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Stay Home, Stay Safe : Ahmedabad River Front Lower Promenade Submerged

India’s first heritage city is flooding with torrential rain water. The storm water has damaged the runway of Ahmedabad International Airport, almost all the underpasses are brimming with rainwater in the city the official figure says that there are more than 1700 craters on the roads of Ahmedabad, more than 25 snakes have been rescued after the water flooded their natural habitat, and the Riverfront is already floating deep under water.

We request everyone to stay at home, be safe, and call their dear ones to ensure their safety. Store some delicious food as a backup remedy and request everyone to drive safely.  The Dharoi dam has released 50,000 cusecs of water due to the inflow of 1.5 lakh cusec rain water and plans to release more if the conditions don’t improve. If you are stuck in such rain conditions, call the District Control Room at 1077 with prefixed STD code or contact the AMC helpline number at 7819862849 immediately.


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