Photo Studio

Time Travelling to Golkonda

Riddhi Patel an Ahmedabad-based journalist, who started photography as a leisure activity, never realized when it actually turned into her passion. With no formal education in photography, Riddhi was mentored for only a month under Ketan Modi from Navgujarat College and realized her true interest towards capturing subjects in a lens. The most prolific thing about Riddhi’s photography is that you may even carry it handy with yourself because she has a book named ‘Amdavad Ni Pol’ under her banner, where she has contributed with her photographs and content both. One, who is truly bewildered by her clicks should go and search for the book at their nearest bookstore.


Riddhi has always been inquisitive about forts, relics, and monumental structures. The hidden folklores, mystical corridors, which once reminisce the glory of the gone world interest her deeply. Thus she chose to capture one of the most beautiful structures of Southern India, the Golkonda fort situated near Hyderabad. The region is renowned because of its quality of germinating some of the World’s most precious gems like Koh-i-noor, the Hope Diamond, and the Nassak Diamond. But it is not the royalty that is captured on the album, actually, the half left life of the artifacts and fossils which are gradually approaching towards the stage of oblivion is what the album reflects.


Photo Studio curator : Ketan Modi


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