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Top Museums of the world offer virtual tours for free


Visit the enchanting lobbies of The Louvre  and view the amazing architecture of Museu Picasso from your house. Top Museums and Galleries offer virtual tours for free.

The pandemic has one again proved, the significance of culture, people invariably turn to culture to find hope playing slot deposit dana, inspiration and solace. In the current situation of the lockdown, most Museums and Galleries, which are storehouse of human expression, history and evolution are shut. To continue to serve its purpose of letting people make new discoveries many of them have launched Virtual Tours. During this time of isolation, with our electronic devices as the only connection with the outside world, a virtual tour to a museum is definitely welcome

From museums exhibiting modern art like the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul to the masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance era nestled in the great Louvre, one can explore a plethora of different anecdotes of our art history from your couch.

Google Arts & Culture

And, without a doubt, Google Arts & Culture is one hotspot where you can find most of them, as it has partnered with over 2,500 museums and galleries around the world! The incredible choice is baffling, but its worth browsing. If you want to visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, they have it; if you want to explore the unfathomable art collection of Florence’s Medicis, check out the Uffizi Gallery. Pick up any list of top 20 museums in the world and you can probably find most of them here.

Google Arts and Culture has curated a list of their top 10 virtual museum tours that you can pick from:

But apart from GACs encyclopedic archive, few museums have started coming up with their own virtual tours at the account of global lockdown. Here is a list of 5 such museums that you can visit today:

  1. The Broad, Los Angeles
The Broad, Los Angeles

Named after the philanthropists Eli and Edythe Board, The Broad is a contemporary art museum situated at the Grand Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles. What set’s Broad apart from other museums is its twinkling and occult chamber called the ‘Infinity Mirror Room’. Created by Yayoi Kusama, Board recently uploaded multiple videos of the chamber on its YouTube page, accompanied by enchanting sound score to provide ‘A Light and Sound Experience’ for people across the globe.

  1. National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
National Gallery of Victoria

On the account of their facility being closed due the pandemic, National Gallery of Victoria opened the gates to their virtual gallery stating on their page. From self-guided tour of Japanese Modernism to a detailed exploration of their ingenious art collection, NGV has 7 interactive virtual tours for you. Check them out.

  1. Picasso Museum, Barcelona
Picasso Museum, Barcelona

Nestled amidst the imperial beauty of Barcelona, The Museu Picasso of Barcelona is an architectural masterpiece, an ardent example of Catalan civic gothic style which is an eye-pleasing experience to witness in itself. And now you can experience that from your TV or PC screen. Catch the 360 degree virtual tour of the facilities courtyards that will enable you to enjoy a true-to-life visit to the patios.

  1. Thyseen – Bornemisza Museum, Madrid
Thyseen – Bornemisza Museum, Madrid

The Thyseen – Bronemisza Museum has a myriad collection of artworks, dating as late as the 13th century. You can experience some of the most renowned pieces of the Renaissance and Mannerism era, as well as the Pop Art of 20th century. And furthermore, they have an exquisite collection of virtual tours. From their permanent collection to specially curated exhibitions, you have more than 50 virtual tours to select from.

  1. Benaki Museum, Athens
Benaki Museum, Athens

Under the initiative #MuseumFromHome, Benaki Museum is offering virtual tours of its galleries, accompanied by an audio tour in 6 languages (Greek, English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese). You can explore some of their detailed collections of Greek artefacts, some impressive examples of post-Byzantine liturgical embroidery or a specially curated tour that you can enjoy with your kids.


In this time, when families are at home and together, this could be a fantastic way to make virtual visits and find amazement together.

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