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The story revolves around a married writer and professor, who are leading content lives. The woman becomes immersed in her story, deciding to live it out. Vyom, a professor, goes to Mumbai alone, but Dhara is left without him. Eventually,… Ek ane Ek

Immerse yourself in the world of two stunning Gujarati dramas that intricately delve into the mysteries of human life. These captivating performances combine laughter, pathos, fear, and suspenseful intrigue, offering an unforgettable theatrical experience. Embark on a journey through the… Samudra Manthan – A Sailing Fairytale

Mithu, the owner of Rampasa, a mid-size ship, finds himself in a situation where he learns that he had only a few months to live as he had contracted TB (tuberculosis), an incurable and fatal disease in those days. However,…