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A creative workshop and an orientation meeting for all actors, writers, directors, stage managers, photographers, designers, musicians, filmmakers. About Thespo: Thespo is a Youth Theatre Movement, a platform for any and every person under the age of 25 who is interested… To Mani Da, With Love!

Chapter 1 : The Teacher Some people live for others to believe in themselves. KG Subramanyan or Mani Da, as he was fondly called was one such being. There was never a single high point to his career; his entire… KG Subramanyan, The Man of Art No More With Us!

The Padma Vibhushan recipient  acclaimed as reformer of modern art in India, KG Subramanyan has left for the heavenly abode today in Baroda. Hailing from Kerala an aspiring economist from Chennai, who actively participated in Mahatma Gandhi’s Quit India movement… Wardha’s Ashram Visits Sabarmati Ashram

Recently the Maharashtra’s Wardha Ashram authorities visited the Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad. They surveyed the digitized library where totally 800 books out of 55,000 have been digitized. They also discussed the strategies that can be adopted as an input in the Sevagram Ashram… Swaraj of Hindol

“Memory is the scribe of the soul” Aristotle I heard that quote first time in movie called “The Book Thief”, it struck me. And it struck me real hard. That proves right for the words as well. And when one… Ahmedabad Art Weekly 63

06,04,800 are the number of seconds we have in a week. Whether it is Gandhi, Modi or a layman, all our productivity revolves around these seconds. And Team Creative Yatra wants every being to utilise these 06, 04,800 seconds with… Ahmedabad Art Weekly 53

The days have started getting warmer. Today also marks the start of month of ‘Chaitra’, as per hindu calendar. 30 days starting today, the planet is closest to Sun, its like the planet shall be charging its batteries. While the…