adapter (within the package) to change the stylus’ outer plug into an inner one. The Apple Pencil’s cap that if not covers the Lightning plug: has a powerful magnet to keep it on the Pencil well enough – so maybe you can give up on that worry of misplacing or losing it. What Apple’s best feature includes is the size, shape, and the pressure sensitivity. It is so good, that you are meant to miss it when not working with it on a painting or illustrating software.

Making a virtual art through an Apple Pencil is definitely an enjoying activity, if not fully competent for aggressive professional work. The Adobe has developed Adobe Photoshop Sketch exclusively for iOS, and made an effort to sync it with the iPad Pro (with the Apple Pencil.) This sort of superior collaborative between a developer like Adobe and product maker like Apple haven’t occured till date.

The apps front, for an art composer – or a graphic designer or an illustrator for any background, is a boon from iOS. There are certain features on the website that will never be ueful, but the options you will interact through is worth the cash paid. Just don’t buy the iPad Pro and expect that you’ll be happy with free apps or what’s offered on the tablet itself right out of the box. You need to take advantage of the hard work put in to this ecosystem by app developers as well. You will be happy you did. Till then, the iPad Pro can’t have any opponents with strong software like iOS and hardware as reliable as Apple.


Cover Graphic: Hasmukh Makwana


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