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The Culture Club Brings Art Alive in Ahmedabad

Here are glimpses from this week’s most engaging art show. The Culture Club on Sunday featured a live painting demonstration by veteran artist Vrindavan Solanki and an exhibition of a hundred works by talented artists.


Veteran painter Vrindavan Solanki reminded us of the bygone practice of ‘open art’ demonstrations last Sunday by performing a live painting in front of hundreds of people. The Gujarat Lalit Kala Akademi Award winning artist brought the evening alive on May 20 for the many people who had gathered at Hutheesing Visual Art Centre for the first episode of The Culture Club. Onlookers had their phones and tabloids out to capture Solanki’s art demonstration. Art-lovers had also gathered to look at an exhibition of 100 picturesque artworks by 45 talented artists from around India. The event created an opportunity for people to interact with art directly and to be part of a greater creative moment. A live guitarist and flautist lent the evening a melodious atmosphere, while savouries pleased appetites!

The Culture Club is an initiative by Rose Visual Arts, a US-based online portal which is helping local artists reach out to international connoisseurs. Creative Yatra and GiNiPi Art were also associated with the event. The event attracted a lot of influential art exponents of Ahmedabad including photographer Vivek Desai, tapestry weaver Rajen Chaudhry, author and painter Esther David, entrepreneur Pradeep Chona and various other luminaries.


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