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Pick your favourite picture / clock which will forever show your favourite time. There will also be her staple, trendy and traditional ‘Abstract Ganesha’ for those who like to keep it consistent! An exhibition they have called ‘The Lucky Era’,… Ahmedabad Art Weekly 74

India a nation abundant with festivity, where not only the journey but initiation and conclusion of any practice has its own significance in the overall process of a successful outcome. This week of sanity, the world will notice the initiation… Glorious Galore!

From left : Sanjay Savaliya, Paragji Patel, Rajkumar Sarde, Priya Aghera, Naisargi Dalal A bunch of Rhythmic notes together make a constant melody. And within a melody every note has its own tone, uniqueness and importance, giving a holistic effect…