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Back to School Again

A time when all the video games are back to the top shelf, when nights are spent covering the brand new uninked notebooks with fresh brown paper for a new term. A time to meet old friends and tell them how well did you spend the sweltering summer while sucking the orange ice candies. That is the time when vacation ends and school reopens.

Vacation is a time when every day is a Sunday, where months of opportunities are spent in learning new things or unlearning old things while travelling to places and meeting new people. And the first days of the school, after the vacation are when you share and exchange the doings of past few weeks with friends and teachers.

This also opens up many sweet moments around the city. A weeping kid being negotiated to sit in the school rickshaw, friends jumping to see each other after a long break and the vibrancy of the children contained within the colours of school uniforms. It is not just the children in the hustle and bustle, but so are their van drivers, parents, school teachers, tuition tutors and everyone around.

Studies and knowledge are just a small part of the school; it is the hold of the life that one learns here. The raw emotions are captured at Nirman School and GLS School by Marmik Shah, a budding photographer from Ahmedabad.


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