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In continuation from Ahmedabad Heritage Entrepreneurs #1  Sarkhej Roza Women’s Collective The collective was formed in December 2013 and is the brainchild of Bhavna Ramrakhinai. The monument of Sarkhej Roza and the people around it were the inspiration for starting… Conversations with Artists

Art has myriad meanings and is interpreted in many ways. Thus when artists themselves talk about their art, their inspirations and the thoughts behind it, it becomes much more noteworthy. Kanoria Centre for the Arts and Coffee Mates gave Amdavadis… Ahmedabad Art Weekly 53

The days have started getting warmer. Today also marks the start of month of ‘Chaitra’, as per hindu calendar. 30 days starting today, the planet is closest to Sun, its like the planet shall be charging its batteries. While the… જળકમળ છાંડી જા રે / Jalkamal chhandi ja rey

જળકમળ છાંડી જા રે ‘જળકમળ છાંડી જા રે, બાળા‍ ! સ્વામી અમારો જાગશે; જાગશે, તને મારશે, મને બાળહત્યા લાગશે.                        ૧ કહે રે, ‘બાળક ‍! તું મારગ ભૂલ્યો? કે તારા… Mohan no Masalo

Artist : Pratik Gandhi Brief : Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi changed the history of a nation as diverse as India. He alone paved way for an entire nation to find its unique identity. Known as the Mahatma (The great soul), he…