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Khalid Ahamed Live in Ahmedabad INDIE GIG ALERT Aaftaab Kyun Khil ke ye Khila bhi kyu nahi? Find out as Leave No Fingerprints and Bellasen Bistro brings to you Khalid Ahamed- Live in Ahmedabad on Saturday the 8th of July.… Sundeep Sharma Live – Ahmedabad

Sundeep Sharma is a renowned stand-up comedian known for his razor-sharp wit and relatable humor. With his unique storytelling style and clever observations, he effortlessly entertains audiences, leaving them in stitches and eagerly anticipating his next performance. Be Adhi Khichdi Kadhi Ahmedabad

Be Adhi Khichdi, a comedy of human errors is a play about a thief entering a bungalow and eventually realising that he is not the only thief there. The doorbell keeps ringing and a new thief keeps entering the house.… Shahid Mallya live in Ahmedabad

Hey music lovers, hold on to your seats because Banjara Music Unfiltered Chapter 02 is all set to take Ahmedabad by storm! Are you ready to immerse yourself in the magic of music and celebrate two days of non-stop musical…