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Candid Moments of Shore

Capturing candid moments have been a niche for Tejal Mewar, who is a government officer by profession but became a hobbyist photographer after she held her first DSLR. Mewar uses a Canon 1100D for clicking pictures and is regularly involved in fine art as well as street photography. For her photography is a life skill practice that helps in building patience and self-confidence throughout the process. In the album ‘Candid Moments of Shore’ Mewar has practised her aesthetics over raw emotions of people, who came to visit Dumas and Suvali beaches of Surat.

Dumas is popularly counted as one of the top visited places in India, but except that, the beach is also a very popular picnic spot for locals of Surat. The natural expressions of children and adults in the album are unique and completely raw. The album also covers Suvali beach which is one of the cleanest beaches in India and also has a significant historical influence. Battle of Swally between British East India Company and Portuguese was fought on this land.


Photo Studio Curator : Ketan Modi


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