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The 38th Convocation and Students Exhibition at The National Institute of Design

The 38th convocation at the National Institute of Design was thriving with creativity on the fateful evening of January 10, 2017. More than 327 students of Bachelor of Design, Master of Design, and Post-Graduate Diploma Programme in Design were bestowed with degrees and blessings by their educators. The session was duly addressed by the institute director Pradyumna Vyas and virtually by the former President of India Pranab Mukherjee, who couldn’t arrive due to health issues.

The fascinating aspect of the gathering was the cluster of exhibitions titled ‘Young Designers – Graduate Show 2018′. International Center for Indian Crafts’s Craft Bazaar and students of Bangalore and Gandhinagar campus  of NID have been invited to exhibit products ranging in design fields as wide as IT, Industrial, Communication, Textile, Apparel and Lifestyle, and Interdisciplinary.

The Lifestyle Accessory Design exhibition showcased beautiful glass made studs and buttons for men whereas Ceramic and Glass Design showcased luminous ceramic/glass and steel combined crockery and home decor materials. The students from Information Design and Strategic Design Management showcased technologies that can enhance the medical in future; Exhibition Design alumni showcased mall strategies, and Design For Retail Experience showcased innovative retail store designs especially the fascinating one of a pharmacy. The Photography Design students’ showcased their creativity through the medium of intimacy, and Film and Video Communication showcased their documentaries. The Animation Film Design department narrated glimpses from Chitrakatha’17 as well as a permanent screen was kept to depict the newly produced animations. Design Clinic Scheme for MSMEs showcased innovative methods and machines to enhance rural lifestyle, whereas Textile Design students touched the ingenious textiles in the trendiest ways.

Talking to the HOD of Furniture and Interior Design, Pravinsinh Solanki gave us an insight on how scrap can be a part of the furniture range creatively and interactively, “we have used newspaper and corrugated materials to make table, stools and furniture. The products are practically usable, and we have used the raw materials that are almost nothing but a waste for most of the people. Under our Bamboo Initiative, we have displayed the various use of bamboos in the form of bamboo hangers and peacock chair.” The exhibition will be open for all until January 13, 2018, from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM.

A refrigerator made of clay – no electricity needed


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