The Voice of Ahmedabad Writes Words of Wisdom- RJ Dhvanit Launches His Debut Book


RJ Dhvanit has drafted the wakeup call to our everyday routine in his all new book, ‘Morning Mantra’, which is a compilation of positive thoughts and sayings written by the prodigy vocalist Dhvanit himself. Working as an RJ with Radio Mirchi, Dhvanit began his career in 2003 by participating in a humble ‘Talent Hunt’ show held by the radio company to find a new filler voice between their songs, but they really weren’t aware of the possibility of hiring a package of creativity under a single banner called Dhvanit. He wakes up Ahmedabad every morning by sharing interesting life stories, affirmative philosophies and positive thoughts in his shows and that is what his book intends to bring in its reader’s life.

The literature authored by the ‘People’s Voice’ himself, invited Ramesh Oza, author Jay Vasavada, Harsh Bhrambhatt, Jakshay Shah, Poet Tushar Shukla and various dignified personalities along with hundreds of readers, listeners and aficionados to inaugurate his debut book on August 27, 2017, at The Senate Hall of Gujarat University. The inauguration was accompanied by an inspiring talk by Shri Ramesh Oza followed by a stirring musical performance by RJ Dhvanit himself.

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