Young Thinkers gather in Ahmedabad to talk about gender equality and youth in politics

The British Deputy High Commissioner, the founder of Lawtoons and the young CEO of a solar energy manufacturing company talk to CY exclusively about their thoughts at the Young Thinkers’ Conference 2018.


Since six years, the Young Thinkers’ Conference has been organising panel discussions to fuel the curiosity of youth in Delhi. In the span of half a decade, the conference has travelled to other major cities in India like Kolkata and Chandigarh, and arrived in Ahmedabad on September 8. At the Marriott hotel, the open-to-all conference organised by the British High Commission invited experts to talk about gender equality, smart and sustainable cities, and the role of youth in politics. The list of invitees included AMC Chief Vijay Nehra, UNICEF Gujarat delegate Dr Laxmi Bhawani, politician Shweta Brahmbhatt and social media influencer Kumar Manish.

The British Deputy High Commissioner of Ahmedabad, Geoff Wain, tells us that the main aim of the multifaceted Young Thinkers’ Conference is to “address the issues that are worrying the youth.” Watch our exclusive interaction with him in the video below to learn about his ambitions for the conference which, as he says, aspires to nurture “a sustainable solution for these (issues) in the near future.”

Also watch Ankit Jain as he discusses the solar power company Lume Solar founded by him and its state-of-the-art renewable energy system. Watch Kanan Dhru, an advocate who has served on the National Knowledge Commission in the Prime Minister’s Advisory Body. The founder of the Lawtoons comics, which serve to build awareness about laws for young people, Dhru talked about gender equality at the conference.

The Ahmedabad chapter of the conference became a possibility with the support of organisations like Centre for Green Mobility, Communicate Karo, Ahmedabad Global Shapers and Elixir Foundation.

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