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GOOMBAJ by Crraft of Art lights up Amdavad Ni Gufa like never before

Amdavad ni Gufa, created in 1990, in Ahmedabad is the organic result of the camaraderie between Padmashri Architect BV Doshi and immensely popular contemporary master of arts MF Hussain. Neither can it be simply seen as a piece of architecture nor a work of visual art. It is a physical manifestation of the imagination of two aesthete’s belonging to two diverse fields of creativity. Since last 2 and half decades, the space has been visited by the art appreciators of the city, primarily for the adjoining gallery and the comparatively recent cafe. The true potential of the space hasn’t been experienced by the millenials of the city ever.

‘Goombaj’ by Crraft of Art, as part of their ‘World Heritage Week’ celebrations was one such event, which took few, but meaningful strides in exploring the experiential nature of the ‘Gufa’ as an artistic space. A photography exhibition of heritage monuments is set up at ‘The Gallery’. Inaugurated by Doshi himself along with noted visual artist Atul Dodiya, the show is a a splendid display of photographs set up in a very unusual manner. The white walls of the gallery are converted into black with temporary walls, so as to focus only on the displayed art works. The use of large format prints along with reflection material imparts an immersive quality to the exhibit.

The inauguration was followed by a musical performance by Ustad Fazal Qureshi – Tabla, Ravi Chary – Sitar, Ravi Iyer – Guitar, Gabriel Geszti – Piano adn Azann Qureshi – Piano / Percussion. The musical feast had a restricted reach, considering space limitations. But the one’s present got a memory for life time. The domes of Gufa were shimmering with projection, and reminded the viewers about the life that lies within the concrete of ‘Amdavad ni Gufa’

Enjoy some moments from the evening here.


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