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The Modhera Dance Festival

The Solanki Dynasty built the Sun Temple of Modhera, which is an excellent example of architectural brilliance in the era of 1026-27 AD; but did they ever imagined that the grace of their aesthetics would be enhanced so brilliantly by the most endowed classical and folk dancers of India. The ‘Uttarardh Festival’ or the Modhera Dance Festival is a 3-day long festivity, where different dance forms are presented with a lit up temple as its backdrop. The festival takes place after Makarsankranti/Uttarayana, which falls on 14th of January every year, and marks the northward movement of our planet on the celestial sphere, with respect to the Sun’s position. The album ‘Modhera Dance Festival’ is a combination of picturesque glimpses, celebration, vibrancy and colours that are unique to the celebration.

Shridev Parikh is an IT professional from Ahmedabad and he started his photographic journey with a point and shoot camera, but who can hide creative passion after all?! People loved his photographs and advised him to continue his hobby and put in more efforts. Thus Shridev bought a high-end professional camera and began his shooting spree, with birds as his first muse. Soon Shridev was lured by the concept of Street Photography and he began clicking some amazing candid snaps. He is also an enthusiastic culture lover and thus he decided to shoot the amazing Modhera Dance Festival. This album is a cherry on the cake for all performing art adorers.


Photo Studio Curator : Ketan Modi


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