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World Environment Day Celebration with Serenity Library

Experience the tranquility of Ahmedabad on this World Environment Day

The dark cloud of smoke is rising from the six lane highways; the commuters are keeping their blistering engines on at the cross roads, to keep that cool breeze coming from their air conditioner in their packed four seat capsule. But will the breathable air emitting source called trees be able to survive in this rapidly balooning concrete jungle and upsurging pollution of Ahmedabad? Well, this thought was rigorously thought by Mr Firdos Cambatta, and thus he came to a conclusion of converting his 40,000 sq.mtr huge landmass into The Serenity Library which is a tranquil reading space with around 3000 books on environment and nature, surrounding with a botanical garden, cafe and an auditorium.

There are very few spaces in Ahmedabad that still possess the originality of nature’s beauty and Serenity Library is certainly one of them. With over 800 species of exotic as well as domestic flora grown in 20 years of time and around 100 species of fauna visiting every day, the visitors can often grab a sight of blue bulls, monitor lizards, venomous and non-venomous snakes, butterflies and some beautiful birds during their visit.

The Initiative of Serenity Library, which keeps on conducting talk shows on green environment preservation, and also supports overnight educational camping trip for kids over the premises, is a boon to the city. But on an extended level, though India is striving to increase its green cover, the forests are declining rapidly, which is needed for a sustainable climate. Let us all pledge on this World Environment Day to take an active responsibility and plant as many trees as possible around us and be more and more aware of our pollution emitting capacity and gradually reduce them.

Its a good occasion to spend some time in Serenity!


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